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Case Study No. 0644: Camellia Bluegarden/Queen Bluegarden

Let's Play Secret of Evermore 37
We use a single key to open up about a bazillion goddamn doors.

Also, the Queen gives us a mission!

B...but chessboards? How can we walk on a chessboard?

First dungeons, then sewers, now chessboard plateus? I hope we don't run into hedge mazes. Really.

I hate those the most!
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[the protagonist and his dog are exploring the town of Ivor Tower in the land of Gothica, but a guard standing in front of the gate to the Queen's castle blocks their path]
CASTLE GUARD 1: You're not allowed in the castle. Only the queen and other important people may enter. I make sure that nobodies like you stay away.
[the protagonist continues exploring the town and speaking with its residents]
MALE TOWNSPERSON: Not long ago, our queen had Ivor Tower built and moved here from Ebon Keep. Most of the citizens followed because the queen promised comfort and happiness for all. I think the others went because of the free food and drink.
FEMALE TOWNSPERSON: All of the people here used to live in Ebon Keep. We moved when the queen built Ivor Tower. I hear that some people still live in the old town. The queen is not very happy about that.
[he walks up to a man standing in front of a large gypsy caravan]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Come one, come all to "Perceval Plank's Exhibition of Cultural Oddities." Witness inconceivable deviations from the natural laws. Experience true horror, true terror, true spine-tingling absurdity!
[as a crowd gathers around him, he swings his cane around in an animated fashion]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Believe the unbelievable! Right this way! Come one! Come all!
[the protagonist walks up to him]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Hey, kid. Would you like to see the exhibit?
[the player selects "Sure"]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Have you got a ticket?
[the player selects "I sure do!"]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Step right up.
[the protagonist climbs the steps up to the caravan, but Perceval stops his dog from following]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Sorry, pooch. No dogs are allowed in the exhibition.
PROTAGONIST: You stay right there, Dog. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[they both enter the caravan, while a tough-looking guy approaches the dog from behind]
THUG: Stop right there, mutt. You're comin' with me.
[cut to inside the caravan, as Perceval leads the protagonist to several exhibits (with the curtains drawn to conceal their contents)]
PERCEVAL PLANK: The first stop in our tour of oddities will make you ponder the principles of our existence. How, you will ask, can such a creature live and breathe? There is no answer to your query. It is simply a truth in the shape of ...
[the first curtain rises to reveal a large wooden crate with a man's head on top (and the rest of his body no doubt concealed within said crate)]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Mister Head, the man with no body!
MR. HEAD: I have an itch on my nose. It's very uncomfortable.
[Perceval walks towards the next curtain]
PERCEVAL PLANK: This next exhibit comes to us from the far east via the midwest, with a stopover in Nantucket. It is fantastic, freakish, and full of cheese-producing goodness! I give you the one-horned beauty of ...
[the second curtain rises to reveal a goat with a horn tied to its head]
PERCEVAL PLANK: The Unigoat! Isn't she amazing?
[the protagonist tries walking up to the goat]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Please! Do not touch the horn!
[Perceval walks towards the next curtain]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Follow me. Follow me. There is much more to see.
[the protagonist follows him to the next curtain]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Our next exhibit is not for the squeamish or for the faint of heart. This disgusting, vile and gruesome beast will give you sensations of horror and repugnance. It has fangs the size of a human femur. Its body is covered in fur from head to toe. Its eyes are so hypnotic that staring into them could make you spiral into a sea of madness. This is the terror that is ... Mungola!
[the third curtain rises ... but nothing is there]
PERCEVAL PLANK: I don't believe it! Mungola has escaped!
[Perceval walks up and gets face to face with the protagonist]
PERCEVAL PLANK: I would be very careful if I were you, my friend ... It could appear around any corner!
[Perceval walks towards the final curtain]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Our last exhibit is the most recent addition to the show! You will not believe your eyes when you see this rare combination of species. I present to you, for the first time ever, the fabulous unbelievable ...
[the final curtain rises to reveal the protagonist's dog (its face covered with a pig mask)]
PROTAGONIST: Dog? Is that you? I know that you've been going through some changes, but this is ridiculous!
[the dog runs away]
