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Case Study No. 0381: Mary (Harvest Moon, Friends of Mineral Town)

Harvest Moon FoMT- Mary's Heart Events and Wedding
Am I one of the few girls who actually LIKES Mary? I mean, I LOOOVE librarians- they're awesome! Geez, if Mary wasn't quiet, she'd be almost just like me. 0.0 Also, she looks pretty good in a wedding gown.

She likes just about all kinds of grass- some more than others. I THINK she likes green and blue grass the best, but I don't remember. She'll also eat chocolate. Dude... She has the SHORTEST heart events by far.
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[Mary's "Black Heart Event" begins, as the player enters the library and sees Mary standing by herself]
MARY: I wonder what I should do with this? No ... Hmm ...
[she notices the player standing there]
MARY: Oh! I'm sorry I didn't see you there.
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Hi, Pete. Welcome to the Library. Not many people come to the Library, I'm glad you came!
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Sorry about that before ... When I get lost in thought, I don't notice anything.
[the player selects "Can I help?"]
MARY: I'm writing a novel, you see. I was just having a case of writer's block, that's all ... Just let me know if you want to read anything. I bet I have lots of books you'd like!
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Read any book you want.


[Mary's "Purple Heart Event" begins, as the player enters the library and finds Mary frantically walk back and forth in front of the bookshelves]
MARY: This isn't it ... Neither is this ... Now where did it go?
[she turns and sees the player]
MARY: Oh, Pete! You scared me!
[she composes herself]
MARY: Welcome. Did you come to read a book? Hmm? What am I looking for?
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Well, there's a book I'm using as a reference for the novel I'm writing. I think it's on the first floor, but I can't find it. Terribly sorry to ask, but will you help me find it, Pete?
[the player selects "I'd be glad to."]
MARY: Really!? That's great of you! It's this kind of book ...
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: OK, Pete, you look over there.
[Mary looks at one end of the bookshelves, while Pete looks at the other]
MARY: It's not around here ... Have you found it yet, Pete?
[Pete shakes his head]
MARY: Will you mind looking a little more? Thanks!
[they keep checking, when Pete pulls a green book off the shelf]
MARY: That's it! Now I remember putting it there!
[she takes the book]
MARY: Well, I can continue writing! I'm indebted to you, Pete!
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Now I can get some more written on my novel.


[Mary's "Blue Heart Event" begins, as the player finds her on the peak of Mother's Hill]
MARY: Sniff ... Sniff ... I wish I could write as well as this!
[she sees Pete walk into the scene]
MARY: Ah, hello, Pete! I hope you didn't see me crying just now ... I just found this book when I was cleaning out the bookshelves. I wanted to read it in a place with a nice view. It turned out to be a wonderful story!
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Thanks for worrying about me. Do you ever cry like that when you read books?
[the player selects "Sometimes."]
MARY: I like people who read a lot, and respond to books. I think it means you're smart. Here, try reading this one.
[Pete shakes his head]
MARY: That's OK ... I've already finished it. I think you'll like this book. It made me cry! If you really like books so much, then I'm sure you'll like it, too!
[she hands him a blue book]
MARY: Here you are ... I'm going back now. I hope you like the book.
[she leaves]


[Mary's "Yellow Heart Event" begins, as the player enters her house and finds her parents talking]
BASIL: What's wrong with her?
ANNA: I don't know ...
[they notice Pete]
BASIL: Hi there, Pete.
ANNA: If you came to see Mary, I'd turn around and come back later. I don't know why, but she's in a fiercely bad mood right now.
BASIL: Whenever I try to talk to her, all she does is make a face and turn away.
ANNA: I think she's just at that difficult age ...
BASIL: You're close to her age. Maybe she would open up to you.
[Pete gives a confused look]
BASIL: So ... Would you do me a favor? Try talking to Mary and finding out what's wrong with her, will you?
ANNA: You're the only person I can ask! Please ... ?
[Pete nods his head]
ANNA: Hmm ... OK.
BASIL: In that case, she's on the second floor. I owe you one.
[cut to Pete inside Mary's room]
MARY: Dad said that to you?
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: I'm sorry to get you involved in this. I'm not in a bad mood, really.
[Pete gives a confused look]
MARY: I'll explain to Dad. Let's go downstairs.
[cut to Mary and Pete talking to her parents]
MARY: You were misunderstanding me, that's all! I was just trying to think of the plot for my next novel.
BASIL: That's good to hear! We thought you were mad at us for some reason.
MARY: I'm sorry.
ANNA: That's OK. Did you decide anything about your new book?
MARY: Not yet ...
ANNA: Hmmm ... Do you have any ideas, Pete?
[the player selects "How about a farm story?"]
MARY: That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that myself!?
ANNA: I think that's a good idea. We've got a pro here, after all.
BASIL: That's a good idea.
MARY: There are some questions I'd like to ask. Do you have time now?
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: There are lots of things I have to learn. First ...
[cut to Pete and Mary talking by themselves]
MARY: I think that's good enough for now. Thanks for answering all my questions.
[Pete takes out a handkerchief and wipes his brow]
MARY: Look how late it's gotten! I'm sorry to take so much time!
[Pete shakes his head]
MARY: Now I have enough material for my novel. Thank you, Pete!


