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Case Study No. 0672: Thariand

Let's Play Ultima VI The False Prophet #41: Lycaeum
We finally get around to doing what Nystul told us to do and talk to Mariah. But not until after we nick her stuff. Oh, and some more gypsy folk rip us off. Eesh.

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Thariand is a librarian in the Lycaeum in "Ultima VI: The False Prophet."

Thariand was proud of having received the blue star of Nicodemus upon his forehead (a true accomplishment for a mage), and was able to give the Avatar directions to the mage's home near Yew. However, he remarked that if he could learn all the books in the Lycaeum, he would be the mightiest mage of all Britannia.

Thariand was also responsible for organizing the books of the Lycaeum, but his system of organizing the books was very complicated.

* His complicated system for cataloging books may be a parody of the Dewey Decimal System.
* The Lycaeum (situated on the northwestern part of Verity Isle, north of Moonglow) stands as a building symbolizing the principle of Truth. While mighty looking, it never intimidates the traveler. While once a fortress, it is now a huge library and center of science, where dozens of wise men and women, mages and non-mages, work, to further knowledge and decipher the mysteries of the world surrounding them. It is also here, where scholars gather all their knowledge.
* Thariand is charged with the care of the biggest collection of books in all of Britannia, with every book ever printed present in the Lycaeum with one volume. The Lycaeum is also known to house the Flame of Truth and the Book of Truth, two items of high symbolical value. It is said that as long as the Lycaeum stands, wisdom will shine in the world.



This is the complete set of books found in the Lycaeum that are in Ultima VI. A total of 31 texts are included here.

(Look-Thou dost see a book. It weighs 1.0 stones:)

Though some might scoff at the idea, the making of breads, pastries, pies, and cakes is one of the highest callings in life. Study this book carefully, and someday you may be prepared to take on this awesome responsibility.


Written and illustrated by Bill Pete
Hubert the Lion was haughty and vain,
And especially proud of his elegant mane.
But conceit of this sort is not proper at all,
And Hubert the Lion was due for a fall.


This book appears to be the log of a ship called "The Empire." The last entry speaks of the burying of a great treasure, and of the growing discontentment of the crew. There's a hastily scrawled note at the end, in different handwriting, that says "Captain Hawkins won't be makin' no more log entries."


Back in the days of the Avatar's Quest, rumors spread of a strange sight in the skies. A tinker from the town of Minoc, claimed to have rediscovered the lost art of ballooning. According to ancient lore, this was a mystical practice that allowed one to soar through the air, higher than the birds themselves. No records have been found of the rituals used to perform this feat, but several farmers from the area still tell tales of strange sights. A strange sphere was seen, way up in the sky, and the voices of men could be heard drifting down from it. The apparition drifted up into the clouds and was lost to sight. This took place years ago, and naught has been heard of the mystic art of ballooning since that time.

by Norlick the Elder

Though gargoyles are considered by most to be mere legend, no records exist documenting the origins of the gargoyle "statues" that adorn many castles. Even the towering stone guardians of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom have many of the physical characteristics of the "legendary" gargoyle. Nobody seems to know where they came from either. Despite the lack of hard evidence, there have been a fair number of unconfirmed reports of sightings of live gargoyles.It is the opinion of this author that daemons are a form of gargoyle. As many reliable encounters with daemons have been documented in various scholarly works, perhaps this is the best source of further information on the subject of gargoyles.


Once upon a time, in a strange land far away, there was a wizard's apprentice. His master, Eldritch, sent him on three quests, knowing he would learn his lessons best with the real world as his classroom. He encountered many strange and wonderful things. Ghouls and griffins stood in his way, and ghosts and giants as well. But he also found new friends, and brave adventurers to help him. He rode on a flying carpet, and on the back of a giant turtle.

Finally, after exploring an abandoned mine, a pyramid, and a castle in the clouds, he finished his third quest. He had learned so much on his journeys that his master rewarded him well, and declared him a wizard in his own right. He soon opened a school of his own, and as the years passed, and students came and went, his beard grew long with years.