PROTAGONIST: Where are you going, Dog?
PERCEVAL PLANK: I guess if I were a poodle with the head of a pig, I'd run, too!
[the protagonist runs after him, leaving Perceval by himself]
PERCEVAL PLANK: Maybe it would work better if we started with a pig and dressed it up like a poodle ...
[a large creature appears behind the third curtain (before disappearing), then cut to outside the caravan as the dog runs down the street]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen! The pig race is about to begin!
[the sound of a gunshot can be heard]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: And they're off!
[cut to three pigs racing down the street, as the townspeople gather on either side to watch the race]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: Truffle Trouble is leading the pack!
[the dog suddenly appears]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: Wait! A new entry is tearing up the track!
[the dog continues running, and passes the pigs]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: Look at that pig go!
[the dog crosses the finish line]
PIG RACE ANNOUNCER: We have a winner!
MALE TOWNSPERSON: Who owns this pig?
[the protagonist rushes into the scene]
PROTAGONIST: Uh, I guess that would be me.
[the onlookers gather around him]
FEMALE TOWNSPERSON: You, sir, will be the guest of honor at the queen's banquet tonight! Congratulations!
PROTAGONIST: Well, Dog. It looks like you've done something right for a change. We can ask the queen if she knows how to get back to Podunk!
[cut to the protagonist and the townspeople arriving at the castle gate]
FEMALE TOWNSPERSON: The winner of the pig race is here to meet the queen.
CASTLE GUARD 1: Arrrgh! I had a week's pay bet on Truffle Trouble ... Go on in before I change my mind.
[the protagonist and the dog enter the castle ... although he enters the dining room while his canine friend stays behind in another room]
PROTAGONIST: Hey, Dog! Where did you run off to? I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble.
[he sits down at the dinner table with the other guests]
CASTLE GUARD 2: Honored guests and assorted rabble! May I have your attention, please! Dinner will begin once her majesty arrives.
PROTAGONIST: Wow! This is some fancy castle!
DINNER GUEST: I've heard the Phlegm the Fancy did the decorating. His use of tapestries is simply to die for. And you should see his custom bookcases in the study in the east wing. He even used gold paint on their backsides. They are gorgeous! Phlegm has such taste!
CASTLE GUARD 2: Everyone! Please be seated! The queen is about to arrive ... People of Ivor Tower, distinguished guests, I present to you, her majesty, the Queen!
[the queen (an overweight woman wearing a blue dress and a crown) walks into the room]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: Thank you all so much for attending! We hope everyone has a wonderful time.
[the protagonist gets up and walks up to her]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: And who do we have here?
CASTLE GUARD 2: This young man is Protagonist, the owner of the winning pig, your highness.
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: It is a great pleasure to meet you, Mister Protagonist. You may call me Queen Bluegarden.
PROTAGONIST: Uh, hi. You haven't seen my dog, er, pig, er, pigdog, have you? He followed me into the castle, and then he just disappeared!
[cut to the castle's kitchen, as the male chef is preparing a stew while the dog lies on a nearby table]
CHEF: Say "Goodnight," my leetell piggy! You shall be my masterpiece at the queen's deenair ... You are not a very pretty piggy, are you?
[the dog gets up, and his mask falls off]
CHEF: Sacre bleu!! You are not a pig! Well, whatever you are, Pierre shall make you tasty!
[the dog jumps off the table and starts running, as the chef gives chase]
CHEF: Come to Pierre, you son of a motherless rodent!!
[the dog escapes through the ventilation system, then cut back to the queen sitting at the table with her guests]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: So, tell me, Mister Protagonist, what do you think of my new castle?
PROTAGONIST: I like it! It's really ...
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: Clean? Immaculate? Spotless? Without flaw?
PROTAGONIST: Yeah, sure. I guess.
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: It is well past time for the main dish, don't you think? I run a tight ship here and I don't like to wait! What could be taking so long? Where is my meal?
[the dog runs into the room and jumps on the table, upsetting the queen]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: This is an outrage! Who is responsible for this filthy beast? Names!! I want names!
PROTAGONIST: Uh, th ... that would be me.
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: Make a mockery of my banquet, will you? Let's see how you feel after a night in the dungeon ... Guards! Take these mockers away!
CASTLE GUARD 2: Okay, buddy. Had your fun? Oh, I've seen your type before. You start by messing up your room, and wind up years later messing up banquets. And your furry friend? He looks like a real trouble maker ... Come along now!


