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Case Study No. 0638: Jonah Orion

Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising Walkthrough: Planet Aurelia - A Call For Aid [HDPart3]
Contact and save Jonah Orion The Librarian. On Planet Aurelia, A Call For Aid a Librarian named Jonah Orion has sent us a distress signal calling for aid. Sergeant Endymion has deceased due to the xenos! You must get there to help your blood raven psycker Jonah before it's too late. You must destroy the eldar encampment that warps in reinforcements; than you need to rescue Thule that is guarding brother Endymion's remains.

Your Blood Ravens have saved the sector, but can they save themselves?

In THQ Inc. and Relic Entertainment's sequel to the acclaimed Dawn of War II real time strategy franchise, you return to sub sector Aurelia where a long lost frozen ice planet has reappeared from the Warp, bringing with it new secrets to uncover and foes to face.

In Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising you will take command of the Blood Ravens and defend the sector against the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. Purge the chaos filth and hold the chapter together as traitorous forces work from within to try bring down the Blood Ravens.

Upgrade your squads with new legendary wargear and unlock new special abilities, as your squads advance to level 30. Will you remain steadfast to the Emperor or risk heresy to gain new dark and destructive powers?

In multiplayer swear loyalty to the Chaos Gods and pit your bloodthirsty warband of Chaos Space Marines against the new units and reinforced armies of the Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Tyranids.
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Goals: Contact and support Librarian Jonah Orion

Incoming Transmission:
A Call for Aid

Minos Iceworks

The ice shelf covering the remains of Hive Minos is riddled with crevasses and often racked with by terrible earthquakes.

[hovering above the Minos Iceworks on the planet Aurelia, the Force Commander and his crew aboard the Strike Cruiser Retribution receive a distress call]
ORION: Strike Cruiser Retribution ... this is Librarian Jonah Orion. We are under attack. The Eldar are massing around us. They have a Wraithlord, which has already claimed Sergeant Endymion. We must drive these xenos back!
[the player selects "What are the Eldar doing on Aurelia?"]
ORION: We found them excavating the area ... to what end I do not know. The Eldar have deployed a powerful force to ensure we do not find out. I fear we will not survive long without reinforcement.
[cut to the Space Marines landing on the surface of the planet, as "Primary Objective: Capture the rendezvous beacon" appears on screen]
FORCE COMMANDER: Eldar warriors! Attack!
[the Space Marines wipe out the Eldar combatants, then reinforcements appear, as "Primary Objective: Hold the rendezvous beacon until Jonah's arrival" appears on screen]
THADDEUS: Eldar witches! Get back!
[Jonah Orion suddenly appears in the distance]
ORION: No more Blood Ravens fall this day ... No more!!
[he unleashes a blast of psychic energy that kills a number of Eldar, then makes his way to the battlefield, as the reinforcements are eventually defeated]
ORION: You are a welcome sight indeed, Commander. I am Jonah Orion.
CAPTAIN THULE: And ... Endymion?
ORION: He fell saving me from an Eldar war machine. We had just discovered a large xeno structure to the east, when they attacked.
TARKUS: A Webway Assembly, no doubt. It will allow them to invade at their leisure ... We must destroy it.
CAPTAIN THULE: Go ... I will guard over ... our brother's remains ... The chapter ... will not lose ... Endymion's gene-seed ...
ORION: Of course. I am at your disposal, Commander.
[Orion joins the squadron, as "Primary Objective: Destroy the Eldar encampment" appears on screen, and the player makes his way to the Eldar camp]
ORION: Psychic power is building up ...
TARKUS: Quickly ... Destroy their access to the Webway!
[an Eldar psyker suddenly appears]
WARLOCK: You are too late ... The ancients' souls have found their new homes.
[more enemies materialize in front of the camp]
WARLOCK: Rise, Wraithguard! Destroy the humans!
["Objective Updated: Destroy the Eldar encampment (0/3)" appears on screen, as the Space Marines defeat the Eldar and destroy the three Webway structures in the camp]
[cut back to the Space Marines' original landing site, as Captain Thule is being attacked by another wave of Eldar]
CAPTAIN THULE: The Eldar ... press their attack ... I will not ... leave Endymion to these ... xenos ...
THADDEUS: Captain Thule! Hold fast! We must support him, Commander.
["Primary Objective: Rescue Thule" appears on screen, as the player makes his way back to Captain Thule]
CAPTAIN THULE: I am taking ... damage ... from ... bright lances ...
[the squadron eventually arrive at the scene, where they defeat the Eldar and save Captain Thule]
CAPTAIN THULE: Now ... Endymion shall ... rest ...
[the scene fades to black, as "Mission Complete!" appears on screen, then cut to the Space Marines back on their ship, where they are being addressed via computer by the Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company]
GABRIEL ANGELOS: The Eldar return to the sector could not have come at a worse time, Commander. As you suspected, the House Vandis militiamen who ambushed you at Argent Glacier were not an isolated band of malcontents. More Vandis rebels have risen up against Imperial authority on Meridian. The Retribution will take you there to provide support. Governor Derosa will have further details for you when you arrive.
ORION: What of Planet Aurelia, Captain Angelos?
GABRIEL ANGELOS: Jonah, I am reassigning you to the Commander's strike force. You will all return to Aurelia once the crisis on Meridian has stabilized ... Angelos out.
[the player selects "Cyrus"]
CYRUS: I still do not see how these rebels could have imitated a Blood Ravens' distress signal. The codes and rites for using our relays are among our most closely guarded secrets.
AVITUS: Our chapter hides far more than its communication rites.
CYRUS: Perhaps, but someone knew just how to draw us into that trap.
[the player selects "Orion"]
ORION: Thank you for your intervention, Commander. The Emperor's favor is clearly with you and your battle brothers. It is an honor to serve alongside the heroes of Typhon ...



"Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising" is a real-time strategy/tactical role-playing video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ, and the sequel expansion of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II. The game was released on March 11, 2010 for Games for Windows.

Chaos Space Marines are introduced in the game and all the races in the previous game (Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids) were given new units.

The game predominantly takes place on the ice-covered home-world of the Blood Ravens, Aurelia. Gabriel Angelos explains Aurelia was lost to the Warp for a thousand years, but has now reappeared along with an active Blood Ravens' beacon.

Chaos Rising is set one year after the events of Dawn of War II and the defeat of the Tyranid invasion (as well as the Eldar and Ork forces) of sub-sector Aurelia. The campaign marks the return of the Blood Raven heroes from the previous game, the Chaos Lord Eliphas from Dark Crusade, Derosa as the new governor of Meridian, and the heretical Vandis.

New to Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is the Corruption System. In the campaign there are often multiple objectives which will complete a mission; depending on which one a player chooses to complete, they will become more or less corrupted. Corruption describes how close the player's Marines (i.e. the Force Commander, Jonah and the rest of the Squads under the player's command except for Davian Thule, who is the only member unaffected by corruption) are to turning to Chaos and betraying the Imperium of man. This is a conscious choice in the gameplay and will affect the ending of the game as well as what missions are available throughout the campaign for the player.

Two new environments are available in Chaos Rising to complement the three already available (the jungle/swamp terrain of Typhon, the deserts and canyons of Calderis, and the towering Gothic city-scape of Meridian). The new environments are:

* Aurelia - Once a verdant world, home to billions of humans and the jewel of the sector. Thousands of years ago the planet was engulfed in a warp-storm (a stellar disturbance where the Chaotic dimension known as the Warp meets real space), causing the fertile world to become a frigid wasteland. After this, the planet disappeared into the warp entirely. After millennia, Aurelia has re-emerged with the forces of Chaos. This planet is the playground of the Dark Gods: Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nurgle.
* The Space Hulk, Judgment Of Carrion - A Space Hulk is a giant derelict ghost ship (in some cases they are made up of many different ships or even parts of small asteroids and space stations) which floats randomly in and out of the Warp. Often hundreds or thousands of years old, Space Hulks can contain any sort of horrors and treasures. In Chaos Rising, the Judgment of Carrion has emerged from the Warp along with Aurelia and is inhabited by a splinter of a Tyranid Hive Fleet and within this ship lies many secrets.

The Force-Commander and his strike-force arrive on Planet Aurelia, along with the newly requisitioned Strike Cruiser "Retribution", after receiving a Blood Ravens encoded distress signal. The distress signal turns out to be a trap, and the Blood Ravens are ambushed by traitor Guardsmen of House Vandis. After escaping the trap and leaving the area, the Force-Commander along with the Dreadnought Davian Thule move to rescue the Librarian Jonah Orion, who is under attack by Eldar forces that have unearthed ancient ruins and revived Wraithguards.