Once, in the kingdom of Ashtalarea, there was a great war. For a time it seemed the forces of evil would triumph, but through the valiant efforts of Seggallion, the greatest knight in the land, the forces of the dark lord Pildar were finally driven back and defeated. All was well for a time, but years later Pildar had grown powerful again. From his dark tower he wove his evil schemes, and managed to capture the Duke, and the great knight Seggallion as well. With his greatest foe out of the way, he was prepared once more to set out on a campaign of conquest. In those troubled times, a party of great heroes arose. After many perilous adventures they finally won their way to Seggallion's prison and set him free. They then set forth to discover what had become of the Duke...


Early in the reign of Lord British there came unto the land of Britannia a powerful wizard named Mondain. He brang forth many creatures of great evil, using the power of his magic to control them. And there was great suffering throughout the land. It was in these days that the Avatar first came unto our realm, to vanquish Mondain and liberate our people.


After Mondain's passing, Minax the enchantress brought forth terrors to menace the populace. She had been apprentice to Mondain. Perhaps more than that, if the moaning and wailing that echoed through the halls outside their shared bedchamber bore any meaning. She established a reign of death and destruction, her magic fueled by the strength of her passion. Again it was only the return of the Avatar that put an end to the oppression. Minax was vanquished, as Mondain before her.


Once Minax was gone, peace reigned for twenty years. And then the last of Mondain's legacy became known. For he and Minax had together produced an unholy creation known only as Exodus. For many years it had stayed hidden, patiently gathering information to heighten its powers. Finally it chose to exploit the results of its diligence. Creating a mighty castle to reside in, Exodus brought forth a third plague of monsters, and nowhere in Britannia was safe from its relentless evil. This was the greatest challenge yet for our hero from another world; yet once again the Avatar proved triumphant. And with the defeat of Exodus, a new era of prosperity began.


In days not long past, the Council of Wizards erected shrines to the eight virtues, that people throughout the land might meditate upon them. It was through studying the eight virtues and the three underlying principles that the great hero, who had defeated the Triad of Evil, started down the path that led to Avatarhood.

For verily it is known that the three principles are Truth, Love and Courage;
And that from Truth arises Honesty;
And from Love arises Compassion;
And from Courage arises Valour;
And that Truth comingled with Love gives rise to Justice;
And Love comingled with Courage gives rise to Sacrifice;
And Courage comingled with Truth gives rise to Honor;
And Truth, Love and Courage all united create Spirituality;
And the absence of all three principles leads to the vice of pride, which leads us to think of the virtue that is its opposite, that of Humility.

And on the quest to become the embodiment of the eight virtues, the Avatar recovered the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, and discovered that the one underlying concept that leads to the three principles which lead to the eight virtues is Infinity. Ponder this well, oh seeker!


After the shining example set by the Avatar, Britannia seemed all set to enter a golden age of peace and plenty. And then a great tragedy took place. Lord British, the beloved ruler who united the land of Britannia, and saw it through some of the hardest times in its history, was lost. He had gone on an expedition to explore the newly discovered underworld, and never returned. Many thought him dead. Lord Blackthorn took control in his absence, declaring martial law to maintain order. It was also around this time that the three shadowlords appeared at Stonegate. They were powerful, evil creatures, who could warp the minds of men and turn them away from the three principles. 'Tis said they could draw on "the power of the vortex" to transport themselves instantly anywhere in the realm. It was a dark time. The Avatar was summoned back to Britannia, and ultimately managed to rescue Lord British before the collapse of the Underworld, restoring him to his rightful place on the throne.


In exotic Khantun, there was a benevolent Emperor known as Chao Ti. He ruled wisely and well until his Warlord, Zhurong, acquired an elixir from the evil alchemist Shen Jang to put the Emperor into a coma. Evil spirits from the Astral Plane took over shrines throughout the land, and it was a dark time. But a young student, after completing his studies of the martial arts in a small monastery, managed to liberate the shrines, defeat the warlord, and cure the Emperor with the Elixir of Immortality. Long will his name be honored in Khantun.


