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Case Study No. 0660: "Reel Life Librarians"

Reel Life Librarians
Me, a librarian?
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[scene opens with an older female librarian "throwing" her voice (even though her lips still move) to have the puppet on her left hand ask her a question]
PUPPET: Say, what is it that you do?
[cut to another female librarian wearing a "finger puppet" glove on her right hand]
LIBRARIAN 1: I inspire creativity.
[cut to another female librarian standing outside of a library]
LIBRARIAN 2: I protect democracy ... and I read comic books!
[cut to a male librarian standing outside of Delray Beach City Hall]
LIBRARIAN 3: I defend the freedom to read.
[cut to another male librarian speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN 4: I'm a librarian because I love books and I love sharing them with other people.
[cut to another female librarian standing in front of a bookshelf]
LIBRARIAN 5: I'm a librarian because I love information, in all its forms and formats.
[cut to another female librarian holding some balloons]
LIBRARIAN 6: I'm a librarian because it's ... fun!
[cut to another male librarian holding an LP]
LIBRARIAN 7: From Gregorian chant to the Grateful Dead ... for me, it's all about the music.
[cut to several quick shots of different librarians speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN 8: I'm a librarian.
LIBRARIAN 9: I'm a librarian.
LIBRARIAN 10: I am a librarian ...
[cut to a black screen, as "For more information visit www dot LibraryCareers dot org" appears on screen]



Four members of the ALA Emerging Leader team, including Regina Cortez, Alexia Hudson, Robin Rousu, and Carolyn Wood presented a marketing plan for

The EL team has a project wiki at emergingleaders/ index.php/ Project_DD. Members of the Assembly are asked to read the marketing plan in detail, provide feedback, and identify top priorities for implementation.

The Assembly agreed to the following immediate actions:

1. Julie will work with Connie to propose project opportunities for the next class of Emerging Leaders;

2. Larry Neal and members of the current EL team agreed to work with Lorelle Swader to pursue a website usability test;

3. Lorelle and Bea will immediately link the Reel Life Librarians video on to;

4a. Lorelle will continue to work on improving the representation of on the new;

4b. Assembly members also are encouraged to review the website and provide direct feedback;

5a. Julie will work with Lorelle and Bea to email brand logo and button to ALDirect;

5b. Julie will work with Lorelle and Bea to email brand logo and button to state chapters.

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