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Case Study No. 0656: "Salt Water Library"

nockFORCE Quickie #31: Salt Water Library
Libraries are for old people. nockFORCE talks about this and other problems with Libraries.

less old people at
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"Salt Water Library"

[Effnocka and Fuckforce are floating in a giant toilet]
EFFNOCKA: I feel that people should ... could take any of our, any of our illustrious films--
EFFNOCKA: And look them up, look up the topics at the library and ... or even on Wikipedia.
EFFNOCKA: What the, who uses the library anymore?
[the "library" is portrayed as an old man with blue skin and a scraggly beard, using a cane and shaking his fist in the air]
FUCKFORCE: The library, it's like ... "We have this system that's really old and we won't change it."
EFFNOCKA: [laughs]
["Wikipedia" is portrayed as a hipster college student with blue skin, wearing a wool knit beanie and sandals]
FUCKFORCE: And then Wikipedia's like ... "Just type this in and spell it correctly."
EFFNOCKA: I like how the library's like ... "Remember salt water taffy? We do!"
FUCKFORCE: Wait, what library are you going to?
EFFNOCKA: [laughs] That's where old people go!
EFFNOCKA: I dunno, for some reason I associate old people with salt water taffy ... like, "They don't make good salt water taffy anymore! I remember salt water taffy, it was delicious!"



Two cartoon rappers making it big in Magical Brooklyn.

FUCKFORCE has red hair.
Effnocka is the one with "EFF" on his shirt.

FUCKFORCE produces all of the audio and music. He also does the lipsync for every cartoon. Effnocka draws the pictures and does all of the animation.

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