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Case Study No. 0369: Charlie White and "a group of civil liberties librarians"

Ever since the passage, without debate, and in the dead of night, of the USA PATRIOT Act, hundreds of municipalities and civic groups have raised their voices in protest against this intrusive legislation.

On the forefront of this fight, manning the parapets to safeguard every citizen's right to read what they please, without government interference, are America's librarians.

This is but one of their stories...

[_Overdue_ was an entry into the 48 Hour Film Project 2004.]
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Title: "Overdue"
Director: Greg J. Welsch
Editor: Allan McCall
TRT: 8:27

[scene opens with Codey W. Slade standing over Jessie Strong (who is bloodied and tied up in a chair), when he takes a stamp and presses it against Jessie's forehead, then begins singing]
CODEY: He's better dead than read!
[cut to a closeup of Jessie's foot, as he kicks away a book ("Da Lewinsky Code"), then cut back to Codey as he continues singing directly towards the camera]
CODEY: He stole my spotlight, can't you see?
[cut to a television set showing Codey's face in front of an American flag ("Codey W. Slade, Commentary")]
CODEY: When the Christian Coalition needs right-wing ammunition ...
[cut back to Codey singing]
CODEY: I know they'll have to come to me!
MALE VOICE: [from off camera] On TV!
CODEY: Oh, he's better dead than read!
[cut to a shot of Codey standing next to Jessie's apparently lifeless body]
CODY: That's what I said! Better dead than read! I put his column to bed! He's better D-E-A-D ... Than R-E-A-D! Fuel for the Patriot A-C-T!
[the camera zooms in on Jessie's face (with a red "Overdue" stamped on his forehead), then cut to a television broadcast where Milton Dimwiddle ("Dept. of Homeland Security") is reading a prepared statement]
MILTON: Last night, the body of Jessie Strong, conservative newspaper columnist and champion cruci-verbalist, was discovered at his cabin at Tall Oaks Park. Sargeant Avery Stoddard, park ranger, discovered the body.
[camera zooms out to reveal that four female librarians are watching the broadcast in the library]
MILTON: An anonymous tip to the FBI suggested that the crime might be terror-related. Using powers granted under the Patriot Act--
[the librarian all look at each other with concern at the mention of the words "Patriot Act"]
MILTON: The FBI was able to trace several books found at the scene to local librarian Charlie White, who was arrested at his home.
[the librarians all gasp and look at each other in shock]
MILTON: A rubber stamp with the victim's blood was found on the premises. I would like to say that, without the Patriot Act, this arrest would not have been possible. This legislation is long overdue!
[they walk away in disgust, then begin singing and dancing]

Do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do!
As librarians, we must fight
They can shred our civil rights
The Constitution will not last
If it's used to wipe the ass
Of Ashcroft is doo-doo!
Ashcroft is doo-doo!
Do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do!
Poor Charlie, he got framed!
They plan to throw the book at him
Now we must disprove his shame
In the name of all librarians!
Here's what we'll do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do ...

