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Case Study No. 0675: Winston Public Librarian

all our yesterdays
Short Film for University, not as planned, edit was rushed. Better than nothing at all though
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Doreen Fraser
Tom Fraser
Natasha Baseley

[scene opens inside the Winton Public Library, as the camera follows an unseen female librarian pushing a cart and pulling various books from the shelves]
[the camera stops and focuses on a copy of "All Our Yesterdays" by H.M. Tomlinson on the shelf, with a "Reference Only" sticker on the spine]
[cut to several shots of an older female librarian entering the library and sitting at the front desk, taken from various different angles]
[cut back to the unseen librarian reshelving books, then back to the librarian as she puts on her glasses, then back to the bookshelf (as an unseen patron grabs "All Our Yesterdays" off the shelf) and the scene fades to black)]
[cut to a young male patron sitting at a table with the book, underlining various passages with a pencil (and looking up every now and then to make sure no one see him), then he gets up and places the book back on the shelf]
[cut to the older librarian sitting at the desk, typing on the computer, when she looks up (pulling down her glasses as the boy walks by) and the screen fades to black]
[cut to a young female patron browsing the shelves, when she pulls out "All Our Yesterdays" and quickly makes her way to a nearby table]
[cut to the female patron sitting down and opening the book, as she leafs through the pages and stops at a passage where the word "accompany" is circled]
[cut to the patron looking around, then she takes her pencil and circles the words "another touch"]
[cut to the librarian watching her (and smiling), then back to the girl as she places the book back on the shelf]
[cut to a shot of a cat sitting on the floor, then the scene fades to black]
[cut to several alternating shots of the two patrons marking up "All Our Yesterdays" and putting the book back on the shelf]
[the camera focuses on the male patron circling the words "A stranger," then cut to the librarian typing (and sneaking a peek at the patrons sneaking around)]
[cut to a closeup of the female patron circling the words "I want you"]
[cut to the librarian walking towards the bookshelf and taking the copy of "All Our Yesterdays," clutching it to her breast as she walks back to the front desk]
[cut to the librarian sitting down and opening the book, as she looks up the various marked passages and writes them down on a piece of paper]
[cut to a closeup of the paper, which reads "Journeys end in lovers meeting."]
[cut to the librarian stamping the book with "Bournemouth Libraries Withdrawn Stock For Sale," as the scene fades to black]

Librarian ... Doreen Fraser
Girl ... Natasha Baseley
Boy ... Tom Fraser

Director ... Josie Gallo
Co-Director ... Mark Maltby
Production Manager ... Hannah Morby
Production Assistant ... Harrison Wall
Camera ... Josie Gallo, Mark Maltby
Sound ... Harrison Wall

Group D2 Productions
"All Our Yesterdays"

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