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Case Study No. 0371: Sara Tenneson

Time Hollow - Chapter 4 ~ The Day Far Away (2/7)

Chapter 4
The Day Far Away

Ethan decides to go the library to find out more about the bus accident 35 years ago. He then tries to save Mary Onegin and her son, but...
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[Ethan has a flashback and sees a bus crash]
ETHAN: [to himself] Wh-What was that?! Is this the accident Uncle Derek was talking about - the one 35 years ago? I saw a bus, and ... a person, looking out the window?
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] But why would I have a flashback of the present? Did the part of the past dealing with the accident change just now? I've got to find out more.
[cut to the world map]
ETHAN: [to himself] An accident that happened 35 years ago ... would there be any newspaper articles for that?
[the player selects the Kako Library ("This is the place to go when you need to do some research"), then cut to a young woman waiting outside the building]
EMILY: Oh ... Um, I'm waiting for Ashley right now.
[Ethan enters the library, where an older male librarian is sitting at the front desk]
ETHAN: [to himself] Huh? That's not Sara.
LIBRARIAN: Yes? Can I help you, young man?
ETHAN: I'd like to look something up.
LIBRARIAN: Oh, yes yes, okay then. Please wait for just a moment, hmm?
LIBRARIAN: You see, I, well ... I'm no good with these newfangled machines. I just started here. Really can't apologize enough, no sir. If it's the librarian you need, she'll be back shortly.
ETHAN: Oh, um ... Okay.
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] Oh well, I'll try again later.
[he leaves, then the player selects the intersection on the world map ("Go uphill from this intersection and you're on your way to Chronos"), which begins a scene where a young man walking a dog is speaking with a young woman]
ETHAN: [to himself] Huh? Is that Morris?
MORRIS: So you have a dog! Why not take her down to my shop?
ETHAN: [to himself] It's Morris, all right ... and he's talking to someone.
SARA: I just might do that ... have you take her for a walk, maybe.
MORRIS: I do shampoos, grooming ... even boarding. It's a one-stop doggie paradise!
SARA: I'll keep that in mind. But right now I have to get to work, so ...
MORRIS: Sure, sure! Come by anytime.
SARA: Okay, thanks! See you!
[she leaves]
ETHAN: [to himself] That Morris has really made a nice little business for himself! He was talking with Sara from the library, I see.
[he returns to the library, where Sara is now sitting at the front desk]
ETHAN: [to himself] Oh, good ... Sara's here.
SARA: Can I help you?
ETHAN: There's a newspaper article I'd like to find.
SARA: What would you like me to look up for you?
[the player selects "Ask about the article from 35 years ago by date"]
ETHAN: Is there anything about an accident in the March 23 paper, thirty five years ago?
SARA: One moment, please ...
[she types on the computer]
SARA: There's one match. I'll copy it for you.
["Obtained Article Bus Accident" appears on screen]
ETHAN: [reading the article] "Bus accident kills 2, injures 1. At about 10:25 AM on March 23, a bus headed for the station on a state route near Clockwork Hill hit the guardrail, rolled over, and burst into flames ... Of the three people on the bus, two were killed - the driver and passenger Mary Onegin. The other passenger, Onegin's eldest son Irving, suffered only minor injuries."
[he stops reading]
ETHAN: [to himself] This must be what Uncle Derek was talking about ... Mary Onegin. That's Iriving's mother's name. This is what that flashback was all about, too. Which means ... Irving must have changed this particular past, right? And isn't Irving meeting with Uncle Derek right about now? Why would Dad be investigating this accident, anyway?
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] Argh! Too many questions, not enough answers!
[Ethan suddenly experiences the same flashback with the bus]
ETHAN: What the ... ? Isn't this the same flashback?
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] Was it Irving? But why would he do that to his own mother?
[he leaves and heads for Clockwork Hill ("There was a bus accident here a long time ago") on the world map]
ETHAN: The pen's glowing ...
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] Can I change the past here somehow? I can ... and I have to. Now that I know about that bus accident, that is.
["Starting Digging session ... Are you sure you want to open a Hole here?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes", then the scene changes to black and white as Ethan views Clockwork Hill in the past]
ETHAN: [to himself] There's a terrible accident on the other side ... Is Irving's mom alright? I think I'll call out to her.
[he uses the Hollow Pen on the bus, then selects "Talk"]
ETHAN: [to himself] Let's see if anyone hears me.
[cut to the bus hanging precariously off the cliff, as a young woman inside (holding a baby) struggles to get up]
MARY: Ahhh!
ETHAN: [from off camera] Are you all right?
MARY: Huh?
[cut to Ethan standing outside the bus]
ETHAN: [to himself] E-everything's stopped on the other side ... frozen! Can I rescue the Onegins like this?
MARY: [from off camera] I'm all right!
ETHAN: [to himself] Who's there?
[he looks in the window, and see Mary holding young Irving]
MARY: I don't know who you are, but thank you for saving us.
ETHAN: Who ... who are you?
[he looks down]
ETHAN: [to himself] She's beautiful ...
[he looks up]
ETHAN: Are you ... Mary Onegin?
MARY: Yes. I have a Hollow Pen, too.
ETHAN: So that's why you can move. You startled me ... But never mind that! Get away from the bus, and hurry!
MARY: My son and I are just fine. We'll be out in a jiffy. But the driver ... I'm afraid we're too late to save him. It looks like he had some kind of convulsion.
ETHAN: Oh ... Then I'll close the Hole after the two of you get away from the bus. How does that sound?
MARY: That would be great. Thank you.
[she runs out]
MARY: All set!
ETHAN: Okay, I'm closing the Hole now.
[he closes the time portal]
ETHAN: [to himself] Let's see ... Now Irving's mother should be safe and sound.



