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Case Study No. 0645: Paige Turner

Arthur's Lost Library Book (1/2)
arthur gets the new scare your pants off book
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[scene opens with Arthur Read (a young aardvark) looking through books in his local public library, when he turns and speaks directly to the camera]
ARTHUR: [whispering] The library's great! It's got all kinds of music to listen to ...
[he gets up and walks through the library, then stops to watch an elderly patron rocking out to the music playing in his headphones]
[cut to a closeup of a bunch of children watching something off-camera]
ARTHUR: [in voice over] Storytime for kids ...
[the kids scream, as a lion is "attacking" a woman, only the camera pans out to reveal that it's actually a puppet show (with the male librarian doing the voice of the lion)]
MALE LIBRARIAN: [coughing] Whoa, I'm not eating that! It's spoiled!
[the children laugh, then cut back to Arthur walking up to his friend Brain]
ARTHUR: And books for everybody!
[Brain looks up from his book]
BRAIN: Did you know that chalk is derived from fossilized seashells?
[Arthur smiles, then walks up to his friend Francine]
FRANCINE: I'm reading about sports rules, so I know officially how much better I am than everybody else ... Unless you'd like to challenge me!
ARTHUR: Uh, sorry Francine. Buster just called me ...
[he runs off, then cut to his rabbit friend Buster, who looks up from his book]
BUSTER: No I didn't ...
[he goes back to reading his book, then starts laughing to himself as Arthur approaches]
ARTHUR: What're you reading?
BUSTER: A joke book ... Hey, waddaya call two banana peels?
ARTHUR: I dunno.
BUSTER: A pair of slippers!
[they both laugh, then Arthur turns and again speaks directly to the camera]
ARTHUR: I love it here, but last week I thought they'd never let me come into the library again!
[someone off camera shushes him, as the scene fades to black]

