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Case Study No. 0402: Grimble

Legend of the Guardians Speedpainting
Speedpainting of Grimble from Legend of the Guardians, I really liked this character, shame he had to die so early on.

Done with a Trust Tablet, and Photoshop CS4.
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Grimble was a Boreal Owl that served as the guardian of the library (Aegolius funerus) at St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls.

Grimble, returning from hunting with his mate, found a St. Aggie's Patrol snatching his favorite owlet, Bess. The owl who had attempted to snatch Bess was Ork, a cousin of Jatt and Jutt. Grimble pursued and killed him, saving his daughter. Skench and Spoorn saw his superb fighting skills and made a deal with him, being that they would never touch his nest again if he chose to come and join them at St. Aegolius. Grimble was allowed 3 visits to his nest per year, but the longer he stayed at St. Aggie's, the less his own famliy recognized him.

At St. Aegolius Academy, the library contains thousands of flecks (magnetic debris found within owl pellets) and hundreds of books. No one is ever allowed inside other than the Ablah general and the first lieutenant; it was guarded day and night by Grimble before his death at the claws of Skench (Nyra in the film).

In the movie, the character of Grimble was voiced by Hugo Weaving.

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