A great dragon named Freitag came unto the Mystic Isles, and there was much fear and anguish amongst the populace. One day the warrior Gertan set forth to beard the dragon in her lair, a vast series of caverns inhabited by strange creatures. He drove Freitag away from the land, and there was much rejoicing.


Chess: Try to control the middle of the board with your knights, bishops, and pawns.
Nine Men's Morris: Don't let any of your pieces get trapped in the corners.
Draughts: Keep your pieces along the sides of the board, where they can't be captured.


Some say that in our dreams our astral selves journey to other realms of existence. Others say that imps and daemons create dreams to disturb our sleep. Now let the truth be known! Dreams are messages from the spirit world. Someday we will learn to decipher them, and benefit greatly thereby.


There is a zen to shooting well. Become one with your crossbow. Clear your mind of all thoughts save that of flying with the bolt to strike the target, and you will not miss.


Gambling is the surest way of getting nothing for something.
Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.
Never play backgammon with a centaur.


Mistletoe is easiest to find in the spring. Cut the sprigs with your left hand for greatest effectiveness. Hibiscus leaves can be used to make a tea which is excellent for sore throats. Never step on a dandelion, for it will anger any leprechaun who sees you do so.

by Frank L. Baum

A little girl named Dorothy, from the far off land of Kansas was carried to the realm of Oz by a tornado. And her little dog, too! She met three faithful companions, who vowed to help her find a way home. There was a scarecrow, who was on a quest for truth, a man of tin, who was questing for love, and a lion, who quested for courage. Before their quest was done, little Dorothy slew the wicked witch, freeing the land from her evil influence. Her friends completed their quests, and she returned home to Kansas.

by Lewis Carroll

Alice saw a peculiar white rabbit one day. It was looking at its pocket watch and worrying about how late it was. Alice chased it down a rabbit hole, and fell a very long way. She found herself in a strange land. She went to a tea party there, with a mad hatter and a dormouse. She also met a strange caterpillar, and a cat that could vanish, with its grin dissappearing last. The queen of hearts yelled "Off with her head!" and her guards ran up to grab Alice - but then she awakened, and realized it had all been a dream.


Ahm Kim Rum Bem Mu Dim Sum Kyo Ra Lox Nid Pey Beh Un Or Us Cah Biff Pow Ohm Summ Bang Lis Zowie Om Cow Frem Ort Lum Spam Mho Yum Tea Meow

The Book of Ritual

vervid ben kua i, naksatilor, skri kuo i porle kodeks uide terreg ew estade kalle ante tim benommani: ku auks lorrelinlem i beninle vorteks lorrel, o kua i le vid kodeks kuater lem terinit anporle. i inle vorteks kuad re inbet grav ok orblap ew trakpor vorteks destrak termur. estatim i perle lorrel re inuislor kodeks ad kuad. vorteks tanle uide terailem, uislor inle ailemde, ew kodeks porle des re perle bende pa uide zenmur.
Heed well as I, Naxatilor, write of how I brought the Codex to our land and thereby ushered in the time of prosperity: With the help of the Lensmaker I crafted the Vortex Lens, by which I could see the Codex where it originally rested. I created the Vortex Cube to focus the power of the Moonstones and draw the Vortex down to the world. Then I used the lens to form an image of the Codex upon the cube. The Vortex touched our plane, the image became solid, and the Codex was brought down to be used properly by our race!

The Book of The Underworld

alt desde terreg ai ali terreg. ante esta terreg manite mur aniw zen. plu tri de ista zen vid zaw ve uide anvolde lem. ista daemon ade pal ew delsa. kualem lokte ista daemon de destermur sa lok. ew kerde, lem inte son esta misve uide liy. a kua lemmur uiste, an zen anku vol verde uis. feluis de lokde daemon nes ankredle.
Deep below the land there is another land. In that land live many strange creatures. The most interesting of these creatures look something like our wingless ones. These daemons, however, are pale and soft. Some say that these daemons from the underworld can speak. And, to be sure, they make sounds that are similar to our language. But as everyone knows, no creature without wings is truly intelligent. Fables of talking daemons must be discredited.

