Monday, September 15, 2014

Case Study No. 1574: Lunenburg Librarian Barb

Lunenburg Librarian Barb's Tragic Tale
by michael hermiston ( to the tune of Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind)
based on true Lunenburg events.... a bit of artistic licence was practised
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Here's a little story 'bout our librarian Barb
And about her terrible tale of woe
It's another classic from our Lunenburg town
Where we all know wild winds do blow

Now, barb is a kindly soul, many can attest
Certainly not one to deserve such grief
But the other day alas
Disaster came to pass
When the blowing winds blew away her hubby's briefs

Now such a story might not be worthy of a song
Unless of course those briefs had been a thong
But for Barb the misery had just begun

Her choice of laundry day had been wrong
Pretty much all the clothes had been blown from the line
This gusty wet spring day with trees in bud
T S Eliot had be correct
The spring weather had wrecked
Barb's clean clothes as they blew into the mud

Now the story might have ended if she had gone
To Frenchies to pickout a new wardrobe for two
But Barb had a day of recurring dismay
When she went to pick up the clothes where they blew
You see as I said there was mud and muck all around
And Barb's being so irritated was just dumb
Of course you can guess
Or do I have to sing the rest
For our dear Barb wiped out and landed on her bum

She's got the muddy butt blues
With muddy wet shoes
Clothesline in the wind
She paying those cheap clothespin dues

Clean white laundry
It was almost dry
Now she's gotta do it again
It makes poor Barb wanna cry

Now she's sittin' on her butt
Sick feeling in her gut
Now in song her story's immortalized
Until the day she dies

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