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Case Study No. 0665: Staff of Unnamed Library (Trigger Happy TV)

Trigger Happy TV - Phone + Library
Classic clip from Series One. Please check out my other clips, and message me if there is one you would like. I have series 1, 2 & 3 DVD's and World shut your mouth DVD
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[scene opens inside of a British library, when a cell phone starts ringing]
DOM JOLY: [yelling] Hello?!
[the camera catches the nearby patrons and librarians jumping at the sound of his voice, as he stands up from his seat with a comically oversized cell phone next to his ear]
JOLY: [yelling] Yeah ... Yeah, I'm in the library, yeah!!!
[he starts walking around, continuing to scream into the phone while oblivious to the people around him]
JOLY: [yelling] You're cracking up ... no, yeah! No, I can't talk, I'm in the library for Christ's sake!!! Yeah!!!
[he walks off camera into the stacks]
JOLY: [from off camera] Sure!!!


From wikipedia.org:

Trigger Happy TV is a hidden camera/practical joke reality television series. The original British edition of the show, produced by Absolutely Productions, starred Dom Joly and ran for two series on the British television channel Channel 4 from 2000 to 2003. Although Channel 4 is owned and operated by the Channel Four Television Corporation, he made a name for himself as the sole star of the show, which he produced and directed with cameraman Sam Cadman.

The show consists of Joly deliberately entering into ludicrous or embarrassing situations in public places, which were filmed surreptitiously by Cadman. Sketches took place in a variety of locations, though most appeared to be filmed on the streets of Central London and Cheltenham.

The humour in the show is derived mainly through observation of the public's reactions to Joly's shenanigans. This signaled a departure from the usual hidden camera format, where members of the public are themselves pranked or "stitched-up" by show producers.

Unlike most hidden camera shows, many of the scenes in Trigger Happy TV do not revolve around trapping normal people into embarrassing and impossible situations. Instead, he often makes fun of himself rather than others, and many scenes made people stop and either laugh or simply wonder what was going on; the passers-by are never made aware of the fact that they are on television, presumably until they sign a release form allowing the use of the footage shot. Such scenes include Joly answering a gigantic novelty mobile phone and shouting at the top of his voice into it (normally in quiet locations like golf courses, cinemas, libraries and parks), a chef chasing an actor in a large rat costume out of a restaurant, and two actors dressed as masked Mexican wrestlers getting into spontaneous fights in grocery stores.

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