After receiving a distress call from Governor Derosa, the Blood Ravens proceed to Meridian's Angel Gate where bands of Orks, driven there by House Vandis forces, are looting the area. They later encounter Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion who are attempting to take over Angel Forge. Despite the presence of Eliphas the Inheritor, a former Dark Apostle from the Word Bearers Legion thought long dead on Kronus, the forces of Chaos are repelled. After halting the Chaos raid, a combined Imperial Guard-Blood Ravens strike-force returns to Aurelia to attack Legion forces dug into the area. Resisting intense artillery barrages from House Vandis forces and wave upon wave of cultists, the Blood Ravens discover a Chaos Temple and after a gruesome battle against summoned Daemons, destroy it completely. Taunting them throughout their struggles is the champion of the Black Legion, Araghast the Pillager.

After the Chaos Temple falls, the warp begins to tear the planet asunder which forces them to make an immediate evacuation. Araghast let the Force-Commander and his strike-force to escape since it will waste the value of the traitor in the Blood Ravens and tells Eliphas that his vengeance can wait. On board the Retribution, a recording was found that implicates a traitor within the Chapter who gave Chaos the transmitting codes that were used to ambush the Blood Ravens when they first arrived on Aurelia. The Blood Ravens then return to Meridian to aid the 85th Vendoland in recapturing Spire Legis. With the help of Sergeant Thaddeus (who requested to be on the mission), they successfully weaken the Chaos and Heretic forces holding the area. They also destroy an Eldar strike force that was uncovering ancient ruins on Typhon with Sergeant Tarkus. After dispatching numerous problems, Space Marine Scouts on Calderis send out a distress call that they have been engaged by a substantial number of Chaos forces. With the help of Sergeant Cyrus, they save the initiates from certain death and kill a Chaos Sorcerer operating in the area. Soon after, a contingent of the Blood Ravens Honor Guard, led by Captain Apollo Diomedes, arrives. Diomedes, acting on behalf of the Blood-Ravens' Chapter Master and Chief Librarian, Azariah Kyras, orders all Blood Ravens to cease all engagements with the Black Legion forces and return to their ships until further ordered.

Disgruntled by the orders but still loyal, the Blood Ravens return to the Retribution. Several highly encrypted transmissions are intercepted. However, despite their best efforts they are unable to fully dissipate the message's masking. Techmarine Martellus, having survived the Tyranid invasion, accesses the Astronomic Array on Typhon. He reports that he has recovered detailed information about the arrivals and departures of a giant Space Hulk, The Judgment of Carrion. The Space Hulk contains a logic engine system that is powerful enough to remove the masking on the intercepted messages. Meanwhile, investigating how heretic forces had duplicated a Blood Ravens signal, Cyrus learns that there is a traitor on board the Retribution.

When the Space Hulk arrives as Martellus predicted, the Blood Ravens find the ship infested by a splinter of the Tyranid Hive fleet. The foul taint of the Warp also permeates the vessel, cutting their stay aboard extremely short. Not far into the Space Hulk, they discover the bodies of fallen Blood Ravens of the Fifth Company; mysteriously their gene-seeds have been prepared but not collected and stored by an Apothecary. Raising even more questions, the names of the fallen Marines are still marked as on-duty within the Chapter Honor Guard. After much progression throughout the ship, slaughtering innumerable amounts of feral Tyranids and recovering the remaining gene-seed with Librarian Jonah Orion, the Blood Ravens finally gain access into a large sealed vault that contains the logic engine system. Inside, numerous Space Marine corpses strew the floor, each puzzlingly with their gene-seeds prepared but not collected. While accessing the logic engine, they find a dataslate written by Apothecary Galan that details the expedition he and fellow Marines made onto the Space Hulk.

Galan was part of the expeditionary group led by the then-Librarian Azariah Kyras. The message contains references to a Daemon named Ulkair that was stalking them within the ship. The Daemon is seeking their gene-seed which compelled Apothecary Galan to try and hide them. Galan worries however that, eventually, the subtle whisperings of the Daemon might overcome them, he also worries for Kyras who has exerted much of his psychic strength in fending off the Daemon and his minions. Kyras seems apathetic about the death of his Battle Brothers and slight hints are made from Galan's description of events that point at slight corruption on his part.

