Thursday, June 7, 2012

Case Study No. 0367: "Ravaged by a Vampire Librarian"

Blood In The Stacks: Ravaged By A Vampire Librarian
Another installment in the Monster By Mail Art project. Phase 2 of this project has begun and the theme for this round is "Fictional Monster Movies". Want your own Monster by Mail? Visit An original hand drawn monster sketch delivered to your doorstep
All proceeds from this project go to pay for medical expenses related to the birth of our new baby in the fall

Music is "Down With Bennies" by The Kleptones
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Blood In The Stacks: Ravaged By A Vampire Librarian
By jawboneradio (Len Peralta)
This photo was taken on April 29, 2007.



Monster By Mail FAQ:
Re: The "tracing" of the art, I use rough construction lines before I start, so I know where I'm going before I start inking. I don't show the pencil stage because it would make the video way too long and I am usually doing multiple pencil sketches at one time.

The tools are use are Berol Prismcolors, Faber Castell Pitt Pens for inking, colored pencils, watercolors and a white paint pen for highlighting.

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