The Book of Administration

dur anmurde vastim ui volde lem monte anvolde lem. ista ver ew behde. a ui nes tutim reski lem an min persa de ui. zentu ku an uiscar ansa por. a ni sa zentu ku an porcar. tu nes per te pri si kui re leinle. er duk anvolde lem, ew ark lem de via feltas. a duk lem ku lentas ew vervid.
For countless ages, we winged ones have led the wingless ones. This is right and proper. But we must always remember that they are no less valuable than we. A body with no head cannot move. But neither can a body with no legs. All must function in unity if anything is to be achieved. So guide the wingless ones, and keep them from paths of error. But guide them with respect.

The Book of Prosperity

vas praetim, vas vidlem naksatilor kalle kodeks ante termur. ita rele vastim benommani. kodeks terle ante terort pritas, teresta re vidle pa lem nesde vasuis. vidlem terreg, monle pa naksatilor, juksarkle kodeks ku saeykt grav. sol lem ad omde vestas trak uis canle terpor ew leg kodeks. ante kodeks skrile pri ben ew ver res kui kuae. lem nes sol terpor kodeks, leg lem, ew inuislok lemde monuis aptade. ku verinde uis ew ankadsa ski, tu mante est ten un, or, ew us nesle re pos apta via. ista est desintas uide murom, ew ita uide zenmur sa per kodeks uisde ew bende. ista est kuauis kodeks est: re mon gargh zenmur trak ultim benommani.
Long ago, the great seer Naxatilor summoned the Codex into the world. Thus began the great time of prosperity. The Codex was placed within the Temple of Singularity, there to be viewed by those requiring its knowledge. The seers of the land, led by Naxatilor, protected the Codex with a forcefield. Only those upon sacred quests for wisdom are allowed to reach and read the Codex. Within the Codex is written the one right and true answer to any problem. One has but to reach the Codex, read it, and interpret its advice properly. With perfect wisdom and infallible knowledge, all that remains is to have the control, passion and diligence required to follow the proper course. These are the underpinnings of our society, and so our race is able to use the Codex wisely and well. This is the reason why the Codex exists: to lead the gargoyle race to ultimate prosperity.

The Book of Family

kuatim betlem grespor de ov, lem inzenle anku vol. a vel de inzen lem sa ski si betlem re invas est volde au anvolde lem. anvolde lem ansa lok, ew anten skitas de volde lem. lem nes dukle. volde lem anmur, a lem kredonle ku skitas ew uis de zenmur. lem nes dukte. sek volde ew anvolde lem sal de mis ov, ew sek dete de mis xen. tu per ve pride tutas, re plu ben inten agratas trak temanitas ante uide termur.
When a child hatches from his egg, he is born without wings. But even from birth one can tell whether a child will grow up to be a winged or a wingless one. The wingless ones cannot speak, and lack the intelligence of the winged ones. They must be guided. The winged ones are few, but they are entrusted with the intelligence and wisdom of the race. They must guide. Both winged and wingless ones spring from the same eggs, and both belong to the same family. All function as a single whole, to better maintain the struggle for survival in our world.