Leaving the Space Hulk and allowing Martellus to analyze the newly acquired logic engine to unmasked messages of the traitor, the Blood Ravens answer to yet another distress signal from Governor Derosa. Chaos Forces have besieged the Capital City of Meridian and are assaulting the Governor's palace itself. The Force-Commander goes to the defense of the Governor and beats back multiple waves of Black Legion and Vandis Heretic forces on the palace's doorstep. The Blood Ravens receive a transmission on their private voice channels from Araghast the Pillager, mocking them and challenging them along with Sergeant Avitus to a duel. The Blood Ravens, despite orders from Diomedes, assault Planet Aurelia and answer to Araghast's challenge. Araghast uses the powers of the warp to teleport himself away from the Blood Ravens when they finally located him until Eliphas, who is overseeing the teleportation rituals, betrays Araghast and refuses to transport him away. Enraged, Araghast violently fights back the Blood Ravens, who ultimately end up defeating him. Leaving Eliphas as the new field commander of the Black Legion. Enthralled by the silencing of Araghast, the Blood Ravens remark the fitting end that a leader of traitors was, ironically, destroyed thanks to a traitor. Martellus, analyzing copious amounts of Data, reports to the Force-Commander that Apothecary Galan is still alive and also within the Honor Guard of the Blood-Ravens. They also find yet another coded transmission from the traitor to Galan.

Despite the threat posed by Chaos, Captain Diomedes orders all the Blood Ravens to leave the sub-sector immediately. Gabriel Angelos, unwilling to simply leave the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds to fester, orders the Force-Commander and his squads to disregard Diomedes's orders. Angelos travels to Calderis where Diomedes is operating out of, and confronts him regarding the retreat order. Diomedes, acting in the name of Kyras, declares Angelos and his men Traitors to the Chapter, and sends out a notice to all Blood Ravens to kill him on sight. Knowing that Gabriel Angelos can be no true traitor, the Force-Commander and his squads infiltrate Captain Diomedes's fire-base on Calderis. Within, they locate Apothecary Galan along with a host of Honor Guards that they find have all been corrupted by the forces of Chaos. The strike-force attacks Galan who in his dying moments thanks them for freeing him from the influence of Chaos. He then tells them that everyone on board the Judgment of Carrion had been corrupted by Chaos, along with most of the men here. Captain Diomedes's is found to be pure of corruption however, but is blinded by his pride. The strike-force proceeds to the Honor Guard's Command Center where they hope to access its logs to expose the traitor on the Retribution. The Command Center is unfortunately destroyed and Captain Diomedes's appears on the scene, branding the Commander as heretics for what they have just done. The Commander and his squad explain to Diomedes what had transpired and the events on board the Judgment of Carrion. Diomedes was shocked to hear about it, along with the name of the daemon, and allows them to escape. Meanwhile, logs from Galan's dataslate that was found on board the Judgment of Carrion reveal that Kyras had fallen to Chaos long before the expedition. In addition, the Daemon Ulkair was imprisoned within Planet Aurelia and they finally realize that Eliphas is planning to release him.

On Planet Aurelia, Eliphas explains that just before the planet was taken by the Warp long ago, Kyras managed to imprison Ulkair after Kyras's master Moriah was killed in battle. Soon after, the warp descended upon the planet taking both Kyras and the Planet. Kyras, trapped within the warp, made a deal with Ulkair to guarantee his escape, he ended up on board the Judgment of Carion. Eliphas then sacrifices a captured Blood Raven scout and a plague champion to release Ulkair. Ulkair thanks Eliphas for releasing him and promises him more power and control under its service, albeit sinisterly. As the player and his squad return to planet Aurelia, they discover that the traitor is (one of the player's squad members with the highest level of corruption, or Techmarine Martellus if the squad is completely pure) who immediately leaves the Strike Cruiser and joins with the Chaos Force on the ground. After they kill the traitor, he tells them that Ulkair has been revived and confirms that Kyras was part of Chaos. Gabriel arrives with his Battle-Barge The Litany of Fury, the Force-Commander and his squads immediately tell him what they have learned. Gabriel, wasting no time, launches a grand assault upon Aurelia's Chapter Keep. Making use of Predator tanks to secure a beachhead, numerous Chaos Bases are destroyed as the Force-Commander and his squad gather to assault Ulkair. As they begin to approach the Daemon, they are intercepted by Eliphas who forces them into combat. Before they can deal a killing blow, Eliphas is saved by the warp and escapes death yet again. The Commander and his men now have no more obstacles in their way to Ulkair. In a long and difficult battle, the Daemon is finally vanquished and sealed again. However, Ulkair remarks that no prison may hold him forever and that he will eventually return and slaughter them all.

