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Case Study No. 0629: Miss Barbaratea

winx club 109 Spelled pt 1
Bloom is still troubled by her mysterious dreams but that's the least of her concerns when Stella becomes rude and says mean things to each member of the Winx, causing Musa to run off crying! Unfortunately, Musa runs to Magix where the witches are currently hanging out. A big fight ensures with the witches against the fairies and warriors. In the end, Bloom releases an insane amount of energy. Thus, the witches now know where the Dragon Fire power is.
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[scene opens with Bloom walking through the library stacks of the Alfea School for Fairies, reading the signs on the shelves and looking for information about a nymph that appeared to her in a dream]
BLOOM: Trolls, ghosts, leprechauns ...
[the librarian, sitting at the front desk with her face in a book, talks to her without actually looking at her]
BARBARATEA: Hello. Still getting the hang of the Dewey Magical System?
BLOOM: Yeah, I need info about one of the nymphs on the front of town hall. Where do I look?
[the librarian responds in an annoyed voice, as she doesn't even look up from her book]
BARBARATEA: Why are you asking me when the library catalog's over there?
BLOOM: Oh ...
[she heads towards another room in the library, and finds a raised golden platform with a statue of a butterfly placed in the middle]
BLOOM: [to herself] That's a catalog?
[she runs up to the catalog, which begins talking to her in a robotic voice]
CATALOG: Keyword?
[she clears her throat]
BLOOM: "Town hall" ...
[a book magically flies off a nearby shelf and floats towards her]
BLOOM: Wow, that's so cool ...
[she reads the title]
BLOOM: "Magic's Monthly."
[the book comes to rest on the catalog and opens to a page]
BLOOM: [reading] "This month's events at town hall, Sorcerer Soccer--"
[she stops]
BLOOM: Wrong book. Not that goblin goalies don't sound interesting.
[she tries again]
BLOOM: Keywords "town hall facade."
[more books fly towards her, and she looks at one of them]
BLOOM: Hey, this is the book about the Great Dragon ...
[she starts reading]
BLOOM: "The facade of Magix's town hall features nymph Daphne--"
[she suddenly gets excited]
BLOOM: Daphne, that's her!
[she suddenly realizes that she's now surrounded by floating books which are chanting "Read me! Read me!", and begins swatting them away]
BLOOM: Stop it! Somebody help!
[cut back to the front desk, as the librarian looks up from her book]
[she notices that a chained gate in the library is starting to shake]
BARBARATEA: The restricted vault! The books are trying to come out! What's happening?
[she turns to see the books flying around Bloom, and screams]
BLOOM: I was just getting the hang of the system!
[the librarian runs off]
BARBARATEA: Miss Faragonda!
[cut back to Bloom, as she tries to crouch down and hide from the books]
BLOOM: Stop it! Oh, I need a spell ... Bookus stopus nowus, pretty please-us!
[Miss Faragonda enters and casts a spell]
FARAGONDA: Restituto ordo!
[the books fall to the ground]
FARAGONDA: Something very powerful seems to be disturbing the order in here ...
BLOOM: Sorry!
[she runs up and hugs Miss Faragonda]
FARAGONDA: Oh, it's okay. It's not your fault ...
[the librarian enters]
BARBARATEA: She couldn't have possibly asked for these books! They're some of our most obscure titles!
FARAGONDA: No, she didn't. The books chose her ...
[she turns to Bloom]
FARAGONDA: Go back to your room, dear, and please don't mention this to anyone.
BLOOM: Okay.
FARAGONDA: See you at assembly.
BLOOM: Thank you ...
[she leaves]
[she bends down and picks up one of the books, as the librarian gasps]
FARAGONDA: "The Last Witch Coven" ... ?!
[she slams the book shut]
FARAGONDA: [angrily] Miss Barbaratea!
[the librarian gasps again]
FARAGONDA: This book is not part of our collection!
[the librarian takes the book]
BARBARATEA: No, it is not ...
FARAGONDA: Close the library!
FARAGONDA: There are dark forces at work here ...


[the librarian approaches Miss Faragonda's office and knocks on the door]
[cut to inside the office, as the librarian enters]
BARBARATEA: Miss Faragonda, is it okay to re-open the library yet?
FARAGONDA: [pause] Yes, alright.
BARBARATEA: Then I'll go and get things ready.
FARAGONDA: Wait ... There's one thing. Move all the books about the last witch coven into the highest security section of the Restricted Vault. If that information falls into the wrong hands, terrible things could happen!



Winx Club, Season 1 Episode 9 ("Spelled")

Stella's pretty upset, though. Stella's tired of all the Bloom talk, all the attention Bloom's getting. Stella's thinking along the lines of why should she care about Bloom's little problem. Bloom gets angry that Stella's throwing her "little princess tantrum," and storms off to the library. As Bloom walks off, Stella seems honestly dumbfounded as to why Bloom's storming off, and why the other girls are upset with Stella.

At the library, Bloom's surprised to see the card catalogue as just a raised platform, but she quickly learns how to use it: just say a keyword. She finds out that the glowing figure's name is Daphne, but soon, several library books are attacking Bloom. Bloom tries to stop the books, but Miss Faragonda is the one who soon puts a stop to the books' flying around. She tells Bloom to go, and not mention this incident to anyone, but orders the library be closed when she spots a book on the last witch coven as one of the books that were attacking Bloom.


In Miss Faragonda's office, Barbaratea the school librarian comes in, and asks to reopen the library. Miss Faragonda agrees to it, but insists the librarian move the books about the last witch coven to the highest security section of the restricted vault.

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