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Case Study No. 0404: Ninja Librarian (thaninja101)

Ninja Librarian
The first video we made this summer at the library starring myself, Danny, and Woody.
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[scene opens with black and white footage of a male patron speaking on his cell phone outside of the library]
PATRON 1: [into the phone] Okay, just make sure you get it to me by five o'clock. Alright, okay then, I'll talk to you later then. Bye.
[cut to inside the library, where a young female librarian is sitting at the front desk, when the patron walks by]
[cut to a closeup of a "No cell phones! Please take all phone calls to the lobby. Thank you." sign on the desk, then to the patron in the stacks as his phone rings]
PATRON 1: [into the phone] Hello?
[cut to a shot of the back of the librarian's head, as she takes a chopstick out of her hair bun and throws it at the patron (making a "Swoosh!!!" sound effect), pinning his arm against the wall]
PATRON 1: Gasp! The Ninja Librarian!
[the patron takes the chopstick out of the wall and tries to stab her with it, but she avoids his swing Matrix-style and then gets into a defensive stance]
PATRON 1: Unnn ...
[the patron lunges at her, but she moves quickly to snatch the chopstick out of his hand]
PATRON 1: [looks down at his empty hand in surprise] How?
[the librarian kicks him in the chest, sending him flying backwards, then takes his cell phone and snaps it in half (making a "Crack!!!" sound effect]
[as the patron lies crumpled up in a heap on a floor, the librarian throws his broken cell phone at him, then calmly makes her way back to the desk]
["Here comes trouble ... " appears on screen, as another male patron enters the library]
[cut to a closeup of a "No food or drinks allowed" sign, then to the patron in the stacks as he begins eating a Snickers bar]
["Oops" appears on screen, as the camera zooms in on the librarian (who suddenly looks up from her book), then cut back to the patron with the candy bar shoved in his mouth and a nervous look on his face]


Edited by Keaghan Kane
Written & Directed by Vicky Staton
Cinematography & Special Effects, Julian Quebedeaux

The Cast
Patron #1 - Woody Daigle
Patron #2 - Danny Allain
Ninja Librarian - Morgan Allain

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