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Case Study No. 0635: Alice Matthews and Scott Palmer

Sods Law - Short Film Challenge by Elliott Montello
This project was given to us by the CINE film networking event. They set us a short film challenge of 4 weeks. The criteria given was: 2 librarians, ending in death, and a genre of crime. This is what we came up with.
Starring: Kelly Bond, Sam Bond, Nathan Carpenter, Jamie Jones, Tom Baldock, Ben Cottam & Richard Mogals. Directed by Elliott.G.Montello
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[scene opens with grainy footage of a young red-headed female librarian bending down to pick up a book, when she turns around]
[cut reveals that this was cellphone footage being taken inside a library by a group of young thugs, as the one holding the cellphone quickly puts it down when he notices the librarian looking]
THUG 1: What's she here for, anyway?
THUG 2: She's a librarian, innit she?
[he gets up and does a spanking motion]
THUG 2: Just spankin' it, I mean! Y'know?
[cut to the librarian walking up to a young male librarian]
ALICE: Oh Scotty, have you got that photo I asked you to print for me?
SCOTT: Yeah, I put it in your tray this morning ... I'll go get it, shouldn't I?
[he turns and walks away]
ALICE: Yeah, thanks.
[cut to the thugs sitting at a table, laughing and making a lot of noise, when the librarian walks up to them]
ALICE: Guys ... Guys, excuse me. I'm really sorry, but if you don't keep the noise down, I will have to ask you to leave.
[they all make a big show of "apologizing," then start laughing again as she walks away]
[cut to Scott handing her a folder]
ALICE: Thank you.
[they both turn, as loud music is suddenly playing from the thugs' desk]
ALICE: I just asked them to keep it down! Scott, can you ask them to keep it down?
[she turns, but Scott doesn't move]
ALICE: Scott, now!
[he reluctantly starts walking, then cut to the thugs laughing at their desk, when Scott puts his hand on one of their shoulders]
THUG 3: Whaddaya think you're doing, mate?
SCOTT: It's just that those aren't permitted in the library, can you turn it off please?
[he laughs and turns back around]
THUG 3: Can't hear ya, mate ...
SCOTT: Do I have to ask you to leave?
[the thug laughs again]
THUG 3: Can't hear ya, mate!
[he leans in next to the thug's ear]
SCOTT: [whispers] Better leave now, or I'll make you myself.
[the other thugs go "Oooh", as the music stops and he gets up to face the librarian]
THUG 3: [pause] Jog on, bloke!
[cut back to the cellphone's POV, as the grainy footage shows the thug bump the librarian with his shoulder as he walks off, and the other thugs follow]
[cut to the library at closing time, as Scott walks towards the exit]
ALICE: [from off camera] You leaving now, Scott?
SCOTT: Yeah, yeah. I'm not in until next Monday.
ALICE: [from off camera] Okay, see you later.
[cut to outside the library (it's nighttime) as the librarian enters an alley only to find the thugs waiting for him at the other end]
[he turns to try and escape, but one of the thugs is waiting behind him]
THUG 3: Hello, sweet cheeks!
[he smiles, then punches the librarian in the face]
[the other thugs charge in and begin kicking the librarian as he's down on the ground, then cut back to the cellphone's POV, as the grainy footage shows the librarian trying to cover up as he's being kicked]
THUG 3: What're ya gonna do now, eh?
[cut back to the "regular" POV, as one thug picks the librarian up while the other repeatedly slaps him in the face]
THUG 3: Eh? Eh?
[he backs away, then rushes forward and kicks him in the chest]
THUG 3: Whoo!
[as the thugs walk away, the bloodied librarian reaches into his pocket and weakly pulls out his cellphone]
THUG 1: Mate, he's got his phone out!
[the thug runs back and grabs the phone out of his hand]
THUG 3: Gonna make a call, eh?
[he throws the phone up against the wall]
THUG 3: Gonna make a call, eh?
[he gets down over the librarian and begins punching him in the face, as the other thugs run over and try to pull him enough, repeatedly saying "That's enough!"]
ALICE: [from off camera] Scott!
[the other thugs run off at the sound of an eyewitness, but the one thug simply stands up and yells after them]
THUG 3: Where ya goin'? We gotta finish this!
[he gets back down to continue punching the librarian, when Alice appears and hits him in the back of the head with a brick]
ALICE: Oh, Scot! Please, come on! Get up!
[she helps Scott get up, as he coughs up some blood, then they both look back at the unconscious (?) thug]
NEWS READER: [in voice over] Two librarians, Alice Matthews and Scott Palmer, were charged today with the murder of seventeen year old Tommy Clarke.
[cut to a television screen, as a news reporter is speaking directly to the camera (with a photograph of the thug and his girlfriend in the background, while "EJP News, Breaking News, Charged with Murder" scrawls across the bottom of the screen)]
NEWS READER: They both received ten years imprisonment.

Kelly Bond ... Alice Matthews
Nathan Carpenter ... Scott Palmer
Sam Bond ... Tommy Clarke
Jamie Jones ... Thug 1
Ben Cottam ... Thug 2
Richard Mogles ... Thug 3
Tom Baldock ... Thug 4
Elliott G. Montello ... News Reader

Casting Director
Sam Bond

Executive Producer
Kelly Bond

Written by
Sam Bond
Kelly Bond
Elliott G. Montello

Director of Photography
Elliott G. Montello

Editing & SFX
Elliott G. Montello

Directed by
Elliott G. Montello

EJ Pictures

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