At the Battle-Barge The Litany of Fury, Gabriel declares their victory over the Black Legion and Ulkair the Unclean One. He tells though of the greater challenges that await them, since Azariah Kyras has been corrupted by Chaos, the only thing that the Blood Ravens may do now is slay him. Gabriel then speaks to the Commander and his squad about their actions (Depending on the player's redemption and corruption level of choice and actions). Meanwhile, a resurrected Eliphas tells Abaddon the Despoiler, The Warmaster of the Black Legion, that he promises to annihilate the Blood Ravens.

Once the player reaches the end of the game, it gives out five endings that the player may receive depending on the player's redemption and corruption levels.

* Full Purity - If the player does all the redemption missions and kills Apothecary Galan and not Captain Diomedes, and Techmarine Martellus becomes the traitor, the player's character and his squads will act as Agents of Purification within the Chapter and with the help of Gabriel and Diomedes after learning the truth about the Corruption within the Blood Ravens. The player's character is bestowed the position of Brother Captain of the Fourth Company.
* Purity - If the player attacks Diomedes not Galan and/or one of his squads becomes a traitor, the player's character and his squads will be marked as renegades along with Gabriel.
* Neutral - If the player does both redemption and corruption in all of the missions (Killing all the Blood Ravens, and not killing both Diomedes and Galan), the player's character will be banished from the chapter and exiled to the Eye of Terror for a hundred years.
* Corruption - If the player has greater corruption points than his redemption, player's character will be executed for heresy by Gabriel using his Thunder Hammer.
* Full Corruption - If the player does all of the corruption missions and has a full level of corruption in all of his squads, the player's character becomes the next Chaos Lord of the Black Legion war-band on Aurelia.

Canonical Ending
In the Space Marine Campaign in Dawn of War II: Retribution, it's revealed that Apollo Diomedes is alive and still serves under Chapter Master Kyras. Tactical Sergeant Tarkus reveals that the traitor of the Chapter was Devastator Sergeant Avitus, and after his death Tarkus makes an oath of silence and is dubbed as "The Ancient". Scout Sergeant Cyrus, Techmarine Martellus and Librarian Jonah Orion still serve under Captain Gabriel Angelos and Captain Davian Thule was killed in the prologue mission of the Chaos Campaign. Assault Sergeant Thaddeus was never mentioned, probably still serving the Force Commander, who was marked as a renegade by Blood Ravens Chapter Master Azariah Kyras.



Call for Aid
[Aurelia] [Minos Iceworks]

This is an introductory mission for Jonah Orion, the Chapter's psyker. You immediately land into battle against Eldar forces. Use Thaddeus' [ASSAULT JUMPS] and the Force Commander's [BATTLE CRY] to smash Eldar formations while Thule provides suppression and anti-armor. Capture the Relay Beacon here and collect the Litanies of Vigor near the body of Endymion, it's easy to miss.

From here, Jonah substitutes for Thule as you advance northwards. Destroy the Eldar forces, familiarizing yourself with Jonah's psyker ability. The most important of which are [SMITE] and [PURIFY]. As you advance up, you will encounter (1) Fire Prism and (1) Wraithlord.

The northernmost Eldar encampment has (2) Webway Gates, (4) Warp Generators and (1) Webway Assembly Structure that calls forth Warp Spyders, Warlocks, and Eldar walkers called Wraithguards. Capture the Relay Beacon here and use Tarkus in [TACTICAL ADVANCE] to throw [DEMOLITION CHARGES] to destroy these Eldar structures. Wraithguards can be frustrating to eliminate as they can knock your squad back before you can close in. Use Thaddeus to crush them from above with [ASSAULT JUMPS] then lash at them with [MERCILESS STRIKE] and the FC's [BATTLE CRY][RIGHTEOUS FURY]. Fall back as necessary.

Head back southwards to assist Davian Thule from additional Eldar forces. His Health Bar is shown on top of the screen and it diminishes as you arrive upon his location. Don't worry, it's scripted for suspense. There's another group of Wraithguards waiting in ambush at the enemy captured Relay Beacon, marked on your map with a Red Icon.

