Monday, November 5, 2012

Case Study No. 0632: Serpa Woman

Serpa Woman
this was originaly shot in 8mm film by jeanie serpa herself,very creative in my opinion,no digital stuff here real film cuts and edits by jeanie , probably 1976,only serpa woman knows that,lol,this first(and only) episode of serpa woman and her sidekick wondergirl has her battling,the big bully,this video stars (jeanie serpa) as serpawoman and (kim roth) as wondergirl and steve serpa as the big bully,buddy bettencourt,colleen ryan,lynn volbrecht,and of course jennifer serpa delivering the final kick to the head of steve serpa,lol,,special thanks to jeanie serpa for making this avaialble to me for upload,enjoy,b,this photoplay is soley the property of the copyright holder jeanie serpa im using it with her permission,,bp
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The Adventures Of
Serpa Woman
And Her Sidekick "Wonder Girl"

The Big Bully!

[scene opens with the big bully stealing a football from two little boys in the park]
[cut to a young female librarian standing at the front desk helping a young female patron, when the amulet on her necklace begins flashing]
[the two rush outside of the library, and (after passing behind a tree) they appear with their costumes (capes, shorts, knee-high boots) as Serpa Woman and Wonder Girl]
[cut to a scene of the two superheroines "flying" (i.e. lying on their stomachs and stretching their arms out in front of a blue screen)
[cut back to the park, as the big bully (still carrying the football) runs up behind two little girls and steals their lollipop]
[cut to Serpa Woman and Wonder Girl "landing" in the park, where they find the big bully leaning up against a tree (licking the lollipop and tossing the football up in the air) and begin punching him]
[cut to the superheroines "flying" away, as the little girls pick up their lollipop and bonk the big bully over the head with it ... then the little boys run into the scene, pick up their football, and throw it at the big bully before punching him themselves]
[the big bully slowly tries to get up, then another younger boy comes over and steals his hat before kicking him in the face]
[cut to Serpa Woman and Wonder Girl "flying" away]

The End

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