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Case Study No. 0634: Bubbletucky Public Librarian

Bubble Guppies: "Check It Out"
Sung by The Bubble Guppies!
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[scene opens with Molly and her friends swimming into the Bubbletucky Public Library, where they begin singing]
MOLLY: If you're looking for adventure, pirates out at sea ... robots from the future, or a T-Rex running free!
[cut to Molly and her friends dancing in the stacks]
MOLLY: Oh, what a story that would be! Won't you share it with me?
[she holds up a book]
MOLLY: It isn't very hard ...
[two of her friends sing "Yeah, you can do it too!"]
MOLLY: When you've got a library card ...
[one of her friends pops up holding a library card]
DEEMA: A-woo ooh! A-woo ooh!
[cut to Molly singing at the front desk, as her friend hands the female librarian (a giant sea snail with a cinnamon bun hairstyle and glasses) a book]
MOLLY: It lets you take a book ...
GIL: To borrow anytime!
MOLLY: So you can have a look ...
[one of her friends pops up holding a gold coin]
GOBY: And it won't cost a dime!
[cut to Molly and all her friends singing at the front desk]
ALL: Unless you don't bring back on time!
[cut to Molly and her friends dancing in the stacks]
ALL: So you can check it out, read about something new! And then pass it along, after you're through!
[cut to Molly and her friends singing outside the library, as the stone lion at the entrance is bobbing its head to the music]
MOLLY: Check it out, read another book to me!
[cut to Molly spinning a globe]
MOLLY: And we can travel the world, from A to Z!
[cut to Molly and her friends back inside the library, each sitting and holding a book]
MOLLY: At the library!
[cut to Gil sitting in his room]
GIL: When I read my favorite book, it takes me far away ... Even when it rains outside, I've got a sunny day!
[he holds up a book, which has a picture of him lying on the beach]
[cut back to inside the library, as Molly pops up from behind the front desk while the smiling librarian holds up a book]
MOLLY: Take it home now!
[cut to Molly and her friends dancing in the stacks]
MOLLY: So check it out, read it 'til the date is due! 'Cause books were made to share, share with me and you!
[cut to Molly and her friends passing books around to each other]
MOLLY: Check it out, read it now, we all agree ... that we'll bring it on back, back to the library!
[everybody cheers, as they swim away from the library]


From wikia.com:

Check It Out! is the ninth episode of Season 2 of Bubble Guppies and the 29th episode overall. It aired on Friday September 7th, 2012 at 10:30am EST.

Gil has lost his library card and all the Guppies proceed to look for it while learning all about libraries and the many books it holds!

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