Arthur's Lost Library Book
Written by Joe Fallon
Storyboard by Jean LaJeunesse

[cut to the camera panning across a shelf of library books, then a green hand covered in warts reaches up and takes one of the books]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] Chapter One ... Arthur goes to the library!
[cut to Arthur, Buster, and Francine riding their bikes to the Elwood City Library]
[cut to inside the library, as Arthur begins grabbing various books off of the shelves]
ARTHUR: I'll get this one, and ... Wow, I'll have to read that!
[cut to a closeup of Francine]
ARTHUR: [from off camera] And this too!
FRANCINE: Why don't you just take one?
[cut back to Arthur, who now is carrying a sizable pile of books]
ARTHUR: One? I wanna read them all!
[he grabs another book and puts it on the top of the pile]
ARTHUR: And this one too!
[cut to a female rabbit librarian (brown hair, thick glasses, one pencil behind her ear, cardigan sweater), as she looks up from her book and watches Arthur approach the front desk]
TURNER: You're one under the limit.
ARTHUR: You mean I can take one more?
TURNER: The new "Scare Your Pants Off" is in ...
[Arthur turns and sees the book (featuring a green hand covered in warts on the cover) on display]
ARTHUR: [from off camera] Wow, "The Mysterious Hand!"
[all of the other children suddenly turn at the sound of the title and start running for the book, but Arthur is able to sprint over and grab the book first]
ARTHUR: It's brand new! No one else has ever opened it!
FRANCINE: Come on, Arthur! You have enough books already!
BUSTER: You can't read all those in two weeks!
[the other children start clamoring for Arthur to give them the book, but he runs back to the front desk and hands Miss Turner the book, then turns to them while putting on his bicycle helmet]
ARTHUR: I wanna read it first, then you can!
[Arthur grabs the giant pile of books and runs off to his bike parked outside, but the crowd follows him]
FRANCINE: Don't be a pig!
BRAIN: That's too many, you already have enough books!
[he struggles to keep the pile balanced on his handlebars]
ARTHUR: This is not too many ... You're all just mad because you weren't fast enough!
[he rides off, as the children sigh a collective "Aw man!" ... however, Arthur (having trouble seeing over the pile of books) does not notice a low-hanging tree branch which ends up knocking "The Mysterious Hand" off the top of the pile and onto the ground, nor does he notice a person's hand reach in from off camera and pick up the book]
[cut to the green hand reaching in from off camera and pulling a page off the wall calendar (changing "Thur 2" to "Thur 9")]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] Chapter Two ... one week later!
[cut to Arthur's basement, as his mother is doing the laundry when she finds a copy of the "French English Dictionary" in the basket]
JANE: Arthur!
ARTHUR: [from off camera] What?
[he climbs down the stairs]
ARTHUR: What, Mom?
[she holds up the book]
JANE: I found this in the laundry ... You have to be more careful with library books!
[she hands him the book]
ARTHUR: I am careful!
JANE: Aren't all those books due soon?
ARTHUR: Not 'til next week, I still have a couple left to read!
[cut to Arthur's treehouse, as he and Buster are trading baseball cards]
ARTHUR: I'll give you two of these for one'a those ... a-and two more for that one!
[Buster looks over and sees a book sitting underneath a bag of pretzels]
BUSTER: Is that one of your library books?
ARTHUR: Oh yeah ... How'd it get out here?
BUSTER: Was "The Mysterious Hand" good?
ARTHUR: Oh wow, I forgot I had that one!
BUSTER: Well, nobody else did! There's a waiting list to take it out after you return it.
ARTHUR: I'll start it tonight!
[cut to a montage of Arthur pulling library books out of various places around his house (including using one to prop open a window!), but he still can't find "The Mysterious Hand"]
ARTHUR: Hmm ...
[he looks under his bed, as his little sister D.W. walks into the room]
DW: What're you hiding from?
ARTHUR: I'm not hiding, I'm looking for "The Mysterious Hand" ...
DW: There it is!
[Arthur gets up (bumping his head on the bedframe) then looks at his sister]
ARTHUR: Ow ... where is it?
DW: [from off camera] Over here!
[she laughs, as the camera pans over to reveal she's only holding her hand in front of the lamp to create a "scary" shadow puppet on the wall]
[she runs out of the room]
DW: Mom! Arthur's chasing me!
ARTHUR: [to himself] Where did I put it?
[cut to another montage of Arthur looking for the books (digging through the laundry, throwing cushions on the floor while searching the couch, etc.), then cut to Arthur in the kitchen with his father]
DAVID: I looked at those books when you brought them home. You didn't have that one.
ARTHUR: I didn't? One of the kids could've taken it when I was leaving the library! They all wanted it ... This calls for detective work. I have to call Buster!
[he runs outside with his dog Pal, then stops]
ARTHUR: Wait ... I can't call Buster, he's a suspect! Everybody's a suspect!
[the dog barks]
ARTHUR: No, not everybody. There's one person who would never wanna read that book, or any book ...
[cut to Arthur talking to Binky, the school bully]
BINKY: You want me to help you find out who took some dopey book?
ARTHUR: You're the only one who can help me, Binky ... You don't even read the words in comic strips!
BINKY: If they were any good, they'd be on TV ... Waddaya want me to do?
ARTHUR: [whispers] We have to cleverly narrow down the suspects.
BINKY: Do I get a badge?
ARTHUR: No ...
[cut to the green hand reaching in from off camera and pulling a "Private Eye" badge off the screen]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] Chapter Three ... the investigation!
[cut to Arthur and Binky spying on various children at school, then cut to the two sitting in the cafeteria]
ARTHUR: I've narrowed it down to three suspects ... Buster Baxter, Francine Frensky, and Sue Ellen Armstrong. How'd you do?
BINKY: Everyone I talked to was afraid ... Very suspicious!
ARTHUR: Why don't I focus on my suspects, and you focus on yours.
BINKY: Right!


