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Case Study No. 0658: Mrs. Leroy

Broken Sword 2.5 [Part Eleven] Making a Librarian's Job Harder
George is exceptionally heartless in his quest for information.
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[George Stobbart travels to York (England) and enters the public library, where a young female librarian is sitting at the front desk and typing on her computer]
GEORGE: [to himself] There isn't much going on ... What's that hammering noise?
[he turns and faces the librarian, who is loudly tapping away at the keyboard]
GEORGE: [to himself] As I turn my head towards the Victorian desk, I see the source of the insufferable noise. The librarian is torturing her keyboard ... I hate computers. Might be connected to the fact that I'm not very computer-literate.
[he approaches the librarian]
GEORGE: Excuse me, ma'am ...
MRS. LEROY: Yes, please?
[the player selects the icon of Jimmy McLaugh]
GEORGE: I need some information about one of your members, Jimmy McLaugh.
MRS. LEROY: I'm afraid that's impossible.
MRS. LEROY: Because I can't just hand out private information to a complete stranger. Data Protection, you see?
GEORGE: Sure, but I'm not a stranger, am I?
MRS. LEROY: Aren't you? Then you must be Michael Burns, the one Mister McLaugh said was his best friend?
[the player chooses to tell the truth (by clicking the "angel" icon)]
GEORGE: No, I'm not Michael Burns.
MRS. LEROY: At least you didn't lie to me. I made the name up.
GEORGE: Can't you make an exception? It's really important.
MRS. LEROY: I'm afraid not.
[the player selects the computer icon]
GEORGE: What are you writing there?
MRS. LEROY: None of your business!
GEORGE: Sorry, I only asked.
MRS. LEROY: I was joking, Sir. My late mum always told me ... "Be friendly and funny to all the people you meet."
GEORGE: Yeah, very funny ...
MRS. LEROY: Stop making fun of me!
GEORGE: I'm sorry, I--
MRS. LEROY: I was just taking the mickey out of you!
GEORGE: Stop it.
[she laughs]
MRS. LEROY: Okay, I see. You're not a humorous person.
GEORGE: Yes I am, I can be extremely funny ... Why did the blonde climb up a glass wall?
[the librarian (who is blonde) says nothing]
GEORGE: Umm, there was someone outside the door who told me that joke. Don't you think that kind of joke is cruel?
[she continues to say nothing]
GEORGE: Well, let's change the subject ...
[the player selects computer disk icon]
GEORGE: There's not much going on today, is there?
MRS. LEROY: You're right. It's because Revolution Software is holding a public launch of their new computer game. It's called "Broken Sword," do you know it?
GEORGE: I don't and, to be honest, it doesn't sound that great. I don't think it'll be a success. In a few weeks, no one will be talking about it anymore ...
[the player selects the Iron Cross icon]
GEORGE: Do you know anything about the Templars?
MRS. LEROY: Only a little. They were a pop group that made quite a splash in the sixties. You know, the ones with the mop top hairdos.
GEORGE: I think the group you're talking about were the Beatles. The Templars are some sort of chivalric order whose descendants tried to take over the world recently ... You don't believe me, do you?
MRS. LEROY: Not really, Sir.
[the player selects the exit icon]
GEORGE: Well, thanks anyway, bye.
[he leaves and checks the nearby bookshelf]
GEORGE: [to himself] I haven't read a book not dealing with the Templars in a while ...
[he walks up to a young male student sitting at a nearby table]
GEORGE: Excuse me?
GEORGE: My name is Stobbart. George Stobbart.
DAVID: Ah ... Hi. My name's David.
GEORGE: Hi David.
[the player selects the icon of Misses Leroy]
GEORGE: Do you know if the librarian's always so strange?
DAVID: You mean Misses Leroy? Not always ... She's just having a bad day today. Her computer - the one she watches over like her own child - has already crashed twice today. It's made her a little jumpy. Now she has to catch up on an incredible amount of work, which explains why she's literally bludgeoning her keyboard.
GEORGE: Why did her computer crash?
DAVID: Because some electrical cable in the basement doesn't work properly ... Takes at least an hour until that can be repaired. And now poor Misses Leroy has to do all the work by herself.
GEORGE: Don't you have a janitor?
DAVID: The, um, caretaker is at a presentation. Something about a computer game.
GEORGE: I see.
[the player selects the computer icon]
GEORGE: Listen, David, can you tell me, where I find the fuse box in the basement?
