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Case Study No. 0649: "The local librarian, she has the fierceness of a big alligator"

The Librarian!
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[scene opens with Sincerella and the Prince standing motionless inside the library, as "No Weapon" by Fred Hammond plays and three female dancers (which Sincerella and the Prince cannot see) perform for the audience]
[as the music stops, the dancers leave while Sincerella and the Prince resume moving around the stage]
PRINCE: Um, I feel a little embarrassed, because ... after all this conversation, I seem to have forgotten your name.
SINCERELLA: Oh, well ...
PRINCE: Well, I guess you can tell me later, because here comes the library hunter/warden, and we two are fair game ...
[the elderly female librarian slowly hobbles into the scene while pushing a bookcart]
[she parks the cart in between the two]
LIBRARIAN: What's all this talkin' for? This is a library! This is not a dating anonymous meeting space! I see you have instant attraction for each other, but that laughter and giggling stuff is disturbing this place!
SINCERELLA: But, but--
LIBRARIAN: Now just hush up, and get out ... now! Get to steppin', lest I'll get you with my weapon!
[she picks up a ruler and waves it around menacingly]
LIBRARIAN: Now go on now, get!
[she pushes the cart out of the scene]
PRINCE: [quietly] Well, uh, I guess I'll see you later ... The local librarian, she has the fierceness of a big alligator.
[he moves his hands up and down like they were a big jaw, as Sincerella laughs nervously]
SINCERELLA: Yeah, look at the time. I have to hurry and get home fast, I have to get to the market to get food for the cast. Besides, I don't wanna get kicked out of my favorite place ...
PRINCE: Well, let's get down the steps, let's race!
[she laughs, as they both run off stage]


From eastbayexpress.com:

Sincerella (as performed by The Black Repertory Group)

Adaptation of the Disney play conceived by Dr. Mona Vaughn Scott.

When: Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Continues through Dec. 13 2008
Black Repertory Theater (3201 Adeline St.)


From myspace.com:

Sincerella, treated like a slave by her Stepmother and stepsisters Priscilla and Primadonna, seeks refuge in her own little corner of the house, where she daydreams of a better life. Meanwhile, the King and Queen prepare for a formal ball they are giving in order to find a wife for their son, the Prince. The Prince wonders when he will find his true love, and the King assures him that lasting love will come to him.

On the night of the ball, Sincerely fantasizes about attending. Sincerella's Godmother teases her for harboring impossible dreams. Sincerella's is miraculously provided with a beautiful gown and a fancy carriage. Warned that this magic will last only until midnight, Sincerella leaves for the ball. Her Godmother realizes that dreams can indeed come true.

At the ball, the Prince invites a mysterious beauty (actually the dressed-up Sincerella) to dance. Priscilla and Primadonna glare and jealously criticize the Prince's choice of women. Sincerella and the Prince marvel that they have fallen in love after knowing each other for only ten minutes. As midnight is about to strike, Sincerella flees, leaving only one of her glass slippers behind.

The next day, Sincerella dreamily recalls the ball. Priscilla and Primadonna, believing that their stepsister can only be imagining the ball, marvel at her accuracy. A Page announces the arrival of the Prince, who, armed with the glass slipper, has begun to search far and wide for his mysterious love. Sincerella's suspicious Stepmother orders Sincerella out of the house so that she won't ruin Priscilla and Primadonna's chances with the Prince. To the delight of Sincerella and her Godmother, magic once again provides assistance, and the Prince recognizes Sincerella. He places the glass slipper on her foot and, lo and behold, it fits. Sincerella and the Prince are joyously united.

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