[the green hand reaches in from off camera and pulls open a purple curtain]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] Chapter Four ... It's lost, okay? Face it, you lost it!
[cut to Arthur sleeping in bed, as he dreams of scary voices repeating "We know you're in there ... " over and over, until he draws open the curtain and sees ghosts outside of his window]
[he starts to run for the door, then cut to outside the house as police cars have surrounded the premises and a helicopter is hovering up above]
POLICEMAN: Throw out the book gently, son, and no one will get hurt!
[cut back to inside Arthur's house, as he tries to barricade the front door]
POLICEMAN: [from off camera] You can't escape the long arm of the law!
[a giant arm suddenly reaches into the house and pulls Arthur outside]
[cut to an aerial view of Elwood, as the arm pulls Arthur all the way to the library]
[cut to the arm pulling Arthur into the library as the doors slam shut behind him, then letting him go]
ARTHUR: Oh no!
[he lands on the floor with a thud, then looks up to see Miss Turner at her desk]
TURNER: We have special rules for little boys who lose library books!
[cut to Arthur tossing and turning in bed, then back to the nightmare (where Arthur's parents find a large metal chain on the floor leading to Arthur's bedroom)]
DAVID: Huh?!
[they open the door to his bedroom]
JANE: Arthur, what's this?
[the camera pans around to reveal Arthur lying in bed, reading a book attached to the end of the metal chain]
ARTHUR: [sadly] It's how I have to check out library books now!
[the chain suddenly pulls the book (and Arthur holding on for dear life) out of his room]
[cut to inside the library, where Miss Turner is turning a large crank to "reel" him in]
ARTHUR: [from off camera] Ahh!
[Arthur ends up being dragged to the front of Miss Turner's desk, as she angrily looks down at him]
TURNER: Next time, don't make me use the crank!
[cut to Arthur waking up, screaming]
[cut to an exhausted Arthur as he's having breakfast with his family, sadly poking at his cereal while resigned to the fact that the book is lost]
DW: You're not gonna find the book in your cereal, Arthur ...
DAVID: You'll have to pay for the book, Arthur.
ARTHUR: Fifteen dollars? That's three action figures! Ohhhh ...
[cut to Arthur returning his stack of books to Miss Turner at the library]
TURNER: Did you enjoy all the books?
ARTHUR: All except the one I lost ... "The Mysterious Hand." I guess I have to pay for it.
TURNER: It's not lost ... Here it is.
[she picks up the book from behind the desk]
TURNER: That boy just returned it ...
[she points to Binky (who has his back turned as he exits the library]
[he runs outside and confront Binky]
ARTHUR: Binky, you found it! You found it! Who had it?
[Binky hesitates, with a guilty look on his face]
BINKY: [pause] A boy from school.
ARTHUR: Which boy?
[he looks around nervously]
BINKY: Me ...
[Arthur starts laughing]
ARTHUR: Very funny ... No, who really had it?
[a flashback shows Binky picking the book up off the ground]
BINKY: [from off camera] I found it on the sidewalk. I started reading it, it was really good ...
[cut back to Binky and Arthur talking]
BINKY: I never thought it was the one you lost, because you'd never throw a library book on the ground! But when no one else had it, I figured it might be the same one.
ARTHUR: Why didn't you tell me?
BINKY: I thought you'd laugh at me ...
ARTHUR: I wouldn't laugh at you!
BINKY: You just did!
ARTHUR: Oh yeah ... Sorry.
BINKY: [angrily] Don't blab it around that I'm reading books! Or else!
[Arthur runs back into the library and talks to Miss Turner]
ARTHUR: Since I didn't read that book, can I check it out again?
TURNER: Sorry. You can't renew it because there's a waiting list.
[she pulls out a long list of names (that reaches all the way to the floor) and shows it to him]
ARTHUR: Aww ...
[cut to the shadow of a "scary" hand on the wall]
NARRATOR: [from off camera] The end!
[the narrator starts laughing, until the camera pans out to reveal that it was Arthur's sister (wearing a rubber glove and changing her voice) the whole time]
DW: Scared you, didn't I?



