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Case Study No. 0657: Justin and B*Kidget

Pimp My Bookcart
A knock-off of the TV Show with inspiration from the comic strip Unshelved.
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["Meet Justin ... He needs a new bookcart" appears on screen, then cut to a young man standing next to a plain-looking book cart]
JUSTIN: I hate how it's all dirty ...
[he points to the top shelf]
JUSTIN: It's got black stuff, I don't even know what that is.
[he rocks the cart back and forth]
JUSTIN: It's all rickety and stuff. And it's pretty boring looking, I dunno. Looks like plastic silverware. And uh, it gets pretty boring pushing it, it'd be nice to have something to listen to or watch while I'm pushing it. It doesn't sparkle at all, all it does is carry books. I need a bookcart that does more than carry books.
["Bring in the B*Kidget" appears on screen, then cut to a "street" librarian (wearing a gold chain and her hat on sideways) pointing at the book cart]
B-KIDGET: Are you ready? I'm gonna pimp out your bookcart!
[cut to the re-designed bookcart]
B-KIDGET: Now, this is what we've got in store for my boy!
[she points to the laptop on the top shelf]
B-KIDGET: Okay, we got for his bookcart, this side ... a computer! And then a scanner, so you can take your work wherever you go! And then you got some DVDs, which are perfect ...
[she turns the cart to show a portable DVD player hanging on the side]
B-KIDGET: For this fabulous DVD player, and you get to watch stuff while you're working! And then on the other side, we got some books ...
[she turns the book cart around]
B-KIDGET: You know, 'cause if knowledge turns you on, so will these books! Closeup on the titles, bro, closeup on the titles!
[she points to an iPod stereo on the bottom shelf]
B-KIDGET: Alright, and we also got an iPod stereo, y'know? iPod stereo! So you can listen to tunes and shelve them books!
[she spins the cart around, showing a pair of handcuffs hanging off the side]
B-KIDGET: Alright! And then, for the naughty naughty patrons out there, we got some ... handcuffs!
[she points to the sign (a cell phone surrounded by a red circle and crossed out) on the side]
B-KIDGET: And the blinged-out cell-phone sign, ya dig?
["You've officially been pimped" appears on screen, then cut to Justin pushing his new book cart around with confidence, as blaring rock music plays]

Directed by Julia


This has been a Raelynn Production and Brothers Hall

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Pimp My Bookcart was an annual contest run by the library-themed comic strip Unshelved, to see who can best pimp, trick out, or otherwise improve a standard book cart. Libraries and schools often stage kids and/or teen programs to generate entries.

After five years we decided the 2010 contest would be our last.

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