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Case Study No. 0409: Richard Sly the Library Guy

The Chronicles of LIbraria
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And now for an ...
Educational Ariew Boiz Production

The Chronicles of Libraria

[scene opens with a male college student (wearing an "I is a kollege stoodent" t-shirt) lying on a park bench, when he suddenly bolts up]
BOBBY: Can't believe it's Sunday! Weekend's over too soon!
[he takes out his cell phone]
BOBBY: Call Ricky ... Just to see how he's doin'!
[cut to another male student walking down the street, when he answers his cell phone]
RICKY: Whatchoo want?
[cut back to the first student]
BOBBY: What up Rick?
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: Bobby bro! What's the deal?
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: Just woke up, thinkin' ... 'bout my next meal!
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: But what about your ... Twenty page paper?
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: I ain't writin'! Hell, I don't got a stapler! Teachers are hatin'! I's procrastinatin'!
[cut back to Ricky]
RICKY: Let's hit up and sip some nutritious smoothies!
[cut back to Bobby]
BOBBY: Fine by me! I'll return some movies!
[cut to the two sitting in the student lounge drinking smoothies]
CHORUS: Smoothies, smoothies! Smoothies, smoothies!
[cut to the two of them standing on the stairwell drinking their smoothies]
BOBBY: Hey, Rick! Tell me what you're thinkin'!
RICKY: Bob, don't you know? The passion fruit is prime drinkin'!
BOBBY: Liar! Banana's the best!
RICKY: Passion fruit has more zest!
BOBBY: Your mind has gone wack!
[cut to the two of them holding their cups up to the camera]
RICKY AND BOBBY: Peach and mango attack!
[cut to the two of them walking around campus]
BOBBY: They always hook us up with the phat smoothie picks!
RICKY: Where you gotta go to return your flicks?
BOBBY: Blockbuster, no mo'! Library, fo sho!
RICKY: Library? They got movies that scary?
BOBBY: Richard Sly let me know ...
RICKY AND BOBBY: They got journals, books, and info!
[cut to the two of them walking towards the library]
RICKY: 'Bout time you started up, Bobby!
BOBBY: I'd rather go have an iced chai tea!
RICKY: Come on, fool! Tell me what's the topic? Endoscopic? Philanthropic? Candelaria?
BOBBY: Hell no! It's Daria
RICKY: Dari-what?
BOBBY: It's those artic--
RICKY: What?
BOBBY: -cles of Daria! You know, the artic--
RICKY: What?
BOBBY: -cles of Daria! Yeah, those artic--
RICKY: What?
[Bobby suddenly stops and speaks to Ricky in a serious voice]
BOBBY: Rick, I don't know, so stop asking! Someone named Daria wrote some articles ... I haven't done the assignment yet, so how would I know?
RICKY: Oh, okay ...
BOBBY: And would you stop interrupting me with "What" all the time?
RICKY: Sorry, bud. I just thought it would make me sound cool.
BOBBY: It sounds stupid, Ricky! So just shut up for awhile!
[cut to Bobby walking up to "Media Return" slot and dropping his movie in, then cut to a shot from inside the library, as Ricky starts singing to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps"]
RICKY: My book, my book my book my book! My lovely little book ... Check it out!
[he drops a book at the returns desk, then "20 evil minutes later" appears on screen, then cut to the two sitting in front of a computer]
BOBBY: Y'know, I could just cut and paste sections of this review on "Articles of Daria." Nobody'd know, it's an Amazon review, right?
RICKY: I wonder what Richard Sly would say ...
[cut to black and white footage of a male librarian (Richard Sly the Library Guy) speaking directly to the camera]
RICHARD SLY: The Li-li-li-li-library Guy!
[cut to Richard walking through the stacks and rapping]
RICHARD SLY: Don't plagiarize! Y'all hypnotized! With your cheatin' lies! Stay mesmerized! By my sly book rhymes!
[cut to Richard placing books back on the shelves]
RICHARD SLY: Prioritize! Your college lives! If you want the prize! Library-ize! And don't be a tool! By breaking the rules! At USF Double-F Double-Fool!
[cut back to Ricky and Bobby at the computer]
BOBBY: Yeah, I guess Richard Sly would say something like that. And if I plagiarized and got thrown out of school, I wouldn't get to hang out with the Rick-Dog, would I?
[he slaps Ricky on the back]
RICKY: You're so right, Bobby. Where would we be without the library and the powers of rap?

Starring ...

Wade Bishop as Richard Sly, Cameraman, and Scriptwriter
Daniel Ariew as Ricky
David Ariew as Bobby, Scriptwriter, and Editor
And Smoothies as Smoothies

And a special Shout Out to our collaborators:
Susan Ariew
Nancy Cunningham
Jane Duncan
and the USF Library and facilities



University of South Florida, Tampa: Chronicles of Libraria

This is the second of two videos we created for the USF Tampa library a summer ago. While not as educationally sound as "Databases," this was more of a fun ad for the library with an anti-plagiarism message. Anyway, it's based on SNL's "Lazy Sunday" short.



For some levity, this video (5:22) was created by David and Daniel Ariew as a community service project for the University of South Florida Libraries. The Tampa Library is featured prominently. Chronicles of Libraria sports an antiplagiarism theme along with tasty smoothies.

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