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Case Study No. 0628: Staff of the Harold B. Lee Library

New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar
BEHIND THE SCENES: http://newspicepromo. - Do you want to be a scholar? Then study at the Harold B. Lee Library. Do your research here, study here, and be a scholar!

Stephen Jones: Lead / Co-writer
Scott Winn: Co-writer / Director of Photography
Derek Bodily: Co-writer / Special FX
Jacob Fenn: 1st AC / Editor / Compositing FX
Eric Johnson: Sound Design
Jonathan Adamson: Special FX
Olivia Gallegos: Production Coordinator
Raven Alard: 1st AD
Kiffen Schultz: Book Cart Boy / Special FX
Jared McPhillen: Special FX
Matt Brown: Production Assistant
Mike Hill: Unit Manager
Chris Garcia: Project Manager
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[scene opens with Stephen Jones sitting on a couch in his dorm room, speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHEN JONES: Hello scholars. Look at your grades. Now look at mine.
[he holds up a paper with "A+" written on it]
STEPHEN JONES: Now back at your grades, now back to mine. Sadly, they're not like mine. But if you stopped studying in a cave and started studying like me, they could be like mine. Look at your shirt. Now back at mine.
[his shirt flys off to reveal a green polo shot, as the set around him is instantly changed to reveal the inside of the library, while a backpack falls from the sky and lands effortlessly onto his shoulders]
STEPHEN JONES: Look down, back up. Where are you? You're in the library, with the man your grades could be like!
[he walks towards the elevator, while still staring directly at the camera]
STEPHEN JONES: Did you know that eight out of five dentists say that studying in the library is six bajillion times more effective than studying in your shower?
[he laughs as the elevator door closes in front of him]
STEPHEN JONES: [from off camera] Close your eyes. Now open your eyes. Where are you?
[the elevator door opens, and he is suddenly walking backwards into the study hall]
STEPHEN JONES: You're in a beautifully quiet place where you can study. Look at your hand. Now back to me.
[a laptop flies into the scene and he catches it, then (without breaking stride) he holds it up to the camera]
JONES: I have it. It's a laptop with access to bucketloads of library databases. Look again.
[he walks behind a column, then reappears in the library's cafe area, while the laptop has been replaced in his hand with a giant submarine sandwich]
JONES: The laptop is now a celestial sandwich here in the snack zone. Anything is possible when you're in the library.
[the camera pans out to reveal that he hasn't been walking, but riding a book truck with a male librarian pushing him]
JONES: I'm on a cart. Hya!
[the librarian pushes faster, as the camera focuses on a portrait of Harold B. Lee on the wall ... someone off camera starts whistling, as "Study like a scholar, scholar. Harold B. Lee Library" appears on screen]



The Harold B. Lee Library's "New Spice, Study like a Scholar, Scholar" commercial had only been on its website and YouTube for a few hours Thursday, but it was quickly gaining popularity thanks to its comical explanation of the library's offerings.

Within hours, Garcia said they were getting comments from universities in Canada and have heard about people watching the video in England and Egypt.

The Multimedia Production Unit's job is to promote library services, record lectures, design kiosks and occasionally create hilarious videos.

"This is definitely what everyone waits to do," Garcia said.

Student employees came up with the commercial idea in late May, planned all the stunts and filmed it in nine hours on a Saturday in early June. The commercial stars HumorU comedian and BYU student Stephen Jones.

"I thought it was the coolest idea in the world when we made it," said Jones, who enjoys doing voice imitations. "But I didn't realize how professionally done it was going to end up being."

The commercial plays off Old Spice's new campaign, which encourages women to stop buying their men "lady-scented body wash" so that their men can smell like "he can bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen he built for you with his own hands."

But instead of promoting a toiletry, the HBLL video reminds students that "eight out of five dentists say that studying in the library is six bajillion times more effective than studying in your shower," and a place that students can access "bucket loads of library databases." Students can also have a "celestial sandwich here in the snack zone."

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