[the protagonist and his dog escape the castle's dungeon, make their way through the underground sewer system, then finally make it back to the first floor]
PROTAGONIST: Whew! I'm glad we're out of that sewer.
[the dog sniffs at him]
PROTAGONIST: Sniff, sniff ... I agree, Dog. We'll probably stink for a while.
[a guard enters]
PROTAGONIST: Oh no! A Guard!
CASTLE GUARD 2: Stay right where you are, little mister! Thought you could escape, didn't you? Well, I have orders that the queen is waiting to see you. You're coming with me!
[the guard hesitates for a moment]
CASTLE GUARD 2: Sniff, sniff ... Do you smell something?
[he regains his composure, then leads them to the queen in the throne room]
CASTLE GUARD 2: Your majesty, I've brought the prisoners as requested.
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: Ah! Mister Protagonist! So nice to see that you made it through the night. I didn't mean to react so harshly at the banquet. But I just hate it when things don't go as planned!
PROTAGONIST: Uh, that's okay. We're really sorry for the mess we made. And we're hoping, maybe, you could help us find our way home?
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: There will be time for that later! This meeting is really about me ... my needs! You may have heard that there is another castle in this kingdom. That castle, Ebon Keep, is our former home and it is filthy! That's why I had this castle built and moved the kingdom across the ravine. A few stragglers remain in the other castle, and this annoys me to no end!
[the queen starts shaking her fists in the air]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I want to remove them! And you can help me do that! The entrance to Ebon Keep is on the other side of the chessboard plateau. But the drawbridge on the other side is now up! Locked!
[she calms down]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: What we need you to do is go down into the ravine, come up the other side ... and open the drawbridge from within. Then, my people will march across the ravine and take Ebon Keep by force! Can you do this for me, Mister Protagonist?
PROTAGONIST: Yeah. Sure. I guess.
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: The best way to the ravine is through the east wing of the castle. Then down through a door in the chessboard. You'll find it when you get there.


[as the protagonist and his dog head for Ebon Keep, the queen has a secret meeting with one of her confidants]
ERONIO: Your highness.
BLUEGARDEN: Yes, Eronio?
ERONIO: What have you done with the boy and his pig dog?
BLUEGARDEN: I've sent them on a little journey. They're going to the other side of the ravine.
ERONIO: Aren't you afraid that they'll learn more than they should from our "friends" in Ebon Keep?
BLUEGARDEN: They'll never get that far! The dragons will take care of them first! Besides, if they do get to the other side alive, and they don't do what I told them to do ... I'll take care of them when they come back. Bwa ha ha!!!


[the protagonist and his dog make their way inside the abandoned Ebon Keep]
PROTAGONIST: Wow! This place is just like the other castle. Only, not quite as ... clean.
[a balding man with a red beard suddenly appears]
TINKER: Halt! Stop! Wait! Who are you? What do you want?
PROTAGONIST: Uh, I'm Protagonist and this is my dog, Dog. We've been sent here by the queen of Ivor Tower. She wants us to open the drawbridge!
TINKER: That imposter sent you here! And she wants you to open our drawbridge? Oh! This won't do! We can't have this!
[he paces around the room]
TINKER: Please, I implore you, before you do anything rash, come with me! There is someone that you must meet!
[he leads them up the stairs to the top of the tower, then opens a door]
TINKER: Please follow these stairs and speak to her highness.
[they go up the stairs and find someone who looks exactly like Queen Bluegarden]
PROTAGONIST: Queen Bluegarden? What are you doing here?
PROTAGONIST: Yeah! In Ivor Tower! Don't you remember?
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: Oh! You met the imposter ... my evil twin!
PROTAGONIST: Wow! This is like what happens in "The Two Doctor Ids!" We've found evil twins everywhere! First, there was Fire Eyes, er, Elizabeth and her evil twin, then Horace, and now ... you!
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: Elizabeth? Horace? You've met the others!
PROTAGONIST: Are you from Podunk, too?
PROTAGONIST: And you were part of an experiment in the mansion on the hill?
PROTAGONIST: And something went terribly wrong?
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: Yes. And I've been stuck here ever since. It hasn't been that bad, until a few months ago, anyway.
[she turns and stares out the window]
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: That's when my twin appeared, locked me in the dungeon and took my place. Then, she presented the king with a hypnotic puppet show which sent him into a trance.
[she paces back and forth]
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: With the king in his couch potato state, the imposter could scheme right under his nose ... By the time I got out of the dungeon, she had moved the kingdom across the ravine.
[she turns back towards the protagonist]
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: Now, only a few of us remain in Ebon Keep.
PROTAGONIST: She sent us here to open the drawbridge so that her troops could clear out the castle.
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: That's not good at all! It's only a matter of time before she storms in here, with or without your help ... Listen kid, I think that Tinker can help you get back to Podunk.
[she turns away]
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: But first, you're going to have to get rid of that imposter. We'll batten down the hatches here ...
PROTAGONIST: And we'll go back to the castle and set things straight before she can cross over.
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: That sounds like a good idea. If you need my help out in the field, you can call me by using one of your Call Beads ... Before you leave, make sure that you talk to Tinker in the chamber to the East. He'll be able to help you in your journey.
PROTAGONIST: Thanks, Queen Bluegarden.
CAMELLIA BLUEGARDEN: Please. Call me "Camellia."