Wargear Found : Claw of Zeal, Litanies of Vigor, The Medean Cannibal, Claws of Mars, Optically Enhanced Plasma Cannon, Bionic Implants, Gauntlet of the First Company, Forgebreaker, Leader's Armor of Wrath, The Unturned Blow



Jonah Orion is a powerful psyker, able to use psychic tomes and relics to wield a variety of combat abilities. With the right traits and equipment, he can be effective in almost any battlefield role.

The Space Marines psykers known as Librarians are able to manipulate the fabric of the Warp itself. They are both powerful warriors and lore keepers for their chapters.

Jonah Orion has served under Gabriel Angelos since the aftermath of the Tartarus campaign. During the Tyranid invasion, he was one of the psykers tasked with battling the mighty Hive Mind as Captain Angelos made for sub-sector Aurelia.

Of the dozen Librarians, Navigators and Astropaths accompanying Angelos, only Jonah survived.

In "Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising", depending on the player's choices and deeds made during the missions, as well as choices of wargear, Jonah would turn out to be the traitor. As it turns out, during the final battle against the Hive Mind, Jonah was weakened enough for a daemon to possess him (despite the protection provided by his wargear), and ever since he was fighting a losing battle against it till the revelation, when the daemon finally took over Jonah's body. In the 2nd last mission the Force Commander would have to lead his squads to kill the daemon that took Jonah's form.



Ancient and powerful, Kyras serves as the Chapter Master and Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens. Kyras commands from the Omnia Arcanum, a massive battle barge holding the chapter's most secret records and most powerful relics. Kyras's own history is among those closely guarded secrets.

Kyras was on Aurelia when the Warp swallowed that planet a thousand years ago. He was thought lost until he reappeared, centuries later, aboard the Judgment of Carrion.

Some call Kyras's survival a miracle, or a testament to his greatness. Gabriel Angelos has long feared it was a sign of something more sinister.