Paige Turner is a female rabbit and the librarian at the Elwood City Public Library. Her common rules are for everyone in the library to be quiet. The kids most commonly refer to her as Miss Turner, since she is an adult.

She is named after the phrase "page-turner", which denotes a book that excites and interests the reader.

Paige Turner is depicted as kind and friendly to people who check out books. Like Mr. Ratburn, she is strict. Her only dislikes are when people in the library get too noisy or when they don't behave. In some of kids' dream sequences, she was pictured as an antagonist when they fear something bad would happen, such as getting a book chained and yanked back to the library (Arthur's Lost Library Book), dressing up Arthur as a baby for checking out baby books (D.W.'s Library Card), or revoking D.W.'s library card after damaging a book (D.W.'s Library Card as well), plus the library appears haunted in the dream sequences as well.

She is depicted with a white complexion and short hair and wears brown square glasses, a tan sweater, gold necklace, purple dress, gold watch, bracelets, and brown shoes, and usually carries a yellow pencil on her hair. Her hair was originally brown when she debuted and in the following seasons, until in the Season 11 episode Mr. Alwaysright, where her hair was changed to blonde. Originally, she had a brown complexion, dark brown hair, and was wearing pink glasses, a blue skirt, and a cream yellow jacket when she made her first apperance, but her appearance was drastically revamped in Arthur's Lost Library Book. Like Arthur, her eyes are like Prunella's when she occasionally takes off her glasses.



"D.W.'s Imaginary Friend / Arthur's Lost Library Book"
Episode 4 (September 23, 1996)

Everyone loves the Scare-Your-Pants-Off series and the new book is coming out. Arthur is the first to borrow it along with many other books at the same time, but when he collects the library books scattered around the house, he can't find the Scare-Your-Pants-Off book.



"Arthur's Lost Library Book" is an episode of Arthur from season one. The episode was written by Joe Fallon, and its storyboards were done by Jean Lajeunesse. It first aired on September 23, 1996 along with "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend".

Plot Outline

Arthur is at the library and talks to the audience about the great things in the library, such as music to listen to, puppet shows for children, and books for everybody. He sees his friends looking through books they are interested in. Brain is looking at a book about science respectively. Francine is looking at a book on sports, and Buster is reading a joke book. He tries a joke on him which makes them both giggle. Arthur loves being in the library, but remembers one time when he though they wouldn't let him enter the library again.

[Title Card]

A rather ugly looking hand reaches out and takes out a book from a shelf. A mysterious narrates the first chapter of the story: 'Arthur goes to the library'. Arthur and his friends arrive at the library to take out some books and Arthur sees various books one after the other and takes them out. Francine suggests he should just take one, but Arthur disagrees. At the front desk, he begins to check out, when Miss Turner tells him he can take out one more and shows him the new Scare Your Pants Off book titled "The Mysterious Hand". At this moment, the other kids see it and run toward it, but Arthur gets the first sprint and grabs it before they can. The kids try to have him give it to them, but he checks it out and prepares to go home. But the others continue to chase him and uses the fact that he has too many books to have him give it. But he disbelieves that he has too many and leaves on his bike, leaving his friends depressed. While riding home, he rides under a low tree branch and it knocks the top book, which was "The Mysterious Hand", off the stack and it lands on the sidewalk, Arthur doesn't notice though. A kid then comes by and picks up the book. The ugly hand appears again and tears off 7 days off a calendar and says the second chapter: 'One Week Later'. Arthur's Mom is putting clothes in the washing machine and finds one of Arthur's misplaced books, and tells Arthur to be more careful. Later in the treehouse Arthur and Buster are trading cards, until Buster notices one of Arthur's books next to the wall, which Arthur forgot ever putting there. Buster asks if he liked "The Mysterious Hand". Arthur completely forgot he had it and Buster reminds him that there is a waiting list for that book once it's returned. At home, he finds many other books that he misplaced but hasn't found the book he's looking for. Arthur looks around the entire house but cannot find the book anywhere. His Dad tells him that he didn't have that book when he brought his books home. Arthur believes that one of the kids took it while he was leaving the library and goes to call Buster for help, but stops himself, for Buster's a suspect; everyone is. But Arthur knows that Binky wouldn't take the book since he doesn't like to read. Arthur asks Binky to help him find the book. He accepts and they go off to find the book.

