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Case Study No. 0356: Unnamed Female Librarian (Yolanda Yellsalot)

Puddle Books-Yolanda Yellsalot-Library Disaster
Yolanda Mutters as she Leaves the Library and a Mess at the Library Causes Disaster

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Yolanda loved to yell
She loved to holler so much
She went off to the library
To learn to yell in Dutch.

She asked the librarian
"Can you help me find a book?
I'm new to this library
And I don't know where to look."

The librarian and all of the people
Said "Shhhhhhh, shush, hush.
Quiet please!"

Yolanda muttered as she left,
"I just wanted a book.
Why are you shush hushing me?"

[scene opens with a still image of little Yolanda Yellsalot entering the library (with an elderly female librarian sitting at the front desk) when a fairy flies in and addresses the audience directly]
FAIRY: You need to whisper in a library, keep very quiet. People here are looking for information, so don't cause a riot!
[she flies away, and the scene continues as Yolanda approaches the librarian]
YOLANDA: [yelling] Can you help me find a book?! I'm new to this library, and I don't know where to look!
[several patrons emerge from the stacks and shush her, saying "Shh, quiet please!"]
YOLANDA: [yelling] I just wanted a book! Why are you shush hushing me?!
[the vibrations of her voice cause the whole building to shake, as books fall off the shelves]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, I can't believe it! What, what is going on?
[cut to the childrens' room, where more books fall to the floor, then back to the librarian with her hands on her head]
LIBRARIAN: Oh my stars! Look at the mess you've made! You'll have to pick this mess up, young lady!
[Yolanda turns and addresses the audience directly]
YOLANDA: [yelling] Oh, hi! Could you help me clean up this area?!
[she points off screen]
YOLANDA: [yelling] I'll start over here! Thanks!
[she starts to walk off camera, then stops]
YOLANDA: [yelling] Oh! Don't forget the childrens' room! Thanks again!
[she walks off camera, as the player clicks the piles of books to put them back on the shelves]
YOLANDA: [from off camera] Don't forget the childrens' room!
[the player clicks the childrens' room and then clicks the piles of books to clear up that area]
[cut back to the librarian at the front desk, as Yolanda walks back on camera, then takes a deep breath to really start yelling]
YOLANDA: [yelling] Wowzariffic! Thanks for your help!
[she waves, then runs out of the library and slams the door behind her, causing all of the books to fall on the floor again]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, goodness! Oh, what a mess!



Yolanda yellsalot
Author: Davidson (Firm); Fisher-Price (Firm)
Publisher: Torrance, Calif. : Davidson & Associates ; [S.l.] : Fisher Price, c1996.
Series: Fisher-Price read & play.
Edition/Format: Computer file : CD for computer : Primary school : English : Windows/Macintosh version
Summary: Yolanda spends a day with her mother out on the town, but it seems that when Yolanda speaks, all she ever does is yell. This CD-ROM builds reading comprehension skills and emphasizes the art of storytelling; expands a child's vocabulary and improves reading confidence; encourages exploration and motivates a child to learn.
Target Audience: Ages 4 to 7.

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