"Time Hollow" (Japanese - "Taimu Horou: Ubawareta Kako o Motomete" lit. "Search for the Stolen Past") is a Japanese-style adventure video game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo DS video game console. The game was released in Japan on March 19, 2008, North America on September 23, 2008, and Europe on February 6, 2009. The game was written by Junko Kawano.

Time Hollow is a graphic adventure game, in which the player controls protagonist Ethan Kairos as he attempts to find his missing parents. Using the "Hollow Pen", he is able to open circular portals into the past after he has experienced a "flashback" of a certain location. By opening portals into different areas, he is able to recover or place items and people, as well as observe the past. Although time stops while a portal is open, certain characters are able to interact with Ethan. The player must draw these portals with the stylus, and if once the portal is closed, a certain amount of "Time" is lost, equivalent to HP. Portions of Time equivalent to one portal, called "Chrons", can be recovered by finding Ethan's cat, Sox, in the game world. The game is supplemented by animated cut scenes showing important events and flashbacks. Backgrounds are static, and layered to provide a 3D perspective effect when they are moved from side to side.

Time Hollow follows the story of Ethan Kairos, whose parents, Timothy and Pamela Kairos, mysteriously disappear on his 17th birthday. Ethan realizes that the entire world has changed as if his parents had disappeared 12 years ago. Ethan then finds a note tied to his cats collar telling him to look in a dumpster behind his school and he finds a Hollow Pen, an uncanny object with the unique power to open portals to the past, as well as a note from his parents. Ethan uses the pen to solve problems that suddenly and mysteriously occur, thus changing the present, though he himself is able to remember these past parallel universes. He also meets a girl, Kori Twelves, who seems to share Ethan's displacement from time. Eventually, Ethan comes to realize that the past is being manipulated by another Hollow Pen wielder, Irving Onegin, as revenge for the fact that Ethan supposedly killed his mother. After a final confrontation, Irving steps through his own portal, taking the identity of Ethan's teacher in order to exact his plan. After thwarting a series of determined attempts to murder his friends by Irving, he saves his parents from a restaurant explosion that caused their disappearance. He confronts Irving again, causing him to fall off a cliff. Ethan realizes that Irving's mother committed suicide using her own Hollow Pen out of guilt for the fact that she could not prevent her son from killing Kori. Ethan's uncle volunteers to save Kori after Irving attempts to murder her, preventing Irving from ever causing the events of the game. At the end of the game, Ethan sends the pen and note back to his past self to prevent a time paradox.



Sara Tenneson is the librarian at the Kako Library. While she doesn't play a large role in the story as opposed to characters like Vin Threet, she does often help Ethan by looking up articles in the newspaper archives.

In some realities, Chronos is not very successful. As a result, Olivia Eights is not employed there and does not meet Ben Fourier. In these realities, he develops a crush on Sara Tenneson instead leading him to checking out a large number of difficult books hoping to impress the librarian.

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