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Case Study No. 0360: Staff of Unnnamed Library (Lights Out at the Library)

Lights Out at the Library
A new library worker's first night on the job.
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[scene opens with two male library employees in a public library, as one shows the other the periodicals shelves]
MALE WORKER 1: And then you just take the old magazines, and you put them up here. Once they get collected enough, we'll put them up on the third floor ... And, this is where we end.
MALE WORKER 2: Alright.
MALE WORKER 1: Alright, you start tomorrow night?
MALE WORKER 1: Closing shift?
MALE WORKER 2: Uh huh.
MALE WORKER 1: Alright, sounds good ...
[they exit the room, as the senior employee turns off the light behind them]
MALE WORKER 1: Do you have any questions?
[a magazine falls on the floor behind them, so the new employee turns to pick it up ... but the other one stops him]
MALE WORKER 1: Wait! Don't go in this room when the lights are out ...
[he looks around, then pretends to be scared]
MALE WORKER 2: Is something gonna get me?
[the other employee pauses, as he has a serious look on his face]
MALE WORKER 2: I get it. I'm the new guy ... That's very funny.
[he smiles and walks into the room, as the other employee dives towards the lightswitch]
[he turns on the light, then cut to the new employee putting the copy of "National Geographic" (cover story: "The End of Night - Why We Need Darkness") back on the shelf]

Lights Out
at the Library

[cut to the new employee entering the library and approaching the young female library worker sitting at the front desk]
MALE WORKER 2: Alright, I'm here ...
[the woman does not look up from her book]
MALE WORKER 2: Uh, do I need to do anything?
[the woman rolls her eyes towards a stack of books on the table]
FEMALE WORKER: Take those books to the stacks, and shelve them.
[the employee nods, then cut to the stacks as he begins putting the books back on the shelves ... until the overhead lights flicker and turn off, and he hears a strange voice calling to him from the darkness]
SCARY VOICE: [whispers] Excuse me, could you give me a hand?
MALE WORKER 2: Just a second ...
[he turns and heads back towards the exit]
SCARY VOICE: [whispers] Please ...
[the lights suddenly turn back on, as the library worker looks around but can find no one else in the room]
[cut to the library worker climbing the stairs to the second floor of the library, when he sees a humanoid figure crawling around in one of the darkened rooms ... he turns on the light, just in time to see the backdoor slam shut]
[he opens the door (leading to the bathroom) and turns on the light, only to find the room empty ... he shakes his head and leaves, turning the light off behind him (failing to notice a hunched-over figure suddenly appear to watch him leave)]
[cut to the library worker again heading up to the second floor, only this time he sees a shadowy figure sitting in a chair inside the darkened room ... the figure suddenly stands up (startling the library worker), and the lights turn on to reveal that the room is empty]
[after carefully peeking his head into the room, the library worker throws the PMLA journal he was reshelving onto a nearby bookcase and locks the door, then runs back downstairs to the library worker running back downstairs to the female library worker at the front desk]
MALE WORKER 2: Hey, uh ... Have you ever heard anything strange in the library?
FEMALE WORKER: [pause] Yeah.
MALE WORKER 2: Uh, what about seeing things? Have you ever seen anything strange?
FEMALE WORKER: Like shadowy figures?
MALE WORKER 2: [whispers] Yeah ...
FEMALE WORKER: [laughs] No, that's stupid!
[she rolls her eyes and goes back to reading her book]
MALE WORKER 2: [embarrassed] Yeah, I was just wondering ...
[cut to a closeup of the wall clock (reading "11:50") as the library worker walks up to a male patron]
MALE WORKER 2: Hey, we're about to close ...
[he heads upstairs and begins turning off all the lights ... when he notices the light in one of the rooms turns itself back on]
[he turns it back off, but the light in another room immediately turns on ... he sighs to himself, then turns that light off, but then the light in another room turns itself on (leading him farther and farther away from the exit)]
[he goes to turn that light off, when he stops and turns to find the shadowy figure standing in the hallway behind him ... As the figure slowly approaches, the library worker backs away in terror]
SCARY VOICE: [whispers] We're going to get you ...
[the library worker backs into a wall, then gets down on his knees and puts his head in his hands, then cut to a hand slowly reaching towards the lightswitch before flicking it off]
[cut to an elderly female librarian picking up the phone]
LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Hello, Doctor Pinson? This is Carol Reid, from the library ... Yes sir, thank you. Thank you, I will. I was actually calling to ask you, is there anything we can do to hurry the sale of the property?
[she pauses]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, I understand all the difficulties, but ... it's happened again.
[she pauses]
LIBRARIAN: Of course, Doctor Pinson. Thank you.
[she hangs up]

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"Lights Out at the Library"

Produced and Directed by Brett D Inman
Camerawork by Kyle Saunders

Chad Mishler as The Library Worker
Lance Williams as The Senior Library Worker
Misty Waldrop as The Front Desk Girl
Thomas Holloway as The Shadow Figure

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