The Book of Circles

tu rete ku qi aksi: un, or, ew us. de un sal traktas. de or sal sent. de us sal tepertas. a ista qi bentas an plu mag de sekde pen: un kuporte ku or re don mistas. or kuporte ku us re don leintas. ew us int ku un re don benintas. anai de un, or, ew us est anord. ita anai de aksi vidukte trak semde bentas, ord. qi aksi priinte re in pritas. ista est okde bentas, a lem mistim pri, kuauis kuante pritas sa venle tu aksi, ew ita tu bentas. kir ten an fin. lem teinte tutim, ku tu car parde mag te benfin de tutas. uide murom mis. lem mis teinte tutim, ku tu carzen, ew tu bentas, par car de priinle tutas.
All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence. From Control springs Direction. From Passion springs Feeling. From Diligence springs Persistence. But these three virtues are no more important than the other five: Control combines with Passion to give Balance. Passion combines with Diligence to yield Achievement. And Diligence joins with Control to provide Precision. The absence of Control, Passion and Diligence is Chaos. Thus the absence of the principles points toward the seventh virtue, Order. The three principles unify to form Singularity. This is the eighth virtue, but it is also the first, because within Singularity can be found all the principles, and thus all the virtues. A circle has no end. It continues forever, with all parts equally important in the success of the whole. Our society is the same. It too continues forever, with all members (and all virtues) equal parts of the unified whole.


First you must have a wicker balloon basket made, large enough to carry several passengers. Then you'll need a big iron cauldron, to hold a fire to generate the hot air. Next you must have a huge bag sewn out of silk, to hold the hot air in. Lastly, get enough rope to tie the balloon securely to the basket. Once you've gathered all of these together, use these plans to assemble them. When flying your balloon, you'll find that a ship's anchor makes the best ballast, and is also useful for stopping the balloon where and when you wish.


In your travels through life, remember always that Spirituality embodies the sum of all virtues. Chant the mantra "om" as you meditate on Spirituality, and all will become clear to you.


As always, the Codex is open to the pages bearing exactly the information you need.

"To return the Codex to the Vortex, place a convex lens exactly midway between the Codex and the Flame of Singularity, so that the light from the flame converges on the Codex. Place a concave lens between the Codex and the Flame of Infinity, so that its light diverges over the Codex. Then place the eight moonstones within the Vortex Cube. Set it on the ground in front of the Codex, and use it to return the Codex from whence it came."



34. Thariand
You see a busy looking man wearing a blue robe. "So many books to keep organized, it's a wonder I have any time for my own studies... Can I help you with something?"

[SELECT name]
"I am Thariand, of the blue star."

[SELECT job]
"I'm the librarian. I prefer to spend my time studying magic, but I'll help you find some books if you keep it quick."

[SELECT star]
"All the students of Nicodemus bear this sign."

[SELECT Nicodemus]
"He lives southeast of Yew."

"Somebody there should be able to give you directions."

[SELECT magic]
"Were I to master all the arcane lore contained within these volumes, I'd be the greatest sorcerer of all time! Of course, finding all the right books is no small task..."

[SELECT help,find,book]
Were you interested in: A. Fiction B. Non-fiction C. Reference
A. In that category I can recommend: 821.34 Rzl4n, The Caverns of Freitag; Klr 1734 N92 v3, Around the World in a Washtub; 417.8 Baum c6, The Wizard of Oz
B. In that category I can recommend: Ce 437.2 N19, Mating Rituals of the Northern Plains Centaur; 027 z811f, Of Dreams and Visions; 718.5 B34 z5, The Lost Art of Ballooning; Y19 T343 LP, Summoning Incubi for Fun and Profit
C. In that category I can recommend: 665.556 Dlz, Dilzal's Almanac of Good Advice; a001.3 bfb, Priliwig's Universal Compendium of Knowledge; 998.99 ZWX, The Lost Book of Mantras
"Is there anything else you wanted to find?"
"Fine. You should have no trouble finding what you want once you have the call number. You do understand how our books are organized, don't you?"
"Good. I have more important things to do than explain it to you."
"Well then, I'd suggest you look it up in The Beginner's Guide to the Dewey Decimal System. Its call number is T17 0035 r16RL.5 v43."

[SELECT Dewey Decimal System]
"Oh, I'm sorry, I just remembered. That book was checked out last week. Try coming back for it later."

[SELECT shrines]
"We have a book that tells the history of the shrines. If only I could remember the title..."

[SELECT bye]
"Remember, any books you take out of here are due back before the next bipolar lunar conjunction!"

[SELECT (other)]
"You could probably find more information on that topic in Priliwig's Universial Compendium of Knowledge."

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