["Goals: Locate and execute the traitor"]
Martellus: Commander, the ancient logic engine has done its work.
Identity Unknown: Use them to ambush my battle brothers like you did with the distress signal and our agreement is over! Angelos has us charging round the sector on the Retribution. You must get Diomedes to put a leash on Angelos.
Jonah Orion: I am not the only one who will be discovered if it comes to that - do you understand me, Galan? Knowledge is power, as you are all so fond of saying.
Thaddeus: We called him brother.
Tarkus: Now he shows his true nature: he has fled to the surface.
Thaddeus: We must pursue him.
Cyrus: Enough discussion. We have a traitor to kill.
Martellus: Commander - There is a recorded message waiting from Jonah.
[play the message]
Jonah Orion: Br-- Brothers. The betrayal is not mine. At least-- At least not completely. The messages to Eliphas and Galan ... they came from my lips, I admit. B-- But the guiding intelligence was not mine. There is something inside my mind! It has been there - scratching, growing - since the end of the Tyranid war. Now-- Now, it draws me to the planet below. I can no longer resist.
["Incoming Transmission: The Wages of Sin (The Argent Valley once connected two of Aurelia's major hive cities, now it cradles a massive glacier that is slowly crushing the ruins below.)"]
Cyrus: The traitor has gone to ground, Commander. Jonah has retreated to a fortified Black Legion base on Argent Glacier. The area is dense with enemies, but we cannot allow that to stop us. We cannot let the Librarian escape retribution ...
Force Commander: What intel do we have on the enemy's forces?
Cyrus: The Black Legion is present in large numbers. Beyond their main stronghold, they have at least two satellite camps. Patrols stalk the area between these strong-points, ready to pounce. There may well be other defenses which we cannot detect from orbit. A direct assault is possible, but that strategy gives up our only two advantages: surprise and discipline.
Force Commander: What do you suggest?
Cyrus: The Traitor Legions lack discipline. Their patrols are more interested in finding something to kill than actual reconnaissance. I doubt they have any established reporting rites or patrol rotation. If we engage and destroy the patrols quickly, their absence will go unnoticed. The same is true of the satellite camps. We can move from target to target, weakening the enemy until we can strike at the main base and exact retribution.
Tarkus: Cyrus' strategy is sound, Commander. His analysis of the Traitor Legions aligns with the codex. Cyrus was not on Kronus, however. Eliphas showed himself time and again to be supremely cunning. He knows well the weaknesses of his slaves. I cannot help but feel he will have taken steps to address them.
[they land on the surface of the planet]
Jonah Orion: [his voice has changed] Welcome, brothers, welcome. I am waiting for you.
Avitus: No excuses this time, betrayer?
Jonah Orion: Oh, we are well past that. But first, an amusement: I have neglected to inform the Black Legion of your presence. Can you get to me without rousing their suspicions?
Tarkus: Jonah still has access to our vox channel. Nevertheless, we know he is in the main Black Legion stronghold indicated on the map. The two satellite bases are also marked. We should eliminate those to weaken the force defending the traitor.
Martellus: Keep a sharp eye out for patrols.
["Kill the traitor"]
Chaos Space Marine: Night Stalker squad is still hunting. They ignore summons.
Jonah Orion: I have little interest in your failures.
["Destroy the Chaos outposts to eliminate reinforcements"]
Chaos Space Marine: Blood Ravens attack Bastion Terminus!
Jonah Orion: Then put all forces on alert! You have no sense of subtlety, Blood Ravens.
Cyrus: They have sounded an alarm.
Martellus: Expect the Black Legion to be ready for you.
Jonah Orion: I grow impatient, Space Marines. Come, test this flesh.
Thaddeus: You are not Jonah Orion! What have you done to him? What are you?
Jonah Orion: Jonah is right here, infant. I can hear him screaming.
["Avoid or eliminate Chaos patrols"]
Jonah Orion: Even these fools will notice their missing patrols eventually, Blood Ravens. You had best hurry.
Tarkus: We will cast you back into the warp, daemon!
Jonah Orion: I can feel the scars on this psyche. This little human mind faced the Tyranid Hive Mind so that Gabriel might come to your aid. You cannot conceive of the pain and wounds suffered during that battle. Such a battered mind was no real challenge ... especially when deprived of its psychic toys.
Tarkus: Psychic toys? You mean the Librarian's psychic hood.
Jonah Orion: A bothersome device, but simple to overcome when you know the proper rites. Your dear Kyras was more than willing to bargain that secret away.
Martellus: Commander, tectonic activity is increasing. The whole area could be swept away.
[the Blood Ravens arrive and face Orion]
Jonah Orion: Ah, we come to it at last.
Tarkus: You will leave Jonah Orion, daemon.
Jonah Orion: No, I think not. This withered flesh is surprisingly well suited to my purposes. Let Ulkair and his rot-children drag this world and the next into oblivion. I will make the rest into daemon-worlds with the power of your own chapter.
[they battle, and the daemon is defeated]
Jonah Orion: Mend, accursed flesh! Mend! You! What have you done? Ah ... I see. You do nothing. It is Jonah.
Tarkus: He fights you still, daemon.
Jonah Orion: A desperate and foolish gambit, Space Marines. The best he can do is forestall my repair of this flesh.
Avitus: Long enough for us to kill you.
Jonah Orion: By all means - kill this body. It will then be my pleasure to drag the stubborn soul of Jonah Orion into the depths of the Warp.
Tarkus: The Emperor protects the souls of the faithful, and Jonah Orion has proven himself true.
Jonah Orion: The Emperor? Your "god" is just a withered corpse on a throne ... he cannot protect anyone! Kill this body and nothing can save Jonah Orion!
Tarkus: The man who has nothing can still have faith.
["Mission Complete!"]
Tarkus: Let that be the last of treachery and corruption in the chapter.
Cyrus: Unlikely. The daemon implicated Chapter Master Kyras. I fear a heretic is in command of our entire Chapter.
Thaddeus: Commander - another ship in orbit. It is the Litany of Fury, Captain Angelo's Battle Barge.
["Inventory Item: Snare of Jonah Orion - This force staff is a deadly trap created by the servants of Tzeentch. Seeming at first to be the righteous weapon of a loyal Librarian, the staff actually serves to erode the wielder's psychic defenses, making him vulnerable to possession. It should be sent to the Librarium for purification."]
["Inventory Item: Deathmask of Jonah Orion (Level 28 Relic) - Composed of psychically resonant materials, this sigil formed itself into the shape of Jonah Orion's face upon the destruction of the tainted staff. Somehow channeling the power of the Librarian's uncorrupted soul, this relic is anathema to creatures and influences of the Warp."]

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