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Case Study No. 0662: Eun-soo

Heartbreak Library (????? 198?) - Trailer
Korean Movie (2008): Alternative title : "Page 198 in His Book", "198th Page of That Man's Book".

Eun-soo, a librarian watches for book vandalism that currently happens in the library. One day, she catches Jun-oh tearing off certain page of books. Eun-soo accuses him of vandalism but soon discovers the complex story behind his actions. Jun-ohs girlfriend suddenly leaves him with only a mysterious note. Look up page 198. Jun-ohs girlfriend was a bibliophile and she checked out books regularly at the library. Jun-oh goes to the library and tears out page 198 from every book he comes in touch. As Eun-soo has just broken up, she gives him an advice saying that he has to let her go if she really meant it. However, looking at Jun-oh torn apart by his love, Eun-soo starts to help him decipher the messages on page 198 of all the books.

Lee Dong-wook
Yoo Jin
JO Ah-ra
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"Heartbreak Library" brings the story of two young people tracing their past, only to discover the sad, yet true reality of love and life.

Both holding on to a painful memory, the couple meet unexpectedly, and their trip to the past drives them to the point where they finally realize that it was not the memory that was torturing them, but their obsession with it.

Eun-soo, played by singer/actress Eugene (Yoo Jin), is a librarian who takes her work very seriously. So when she discovers a tall young man dressed in a black suit ripping the pages out of books stacked next to him, she calls him a criminal.

Jun-oh, played by Lee Dong-wook, is a sad-eyed man who tears out page 198 from library books, which explains the Korean title of the film " Page 198 of His Book".

He explains to the curious, and furious, Eun-soo that his former girlfriend left him a note saying to check page 198 without mentioning the title of the book. Eun-soo, who has a personal crisis regarding an ex-boyfriend herself, sympathizes with the strange man in black, a chef, and determines to help him find the book.

The story continues as Eun-soo traces the address of the former girlfriend through the library database and later discovers why Jun-oh is so ardent in finding her, leaving her at a crossroads of her feelings and sympathy toward Jun-oh.


Lee Dong-wook (???)
Yoo Jin (??)
Jo Ah-ra (???)
Ki Joo-bong (???)
Yoo Tae-gyoon (???)

Release date in South Korea : 2008/10/23

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