[cut to a shot of Charlie stamping books, then back to one of the librarians as she's opening a drawer in the card catalog]
LIBRARIAN 1: Computers, I'll do-do!
[cut to another librarian pulling a book off the shelf]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Forensics, I'll do-do!
[cut to another librarian standing in front of a bookshelf]
LIBRARIAN 2: Chemistry, I'll do-do!
[cut to another librarian walking down the hallway]
LIBRARIAN 3: Cryptography, I'll do-do!
[cut back to the librarians dancing together]
LIBRARIAN 1: Charlie, we will see this through ... We're now on the case for you!
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Hey, we've gotta get the crime scene photos!
[cut to another shot of Charlie, then back to the librarians]
LIBRARIANS: Do-do-do-do-do Do-do-do-do!
[cut to the librarians outside the offices of the "Homeland Security Park Ranger", as they knock on the door and the male ranger answers]
LIBRARIAN 1: Sargeant Stoddard, hi. I was wondering, could we possibly have copies of the Jessie Strong crime scene photos?
[he holds up the envelope he was carrying]
STODDARD: No Miss, I'm afraid not. These crime scene photos are a part of an ongoing investigation.
[they all sigh in frustration, but the head librarian steps forward]
[she turns to the ranger]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Sargeant Stoddard ...
[she opens her blouse (as the camera focuses on her bra and heavenly music plays), then the other librarians grab the envelope and run as the ranger stands transfixed]
[she closes her blouse and leaves, as the ranger (still dumbfounded) begins wandering around before singing directly to the camera]
STODDARD: What's goin' on? What's goin' on?
[he runs after them, then cut to the librarians sitting around a table as the head librarian begins handing out photos to each of them while singing]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Computers for you-you! Chemistry for you-you! Cryptography for you-you! Forensics for me!
[each one takes their photo with a determined look]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Ready girls?
[they get up to leave, then cut to Codey speaking into his phone]
CODEY: Uh-uh ... Okay, I see. Thank you!
[he hangs up]
CODEY: Now you've done it ...
[cut to one of the librarians examining her photograph while singing]
LIBRARIAN 2: That bloody print, it's true ... It should match the killer's shoe!
[Codey suddenly pops up behind her]
CODEY: And now you've done it!
[he hits her in the back of the head with a book, killing her ... He leaves, then Sargeant Stoddard stumbles into the room (still singing)]
STODDARD: What's goin' on? What's goin' on?
[cut to another one of the librarians examining her photograph while using a computer (and singing)]
LIBRARIAN 1: Charlie never had that book! The file was changed by the crook ...
[Codey sneaks up behind her, raising the book above his head]
CODEY: And now you've done it!
[he strikes her, then makes his escape, as Stoddard again stumbles onto the scene]
STODDARD: What's goin' on? What's goin' on?
[cut to another one of the librarians singing on the telephone about her photograph (Jessie's foot on top of "Da Lewinsky Code")]
LIBRARIAN 3: Da Lewinksy Code! Jessie knew ... That's why he pointed with his shoe!
[Codey again sneaks up behind her]
CODEY: Now you've done it!
[he kills her with his book and flees, then Stoddard again enters the scene]
STODDARD: What's goin' on?
[cut to the head librarian (who was apparently the person on the other end of the phone)]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Hello? Hello?! "Da Lewinsky Code"?! ... Lewinsky Code! Da Lewinsky Code?
[she puts the phone down, then begins writing down on a piece of paper]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Lewinsky ... Codey? Codey W. Slade Ink! That fiend!
[cut to a flashback of Charlie White stamping books (as the camera focuses on the stamper), then cut to a closeup of the book from the crime scene ("Da Lewinsky Code") and what the head librarian wrote on the piece of paper ("Codey W Slade Ink")]
[cut to the Head Librarian sitting on a couch, when a man sneaks up behind her and tries to attack, but she grabs a pair of needle nose pliers and stabs him in the stomach]
LIBRARY MOLE: Oh my god, what did you do?
[he coughs]
LIBRARY MOLE: All these years, I've been your friend ...
[she gets up and begins singing]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry that I ran you through, but I know that you're involved with him!
[cut to Codey entering the room]
CODEY: Now you've done it!
[the librarian turns (brandishing the pliers to keep him at bay) and continues singing]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: What did I do-do-do-do-do? Let me explain for you! I saw the stamp pressed on his head ... "Overdue", so bloody red!
[cut to a closeup of her face]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: I knew I'd seen that stamp before ... It wasn't Charlie's, it was yours!
[she points to the Library Mole]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: And Jessie Strong, he kicked the book ... He knew it'd put you on the hook! Anagrams, they were his game. The title, it spelled out your name!
[as the librarian moves towards Cody, the Library Mole (dying on the couch) sticks out his foot and trips her, causing her to drop the pliers ... which Cody picks up (and begins singing)]
CODEY: You're better dead than read! The Patriot Act was meant for you! It's my country, I will save her! Misguided knowledge will enslave her! Now I'll close the book, 'cause your death is overdue ...
[he lifts the pliers over his head, but someone off camera raises a gun and shoots him before he can strike ... as Codey falls, the camera pans around to reveal it was Sargeant Stoddard]
STODDARD: What's goin' on?
[the librarian runs over and embraces him, as the scene fades to black]

Directed by
Greg J. Welsch

Produced by
Lisa Abell

Music by
Blu Sherry

Lyrices by
Greg J. Welsch with Blu Sherry, James Savage, Todd Rowan

Assistant Director
Todd Rowan

Director of Photography
James Savage

Script Supervisor
Cathy Danielson

Screenplay by
Greg J. Welsch

Story by
Greg J. Welsch, James Savage, Todd Rowan

Allan McCall

Michelle Muldoon

April Glasser

Craft Services
Lisa Abell

Production Assistants
David Nelson, Jeremy Durham


Codey W. Slade (INK News)
Mike Montgomery

Head Librarian
Ginny Welsch

Judy Jackson, Susan Snyder, Shawn-Michelle Surber

Library Mole
Jeremy Durham

Sgt. Stoddard
David Nelson

Milton Dimwiddle (Dept. of Homeland Security)
Todd Rowan

Jessie Strong
Blu Sherry

Special Thanks to:
Melinda Brown
John Haar
Ben Darling
Nancy Dolinger
Radio Free Nashville
Tennessee IMC
Firebrand Community Center

This film made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project 2004

This has been a Toppa-Poppa-Jons Production

goyo56_2000 [at]



On Thursday night, August 5, over 50 awards were presented to local independent filmmakers for the 48 Hour Film Project Nashville 2004 in a ceremony at the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village.

Altogether 33 film teams in the Nashville area completed mini-films in genres ranging from Comedy and Romance to Sci Fi and Action/Adventure. Each team had only 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score an entire film, using the same required elements: an assigned character [ park ranger], prop [garden shears], and line of dialogue ["Now you've done it!"].

The winner in the Best Overall Film category will now go on to compete with the best overall films from all over the world in the International 48 Hour Film Competition.


First Runner Up Musical: "Overdue," a wonderful musical told in classic song and dance style about unclassic subject matter – a killer upholding the Patriot Act vs a group of civil liberties librarians, directed by Greg J Welsch, songs by Blu Green and Welsch, produced by Toppa-Poppa-Jons

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