Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Case Study No. 0667: "Librarian for the iPhone"

Download today on the iTunes App Store: WebObjects/ MZStore.woa/wa/ viewSoftware? id=307291157&mt=8

Wish you could shush the people around you while you try to concentrate on an important task?
Want to wake up at the slightest noise around you in an unfamiliar environment?

Librarian for the iPhone does all of this (and more coming soon)!

Simply set the audio level sensitivity and tap start to begin. Once the noise surrounding you exceeds the set sensitivity level, the librarian will shush those around you. A slight delay afterwards prevents excessive shushing.

Should be available for FREE shortly via the iTunes App Store (link will be posted here, but you can just search for "Librarian"). iphone/librarian
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[scene opens with a closeup of someone's iPad, as they tap the "Librarian" app (which brings up a picture of a young female librarian holding a finger to her lips)]
[the app runs (with the "Sensitivity" level set at "0.150000" and the "Current audio level" at "0.022146"), then the person presses "Start" and clears his throat, as the audio level spikes to "0.202209" (causing the green screen to turn red and a female voice to whisper "Shhh!")]
["Once activated, Librarian pauses for approximately 10 seconds before detecting disturbances again" appears on screen, then the iPad screen eventually changes back to green (with the audio level at "0.032318")]
[the person presses "Stop", then shuts off the app]

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