[the protagonist speaks with Tinker in his laboratory]
TINKER: I haven't introduced myself. My name is Tinker Tinderbox. I deal with scientific matters ... mechanical inventions, alchemy formulas.
[he paces back and forth]
TINKER: I trust that the queen has told you about our imposter in Ivor Tower?
PROTAGONIST: Yeah! We've been encountering evil twins ever since we left Podunk!
TINKER: Oh! You're from the same place that our queen hails from!
PROTAGONIST: Yeah! There's an abandoned mansion just outside of town. Dog chased a cat into the old place and I followed him. The cat wasn't there anymore, but we did find a strange machine in an old laboratory.
[they move towards the windows]
PROTAGONIST: The machine zapped us to another lab that looked a lot like the old one. Only, this lab was in some sort of space station. There were two people there. One was this scientist, Doctor Ruffleberg ... the other one looked like it may have been his butler. I'm not really sure what happened after that, but we ended up on Evermore, and we've been here ever since.
TINKER: I think I know of this place in space that you speak of! I've seen it through my telescope! If you want to go back to Podunk, you'll probably find the way up there! And I think I know how you can get there, too! But first, we have the matter at hand of the imposter ...
PROTAGONIST: The queen wants us to go back to Ivor Tower and stop her twin from causing more trouble.
[they move closer towards the windows]
TINKER: That sounds like a good idea. The imposter is scheming at this very moment! Take a look!
[he brings the protagonist to look through his telescope, then cut to Eronio and the imposter standing on the castle walls of Ivor Tower]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I have orders from above, Eronio. We are to find a device that produces a special kind of energy. It is somewhere in the kingdom, but there is no specific information as to it's whereabouts. My superior has ordered me to do whatever it takes to find it ... even if we must tear the kingdom apart, piece by piece.
ERONIO: But, your highness, won't the citizens be suspicious?
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I'll deal with those cretins when the time comes! Now, let's find that device!
[cut back to inside Tinker's laboratory]
PROTAGONIST: Wow! She's mean!
TINKER: Yes! She has to be dealt with, in a hurry!


[after the protagonist and his dog return to Ivor Tower, they enter the queen's chambers, where she appears on a balcony directly above them]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I'll get you, you little pest! And that mangy cur, too!
[Mungola and the two evil puppets (Mephista and Old Nick) used to hypnotize the king appear, and the protagonist is able to defeat them]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I don't believe it! You've dispatched Mungola! Come closer, that I may give you your just reward!
[the protagonist moves closer to the balcony where Bluegarden is standing]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: Take this, little man, for what you have done!
[she does a belly flop off of the balcony ... but misses and lands on the floor directly in front of the protagonist]
QUEEN BLUEGARDEN: I meant to do that ...
[she ends up falling through the floor and goes crashing down to the bottom of the castle, as the protagonist picks up something from off the ground near the hole left by her "exit"]
HERO: Look, Dog, a gear ... I'm beginning to think that queen was no lady.



Secret of Evermore is a role-playing video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released by Square Soft in North America on October 1, 1995. In February 1996, it saw release in the PAL territories of Europe and Australia. The story of Secret of Evermore follows a boy and his pet dog as they are inadvertently transported to a fantasy world created by an eccentric inventor. The player guides both the boy and his shapeshifting dog through Evermore, a world that is composed of separate realms, each resembling a different period of real-world history. The gameplay shares many similarities with Secret of Mana, such as real-time battles, a ring-shaped menu system, and the ability to switch control between the two characters.

