Monday, June 11, 2012

Case Study No. 0375: Anali Perry

A Very Special Library Minute: Protecting Your Stuff
We interrupt our regularly scheduled Library Minute to bring you this special report about stolen items in the libraries and how only you can prevent forest fires (whoops strike that)... the loss of your "stuff."

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people out there who take things who don't belong to them, even in libraries. Please keep an eye on your belongings at all times.
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[scene opens with Anali speaking directly to the camera]
ANALI: Hi, I'm Anali Perry. This is The Library Minute.
["This Week" appears on screen, along with an image of the Wikipedia logo]
ANALI: Today on The Library Minute ... Wikipedia. Is it a gift from the gods, or spawn of the devil?
["LAS: Library Alert System" appears on screen, then cuts back to Anali with "Breaking News: Laptop Thefts in the Library" on screen]
ANALI: This just in!
[the ticker at the bottom of the screen reads "Library Channel News Desk: students are reported lost or stolen laptops in the libraries... | Music Library featuring new exhibits"]
ANALI: There have been several reports of laptop thefts in the greater library area!
[cut to footage of a student walking away from his laptop, with "Avoid Theft, Don't Leave Your Stuff" appearing on screen]
ANALI: [in voice over] Students, please do not leave your backpacks or laptops unattended, even for a moment.
[cut back to Anali, with a graphic reading "Warning: Some People Take Things That Don't Belong to Them"]
ANALI: There are people that take things that do not belong to them. These "thieves" are unscrupulous and clever ...
[cut to a still image of a backpack, with the words "It Only Takes a Minute to Lose a Lot" appearing on screen]
ANALI: [in voice over] And can walk right out of the building with your laptop before you can even turn around.
["The Libraries Are Full of People" appears on screen]
ANALI: [in voice over] All of the libraries are very busy buildings. Any one of these people could be a thief.
[cut to old stock footage of a man stealing a box of Cracker Jacks from a little girl]
ANALI: [in voice over] It could be that guy sitting next to you ...
[cut to Anali pointing to something off camera]
ANALI: Or that one over there with the red hat.
[cut to footage from 1962's "Magic Sword", as the evil wizard Lodac (wearing a red turban) speaks to Sir George]
LODAC: Don't you trust me?
GEORGE: Not an inch!
[cut back to Anali speaking directly to the camera]
ANALI: I know it's a pain to pack up all of your things, if you're just going to get a cup of coffee ...
["Dont Be a Statistic. Watch Your Stuff" appears on screen, with a still image of Jon and Ponch from CHiPs]
ANALI: [in voice over] But remember that losing all of your belongings, and having to call campus police, is much worse.
[cut back to Anali speaking directly to the camera]
ANALI: Thank you for taking a Library Minute. Now you know ...
[a still image from the GI Joe cartoon appears behind her]
ANALI: And knowing is half the battle!

2010 Arizona Board of Regents



In the "Library Minute" series, Matthew Harp crunches info about library procedures into entertaining minute-long videos hosted by bespectacled ASU librarian Anali Perry. Harp and colleagues "collaborate on ideas through online brainstorming sessions" and often improvise while shooting. "We came up with an infomercial theme on the spot while filming 'Get it @ ASU,'" he says. "Fun Things To Do at the Libraries" is one of his favorites, while "Checking Out Books," with vintage film stock and graphics including a can of Spam, is also a must-see.

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