DAVID: What do you want to do there?
GEORGE: Things.
DAVID: Well, down the stairs, second door to the right, then left and down the corridor.
GEORGE: Thanks, I wouldn't have found it by myself ...
[he turns away]
GEORGE: [to himself] Now I know where to go in the basement ...
[the player selects the Iron Cross icon]
GEORGE: Does the word "Templar" ring any bells?
DAVID: Sorry, I don't know anything about that. I'm studying animal science and it's nothing about animals, is it?
GEORGE: Actually, it kind of is ... a weasel and a gorilla work for them.
DAVID: A weasel and a gorilla? How?
GEORGE: That's a long story.
DAVID: Ah, I see. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a rush with this. I have to hand in my essay next Monday and I haven't even half-finished.
GEORGE: Cheer up, I'm sure you'll make it.
DAVID: Thanks. I wish I had your confidence.
[George heads down to the basement, where he finds a box covered in a soccer jersey on a shelf next to the fuse box]
GEORGE: [to himself] It says "York United" ...
[he takes the jersey, then looks at a broom propped up next to the fuse box]
GEORGE: [to himself] I'm not going to clean up!
[the player clicks the broom again]
GEORGE: [to himself] It's seen better days, I think ...
[the player clicks on the fuse box]
GEORGE: [to himself] This must be the main fuse box, which is the one the librarian's computer is connected to.
[the player tries to open it]
GEORGE: [to himself] Damn, it's stuck! I can't open it with my bare hands.
[the player selects a screwdriver from the inventory]
GEORGE: [to himself] This should work!
[cut to a closeup of the open fusebox, as the player clicks on the "Safety Note" (which reads "Attention: In case of emergency press three buttons in the correct order to turn off the power."]
GEORGE: [to himself] There's something written on it ... "In case of emergency press the three buttons in the correct order. Electrical current will be disconnected." Damn, I don't know the right order.
[cut back to a shot of the basement, as George looks at the box that was covered with the soccer jersey and finds a notepad inside, which reads in part "1. The numbers of the buttons that must be pressed are in ascending order. 2. The sum of the numbers of the second and the third button is 7. 3. The last button has an odd number."]
[cut back to a closeup of the open fusebox, as he presses button 1, button 2, and button 5]
[cut back to the librarian at her desk]
GEORGE: [to himself] Mrs. Leroy leaves her desk ...
[she gets up and heads downstairs, as George looks around on her desk, and the player selects "Card Index Box"]
GEORGE: [to himself] Hmm, let's see, here's the card index.
[he pulls a card out of the box]
GEORGE: [to himself] Marworth, Manish, McKinsley ... Aha there it is. McLaugh, Rangersfield Hall. Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.
[the player clicks on the librarian's calendar hanging over her desk]
GEORGE: [to himself] I'm not old fashioned, but I prefer more plain calendars. Without these awful pictures that completely destroy the mood ... My mood, at least!
[the player clicks the door, and George exits the library]



"Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of The Templars" is an unofficial "Broken Sword" game created by mindFactory, a team of fans of the series. The story takes place between "The Smoking Mirror" and "The Sleeping Dragon" (the second and third games in the "Broken Sword" series proper). Two versions of the demo are available online; one in German with English subtitles and one with English subtitles and no voices. The game is designed in 2D to follow the steps of the first two games. The game was released free of charge on September 28, 2008.



Mrs. Leroy is a character encountered in Broken Sword 2.5: The Return Of The Templars.

She is a receptionist working at a library in York, England. She is a slight obstacle that you have to get past to look at her computer.




Pick up red ball

Talk to Librarian.

Go the right of library & talk to Student.

Go down to the basement (entrance next to librarian's desk).

Pick up football shirt.

Examine note that was underneath it to see instructions re fuse box.

Use screwdriver on fuse box & examine.

Press buttons according to the instructions on the note.

The only combination that meets the criteria is 1, 2 & 5.

After the librarian has left, examine the card index box on her desk to add Rangersfield Hall to the map.

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