The voice from the horrid hand is heard again, proclaiming the third chapter: 'The Investigation'. Binky and Arthur search their classmates for the book and resort to spying on those who are reading, but find that none of them have it. Later in the Sugar Bowl, Arthur tell Binky that he eliminated all suspects down to Buster, Francine, and Sue Ellen. Binky didn't have any luck, for everyone ran from him. Arthur has Binky focus on his suspects, and himself on his. Arthur continues to figure out the mystery at art class. He draws a picture of "The Mysterious Hand" book and shows it to Sue Ellen. She likes it and shows him the actual book. Arthur accuses her for taking it and tries to take it from her,. but Sue Ellen explains that she bought it for the library version was the only copy, so he backs off. Later, Francine tells Arthur that she didn't take the book, for Muffy told her that Arthur thinks she took it. But Francine thinks he just lost it. Binky is still at work and is telling George to give it, but Binky isn't telling him what to hand over. Arthur comes and tells Binky that he should tell the others what he's looking for. But Binky thinks that if they have it, they should know and checks another student. Buster arrives and tells Arthur that Francine told him that Arthur thinks he took the book. Arthur thinks so for he did want it. And, same as Francine, Buster thinks he lost it. Arthur doesn't think so for he looked everywhere. This has Buster believe that giant mole people stole the book, which Arthur finds ridiculous. We zoom down and see that the mole people didn't take it.

The hideous hand appears again and pulls back a curtain, informing the audience the fourth chapter: 'It's lost, okay? Face it, you lost it.'. Arthur is having a nightmare in bed.

In his nightmare, Arthur is hiding in the house from creepy looking beings that are outside. Just then, the police tell him to give up the lost book. Suddenly, the door swings open and Arthur runs away from an extremely long arm that extends out and grabs him. It pulls him out of the house, across the sky and drops him in front of the library's front desk. Miss Turner is there and informs Arthur that they give special rules to those who lose library books. Arthur then has another nightmare, in which his Mom and Dad are in the hall and see a chain leading to Arthur's room. They follow the trail and see that it's connected to a book Arthur is reading. Arthur tells his parents that he now has to check out books this way. All of a sudden, the chain is pulled, thus having Arthur being pulled with it. It turns out Miss Turner is turning a crank which pulls the chain. Arthur ends up at the front desk again and Miss Turner warns him not to make her use the crank again. This has Arthur wake up screaming. That morning his dad tells him that he'll have to pay for the lost book, fifteen dollars exactly. He returns all the books back to the library and explains to Miss Turner that he lost "The Mysterious Hand" and agrees to pay for it. The librarian lets Arthur know that the book was found and that Binky just returned it. Arthur rushes to Binky and asks him who had it. He answers that it was someone from school, and finally Binky admits that it was himself. This has Arthur laughing, for he thinks he's joking and again asks. But Binky is serious and explains that he found it on the sidewalk and started reading it. He further explains that he didn't know it was the one he lost, but when he knew that everyone else didn't have it, he figured it might be the one he's looking for. Arthur asks why he didn't tell him. Binky claims that he would laugh. Arthur doesn't think so, but Binky knows he just did earlier. Arthur apologizes, but Binky warns him not to tell anybody that he is reading books. Arthur goes back into the library and asks he could check out the book again. But Miss Turner tells him he can't, for there's a large waiting list, which disappoints Arthur. A shadow of the hand appears once again and tells the audience that it's the end of the story, but we see that it was D.W. wearing gloves and speaking into a cardboard tube all along.

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