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Case Study No. 0650: Madam Librarian

APP4: Puzzle #5 - Madam Librarian
APP4: Puzzle #5 - Madam Librarian
Librarian - Hard

My life of villainy began when a young man tried to court me at my workplace in River City. Ah, he caused such a ruckus with his song... so I killed him.

In any case, should you travel to our own university library, you'll find peace, quiet, and a clue to the location of a Puzzle Patrol Badge by tracking down call number ML3838 .B6.

Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from that young man's ill-advised musical flirtation...
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From auburnpuzzlepatrol.com:

Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol was the fourth installment of an annual puzzlehunt held each autumn in Auburn, AL. In the 2009 Eighties-themed Auburn Puzzle Party 3, "Blue Team" (consisting largely of Math GTAs at Auburn University) won the hunt and the right to plan the 2010 game. So planning began, and after Eric Harshbarger's Puzzle Marathon II the 2010 theme was announced: Auburn Puzzle Patrol.

In this game, Teams of around 8 Heroes competed for the right to become the first ever Auburn Puzzle Patrol superhero team, by solving various puzzles hidden around the Auburn, AL area. By finding the codes from the elusive Puzzle Patrol Badges at the end of each puzzle, teams earned points. At the end of the day, Black Team had the most points of any team, and won the game!

During the competition, Teams had the ability to unlock the dossier for each of the four Enigmatic Legion villains, which are now all unlocked for you here:

* Madam Librarian: 560 Perry St. Apt 329
* King Rook: 215 S Gay St. Apt 310
* Compass Rose: 426 North Donahue Dr. Apt 6
* Blackjack: 425 Opelika Rd. Apt 209


From auburnpuzzlepatrol.com:

WANTED: Alias "Librarian"
Played by Kelly Bragan

* Killed her lover for making too much noise in the library.
* Brainwashed children into writing essays for fun.
* Swapped all the televisions in Metropotown with copies of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Known abilities:
* Out in Paperback (Power #17)
* Spend X (up to 30): X Books come into play at the end of the round. Books are separate Players with 2 Energy, controlled by the Librarian.
* Library Shelf (Power #14)
* If damage would be dealt to the Librarian, she may have it dealt to any Books she controls instead, capped by the Books' health.
* THIS IS A LIBRARY (Power #6)
* If the Hero or a teammate in the room speaks above a whisper during a Round, the Hero loses 10 Health at the end of the Round.

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