The story of Secret of Evermore begins with a black and white flashback to 1965, in a small town called Podunk, USA. In a laboratory situated on the roof of a mansion, a malfunction occurs which floods the area with white light. Thirty years later, the game's young protagonist is leaving a theater when his pet dog chases after a cat in the street. The boy hurriedly follows after him, eventually reaching a large, abandoned mansion. He discovers the hidden laboratory with a large machine built in the center. When the dog begins to chew on some wires, the pair find themselves transported to the surreal world of Evermore, beginning in the space station Omnitopia. A butler dressed in a white tuxedo greets the boy when he appears, only to lock him in a room with several attack robots. The boy manages to escape in a shuttle pod, where he finds his dog holed up in the cockpit.

The shuttle crash-lands in a dense jungle on top of a plateau. When the boy emerges, he finds a ferocious-looking beast has replaced his dog. He decides to perform a test to see if the wolf and his pet dog are one and the same; he tosses a stick for the wolf to fetch, only to receive a giant bone instead. The boy shrugs this off and assumes that it is the same dog.

In each of the four realms, the boy encounters a citizen of Podunk involved in the original experiment gone awry 30 years ago. Professor Sidney Ruffleberg and his three companions were transported to Evermore, but are unable to leave. The boy quickly learns that the regions are manifestations of those citizens' personal utopias. Each of the three companions act as the ruler of his or her world: Elizabeth, the Professor's niece, is the tribal chief of Prehistoria; Horace Highwater, curator of the Podunk Museum, oversees Antiqua; Camellia Bluegarden, a portly librarian, is the Queen of Gothica; and Professor Ruffleberg monitors everything from Omnitopia, with his android butler, Carltron, alongside him. Within Prehistoria, Antiqua, and Gothica, the boy and his canine companion aid Elizabeth, Horace, and Camellia in thwarting attempts by robotic clones of the Podunk citizens from ruling their respective areas.

The duo finally returns to Omnitopia and finds Ruffleberg, who explains everything. He and his butler Carltron once engaged in chess matches. Ruffleberg outfitted him with an intelligence chip to make him a more challenging opponent, but the upgrade backfired by making Carltron more malevolent. He sabotaged the transporter to Evermore and designed the hostile beasts roaming the game. With Ruffleberg's help, the boy and his canine companion break into Carltron's room. The area is guarded by android clones of the boy and his dog, along with a giant mecha version of Carltron. At the last moment, Ruffleberg appears and deactivates Carltron, who promptly freezes in place.

With Carltron's defeat, the monsters plaguing Evermore disappear, but the world itself grows unstable. The boy returns to each of the worlds to collect Ruffleberg's companions, taking them back to the real world. In doing so, Evermore's destruction is averted and it continues to exist without them. After the credits roll, a final scene shows Professor Ruffleberg returning Carltron to his old task of cleaning the lab. Carltron grins and rubs his hands together, implying that he is not as docile as the professor believes.



"There was another guest at that party, too. Miss Bluegarden, the librarian."

Camellia Bluegarden is one of the four residents of Podunk USA, who bore witness to a experiment gone awry in 1965 which created the fictional world of Evermore. This magical realm is divided into four areas, each a manifestation of the citizens' personal utopias; the local librarian, Bluegarden's psyche produced the medieval area named Gothica, where she took up residence in Ivor Tower while proclaiming herself Queen.

The protagonist of the game eventually discovers that Queen Bluegarden was actually the librarian's evil twin, and that the true Podunk citizen was being held prisoner in Ebon Keep Castle. After revealing some details about the events that happened 30 years prior, Bluegarden explained that her evil twin locked her up and moved the kingdom across the ravine, and hypnotised the king. Bluegarden told the hero that if he wanted to get back to Podunk, he'd have to talk to Tinker, but before that, he needed to eliminate the impostor first.

After the hero defeats Mungola (the main boss of Gothica), the evil Queen attempts to jump off a balcony and use her ample girth to squish the protagonist to death! Luckily, he moves out of the way, and Bluegarden falls several stories through Ivor Tower ("Crash, crash, crash ...... crash!"). The King gives the hero 10000 Gold Coins, and then warns that the fake Queen damaged the foundation.

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