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Case Study No. 0633: Lauren the 20 something librarian

Request: Get to Know the Librarian!
You asked for it- a little quickie introduction to my world and obsessions outside of things beauty related :) I hope you enjoyed! :D

"Earthlings- Part 1" (you can actually watch the whole movie on YT, especially nice if you can't find it in a video store in your area): watch?v= NghzqtqP50Y &feature= related

Mary & Holly on Jimmy Kimmel!!! watch?v= oxQvm2oLewU

Mary & Holly's blog- tell 'em Lauren sent you. ;) http:// awfullibrarybooks.

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["Request: Get to Know the Librarian! Weird talents, crazy organization, and marathons - oh my! :)" appears on screen, then cut to a young female librarian speaking directly to the camera]
LAUREN: You guys have probably noticed in a lot of my videos that I have something kinda weird goin' on on one of my hands ...
[she shows her hands, and that part of one of her fingers is missing]
LAUREN: Notice the difference? I know ya did, and I know that you guys were probably too nice to say anything, but it's okay. I'm really not that sensitive about it, and I thought that I would take this video as an opportunity to tell you what happened.
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: When I was three, this is actually my first memory, my mom had one of those old stationary exercise bikes from like the 80s. And I thought, being the genius that I was at age three, that I would put my hand in the gear and then with the other hand, turn the pedal! Yeah, so you can kinda see what happened as a result of that.
[she holds up her right hand]
LAUREN: And I guess I was totally cool and calm the whole time, and I was like "Mommy, I'm stuck." And my mom, who's a nurse and who's normally calm in the face of anything, freaked out so much she almost passed out. And my dad, who normally freaks out over the little stuff, was Mister Cool and Calm and Collected, and they got me to the hospital and they tried to re-attach my finger. It stayed on for a week, and then it didn't take, let's just leave it at that.
[she holds up her hand again]
LAUREN: So I still have a knuckle, I actually write with this hand, and I can do everything that "normal" people can ...
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: Um, y'know, sometimes I joke that I should get the little thing to put on my car so that I can park up close. But y'know, that would be bad 'cause I'm not really handicapped, and please, I hope I'm not offending anyone who's handicapped!
[she laughs]
LAUREN: Okay, anyway, so that's where this little finger came from ...
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I am by no means the neatest person that you'll ever meet, but I have a couple weird things about me that I love to keep organized. One of them, because I'm a complete movie freak, is my movies. So let me show you how I organize my movies.
[she holds up a clear plastic container filled with DVDs (sans boxes)]
LAUREN: Here they are. This case is actually not big enough for them. But they are all in alpha order, as you can see. I wrote it in sharpie at the top ...
[she opens the top and shows the first DVD sleeve ("A - A Lot Like Love")]
LAUREN: The first letter of the movie, and then the name underneath.
[she starts flipping through them]
LAUREN: And then, if that wasn't enough, I also color-coded them! So you have horror movies that are orange ... Uh, just movies that I haven't categorized yet that are white.
[she pulls out one of the sleeves]
LAUREN: Action movies are green, red is romantic movies ...
[she closes the top]
LAUREN: So, yeah, and now this made me look like I had no life. Or have no life. But I'm a librarian! It's a sickness, okay? I have to organize! Don't judge me!
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: When I was a kid, I won a radio show contest. My mom knew that I could do this really weird talent, and when the local news agency was holding this contest for kids on the radio, of course she had me call in ... and this is gonna sound dirty, but it's something I can do with my mouth.
[she laughs]
LAUREN: And let's just say, that I can make a sound like a fax machine. I don't wanna do it on camera, 'cause you guys are gonna either think I'm an alien and unsubscribe, or I will make you go deaf. Either one of those, and really, I don't wanna do either of those things!
[she laughs]
LAUREN: But yeah, so I won two tickets to the circus, and something else that I cannot remember because I was a child ...
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I have a horror movie obsession!
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: Seriously, I have ... These are not even all of my horror movies.
[she holds up a bunch of DVD boxes]
LAUREN: But I have just a horror movie obsession, and I really like ... Even though they're really campy, I really like the "After Dark Horrorfest", or "Eight Films to Die For" series.
[she holds up the box for "Tooth and Nail"]
LAUREN: These were on sale at my Blockbuster, that was going out of business, for like a dollar! So, I got 'em, and I love old classics like "Scanners" ...
