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Case Study No. 0664: Becca Krznarich

September 29: A Librarian Punishment and a Long Journey
This is just a caricature of the stereotypical librarian that is sadly ingrained into everyone's mind. We all know that librarians rock a variety of styles, spanning from conservative power suits to stuffy sweater vests, to piercings, tattoos, mohawks, and even, god forbid... cosplay.

In which Becca completes her punishment from Lizz and also drives from Austin, TX to Boston, MA.

People don't get how touchy librarians can be on this subject.

Music challenge and Things that Remind Me of You challenge will come next week! Dead camera!
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[scene opens with Becca Krznarich dressed as a stereotypical librarian (glasses, shawl, hair in a bun) sorting books]
NARRATOR: And here we have a librarian in her natural habitat. This is a very interesting creature, a sort of bibliophile, if you will, focused on books and mainly staring at them. A couple of key features ...
[the "Wizrockateers" logo appears on screen, then cut to the narrator pointing at her shoes]
NARRATOR: Here we note some of the particular items, accoutrements if you will, that make the common librarian ... Librarius Commonalis, so unique and individual! From the bottom, we first notice her sensible shoes. They're very comfortable. It's important, because she's on her feet long hours of the day, protesting book burnings and also fighting for intellectual freedom for other people. She spends a long time checking in and out books for her happy patrons, who leave with a sense of intellectual satisfaction and enhancement.
[he points to her legs]
NARRATOR: Moving upwards, we notice the next item ... stockings! They're not fishnets! This is because she doesn't need to be look-smart, she's book-smart! She doesn't have to be a leggy broad to feel comfortable about herself, and we say "More power to ya, Miss Librarius!"
[he points to a scarf sitting on her lap]
NARRATOR: A little higher, we notice the librarian's one and only pastime ... knitting! It's what she does! When she's tired of checking in books, she knits some, then she checks in some more books. Sometimes she eats an apple!
[he points to her chest]
NARRATOR: Moving on up, we notice two very important items right here, which really complete the librarian's charm ... They are, of course, the sweater-vest and cartigan. Not only do they keep her warm and create a very interesting effect, but they have the magic ability to scare away scary and horny attractive men, who might otherwise interrupt her very important time serving the populace.
[she laughs, then holds up a book entitled "He's Just Not in the Stars"]
NARRATOR: He's not just in the stars, he's on my boot when I kicked his ass in my very comfortable loafers!
[he points to her face]
NARRATOR: Moving a little higher, we notice one of the crowning achievements of the face ... the glasses, which manage to square everything off, McGona-glasses if you will. They're part of what makes her such a delicate creature.
[she looks down, as he points to the bun in her hair]
NARRATOR: And finally, the crowning achievement, if you will ... Uh ha, uh ha, uh ha ha!
[she laughs]
NARRATOR: The bun! It's tight, because so is she!
[she laughs]

Thanks to Tonks for recording that.
Thanks to Isaac for narrating.
Thanks to Ie for having lots of librarian attire on hand.
Thanks to Gonzo for being my special little helper buddy.

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