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Case Study No. 0368: Lucille Brent

This House Possessed 1981: The Librarian gets crushed
This House Possessed 1981: The Librarian gets crushed
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[scene opens with Gary and Sheila in bed, when the phone rings]
GARY: Let it ring ...
SHEILA: Maybe I should answer it.
[she picks up the phone]
SHEILA: Hello?
[cut to a female librarian standing in the library holding a manilla envelope]
LUCILLE: Oh hi! Uh, this is Lucille Brent, over at the library.
SHEILA: [from off camera] Oh, hi.
LUCILLE: I uh, I got some stuff at the newspaper this afternoon.
[cut back to Gary and Sheila]
SHEILA: Oh, about the house?
LUCILLE: [from off camera] Mm-hmm. I think you'll find it real interesting.
SHEILA: Oh good, I'll make sure and stop by and get it tomorrow.
[cut back to the library]
LUCILLE: Oh, there's no need, I can drop it by on my way home from work tonight.
[cut back to Gary and Sheila]
SHEILA: Oh, that's very sweet, but you don't have to go to all that trouble.
[cut back to the library]
LUCILLE: Oh, it's no trouble. Besides, I'd really like to get another look at that house!
[cut to a shot of the home's security system, which has a hidden camera focused on Gary and Sheila]
LUCILLE: [from off camera] Especially after what I read about it this afternoon. I'll be there in twenty minutes.
SHEILA: Okay, fine. I'll leave the outside lights on for you.
[cut back to the library]
LUCILLE: Okay, see you then.
SHEILA: [from off camera] Bye bye.
LUCILLE: Bye bye.
[she hangs up the phone, then cut back to Gary and Sheila]
GARY: Who was that?
SHEILA: Town library.
GARY: And?
SHEILA: She's coming by with some history on the house.
GARY: Now?
SHEILA: Aw, I couldn't say no. And she's such a nice lady, I don't think she'll stay long.
GARY: I hope not ...
[they kiss, then cut to Lucille pulling up in her car outside the main gate of the house, then cut to the security system turning on cameras to see Sheila answer the buzzer]
SHEILA: Who is it?
LUCILLE: [from off camera] Hi, it's me!
SHEILA: Okay, come in.
[she opens the gate, but as Lucille begins to drive through, the gate quickly slams shut and begins crushing the sides of the car]
[Lucille screams, then cut to Gary and Sheila as they come running out of the house]
SHEILA: Oh my god!
[Gary runs over to see if he can manually shut off the gate]
SHEILA: Gary, help her! Please, help her! Gary, do something! Gary, help her!
[Gary runs back towards Sheila once the undercarriage of the car begins to spark]
GARY: There's nothing I can do!
SHEILA: [crying] Gary, do something!
[the car explodes in flames]



This House Possessed (TV-movie, 1981)

After having a nervous breakdown, a rock singer has to spend some time in hospital. A private nurse is hired, and with her he buys a new house, a fantastic house in the country. The nurse, Sheila, can't remember the first years of her life, but this house seems strangely familiar to her. Also, there is this strange old woman who claims that Sheila's real name is Margaret. People who cause Sheila pain or who try to tell her the real story of what happened in this house, they die in strange ways: Tanya, the girlfriend of the singer, and the Library woman who wants to give her some newspaper articles. Can Sheila find out the truth behind all this and can she escape the house that possessed once and wants to possess once more?



Before too long, Sheila and Gary finally have an intimate moment, followed by copulation. But before the big act, Sheila reveals that she has no memory of the first seven years of her life. She was found wandering the streets in a daze and, when her family couldn't be traced, stuck in foster care. Nothing like good pre-sex conversation.

The lovers' post-coital bliss is interrupted by a phone call from librarian Lucille. Seems that she's found some documentation on the history of the house, and she'll be arriving momentarily to drop them off... and "get another look at the house." Little does she know that it'll be a last look.

When Lucille arrives, Sheila hits the button to open the gates, then heads out with Gary to meet her. As Lucille starts to pull forward, the gates come crashing shut, squashing the sides of her car.

Gary's attempts to disable the gate are in vain, and it continues to crush the car until it bursts into flames.

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