[she holds up the box for "Scanners"]
LAUREN: Oh my gosh, if you've seen "Scanners," all I have to say are "heads" and "explosion" ... and now I've kinda given it away.
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I also was in a horror movie class in undergrad, where I wrote a eight page paper on the ...
[she holds up a paper entitled "Oh Yes, There Will be Blood: The Saw Films"]
LAUREN: What I thought the philosophies were behind the "Saw" movies, which are some of my favorite horror movies ... and that's a whole other thing.
[she reaches for something off camera]
LAUREN: And then, we had to do a media, some kinda media artistic. And if you can hear that clanking ...
[she holds up a large shoe box painted red and black]
LAUREN: I made this very disturbing-looking box, and it has some very freaky things in it! If you'd like to see what's in the box, it's all themed around the Saw movies. But I did some sculpture stuff, I did mixed media, and it's all in this creepy little box!
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I am built Ford tough! Oh yeah!
[she points to her "Ford Tough" t-shirt]
LAUREN: See? Ford pride! Ford is big in my family ...
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I am a ...
[she holds up a book entitled "500 Vegan Recipes"]
LAUREN: Vegan!
[she laughs]
LAUREN: I was a vegetarian for six years, and I became a vegan this year after seeing the very moving but very disturbing documentary called "Earthlings" by Joaquin Phoenix.
["It's actually not by Joaquin Phoenix, it's narrated by him :) Check the underbar for links if you're interested!" appears on screen]
LAUREN: The actor who has been a life-long vegan, he grew up in a vegan family. I would really recommend renting or buying it, if you can't get to it that way, you can actually watch clips of it on YouTube.
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: So, I am friends with two awesome librarians, Mary and Holly, who I have both worked with in a professional capacity in the past, and who are still friends of mine to this day. And they were actually featured on Jimmy Kimmel Freakin' Live last year ...
["And they got to meet Dominic Monaghan from LOST and LOTR!! Gahhh, I'm still jealous." appears on screen]
LAUREN: Which is amazing, and they still joke around that they wanna set me up with the producer of the show, who is like a hottie I guess, but y'know.
[she holds up her left hand]
LAUREN: Taken! Put a ring on it, not yet but he might as well have ...
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: Because of their amazing blog, Awful Library Books, which has also been featured on Time Magazine Dot Com, Entertainment Weekly Dot Com, and a couple other websites. I'm actually gonna be designing t-shirts for their blog really soon, they've been asking me to do it for a long time, but I am gonna be getting around to doing it soon!
[she laughs]
LAUREN: So if you wanna check it out, go for the link in the down below, it is an awesome website. It's just really funny books that should no longer be on library shelves, but they're still there. And also, I'll put a link to their YouTube video, so that you can see them on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I have a book problem, and when I say I have a book problem, I mean that I like to go to Amazon Dot Com. I like to look up books and then use that really nice feature that says "If you like this item, you might like this," and you can scroll through, that's like my addiction!
["I have a GoodReads account where I track all my books - what I loved, hated, want to read, & more. It's really fun & super easy. You're on GR, let me know & we can be GR buddies! :)" appears on screen]
LAUREN: And then, because I'm sneaky, I go to my library's database, and then I order the books for myself for free! Seriously, if you haven't done this, you need to do it, it's awesome. It's like you're getting everything for free, like you're shopping and then it's free! So anyway, I have a problem with ordering books, and then they all come in at once from other libraries, and I have no time to read them! And literally, guys, when I say that I have books piled all around my room, I mean it literally. Look at this!
[cut to a large stack of books]
LAUREN: [from off camera] So these are the books that I have out, and this is not even all of them, guys! Seriously, these are just the books that I need to go through. This does not include the books that I am, like, reading-reading. Like, um, the "True Blood" series. So ...
[she zooms in on the spines of the books]
LAUREN: [from off camera] Here you go ... Crazy, right?
[cut to another shot of Lauren]
LAUREN: I don't even know how I accumulate so much books, but I do it!
[she laughs]

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Lauren the 20-something librarian

So I'll get the obvious out of the way- yes, I really AM a 20-something librarian (well, will be after I finish grad school!) with many, many obsessions, including (but not limited to!): technology, culture, books, beauty blogs/vids, U2, films of all kinds (especially horror), dance, and last but certainly not least, crafting.

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