[Pete enters the library and proposes to Mary]
MARY: Huh? I can't believe ... Why don't we talk at your house?
[cut to Pete and Mary in his house]
MARY: I don't think we'll be interrupted here.
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Ah ... So this is what being proposed to feels like. I'd only ever read about it in books. Of course I'll marry you!
[a heart appears above Pete's head]
MARY: I have to go tell my parents. I'm sure they'll be surprised.
[she leaves, then cut to Pete and Mary (in tuxedo and gown) getting married in the church]
CARTER: You may now kiss the bride.
[Mary (who is wearing a tiara but no glasses) turns to Pete]
MARY: Let's make a happy family.
[they kiss, as the onlookers applaud]
THOMAS: May you always be happy together.
[cut to Pete and Mary in his house]
MARY: I've always looked forward to calling my husband a nice nickname. What would you like me to call you from now on?
[the player selects "Just my name"]
MARY: Pete ... I like the sound of it!
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: You don't mind if I continue working at the Library, do you?
[Pete nods his head]
MARY: Thanks, Pete.
[the screen fades to black]
MARY: [in voice over] Tomorrow is the first day of our new life together!



"Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town" is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, developed by Marvelous Interactive Inc. and published in the U.S. by Natsume. It was first released in Japan on April 18, 2003.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is the first Game Boy Advance game of the Harvest Moon series, and is a remade version of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. The player is a farmer whose goal is to make a profit from the farm he runs by producing crops and raising livestock.

The main character in the game has no default name, but has been referred to as "Pete" in other Harvest Moon games. In the opening sequences, the player is shown as a young boy living in the city, whose parents take him to see the country. During their trip the player becomes lost, and finds himself on the farm of an old man in Mineral Town. The old man helps the player contact his parents, and offers to let him and his family stay for a few days, as he has no family of his own. The player's parents agree, and the player stays on the farm for a while. On the farm, the player plays with a girl who then becomes friends with him. After the player leaves Mineral Town, he continues to write letters to the old man. One day, when he has grown up, the letters from the old man suddenly stop. The player travels to Mineral Town, finding the farm neglected, and discovers the old man had died around half a year ago. The mayor of Mineral Town informs the player that in the farmer's will, he left the player the farm. The player decides to restore the farm, beginning the game.

The player starts with five tools, and must earn money by clearing the large field on the farm and planting crops, mining, or foraging. This money may be used to buy other things, such as livestock, and to expand the farm.

The social aspect of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is a large part of the game. There are many villagers to befriend, and six bachelorettes available to marry. Befriending villagers allows the player to learn recipes and discover villager's histories, and marraige allows the player to have a son.



Mary is one of the available bachelorettes in "Friends of Mineral Town".

She is the only child of Anna and Basil. She is a shy girl, and she runs the local library and admires her father's work with botany and writing. She hopes to one day become a writer herself, and is currently working on her own novel.

She feels rather sad when it becomes apparent that few people in town take advantage of the library. She has only a few friends in town, including Gray, Saibara, and Carter. Mary keeps to herself, and will take a while to warm up to.

She is a participant in the Cooking Festival and plays the organ during the Music Festival.

Everyday (except Mondays)

Weather: All

6:00am - 7:00am = Locked in her House

7.00am - 10.00am = Her House

10:00am - 10:10am = Walking to the Library

10:10am - 4:00pm = The Library

4:00pm - 6:00pm = Locked in the Library

6:00pm - 6:10pm = Walking to her House

6:10pm - 10:00pm = Her House

10:00pm - 6:00am = Locked in her House

Monday (Sunny)

6:00am - 7:00am = Locked in her House

7:00am - 7:30am = Walking to Mother's Hill

7:30am - 10:00am = Mother's Hill (the Meadow)

10:00am - 11:30am = Walking to her House

11:30am - 1:00pm = Her House

1:00pm - 1:20pm = Walking to the Supermarket

1:20pm - 4:00pm = The Supermarket

4:00pm - 4:20pm = Walking to her House

4:20pm - 7:00pm = Her House

7:00pm - 6:00am = Locked in her House

Monday (Raining/Snowing)

6:00am - 10:00am = Locked in her House

1:00pm - 1:20pm = Walking to the Supermarket

1:20pm - 4:00pm = The Supermarket

4:00pm - 4:20pm = Walking to her House

4:20pm - 10:00pm = Her House

10:00pm - 6:00am = Locked in her House

Black Heart Event

Requirements: Mary is at a black heart level or higher.

You'll find Mary at the Library between 10AM and 4PM when the Library is open. She appears to be deep in thought, and doesn't even notice that you've arrived! She runs right into you, and quickly apologizes. If you offer to help, it will make her happy. If you ask her how you can help, she explains that she's been working on a new book and had a small case of writer's block.

Purple Heart Event

Requirements: Mary has a purple heart level or higher, after viewing the black heart event.

Visit the Library on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday between 10AM and 4PM. Mary will be frantically searching through the bookcases when you walk in. She says she's lost a book and asks if you'd like to help her search for it. If you agree, you will start searching the bookcases with Mary. After a bit of searching, the book will eventually be found and Mary will thank you for your help.

Blue Heart Event

Requirements: Mary's got a blue heart level or higher, after watching the previous events. You must own the largest version of the rucksack and have an empty slot available.

You'll need to walk to the very top of Mother's Hill in between 12PM and 5PM on a sunny Monday. When you find Mary, she appears upset and has been crying! Mary explains that she's crying because of a really good book that she read. She asks if you've ever cried while reading a book. If you reply with "sometimes," it will make Mary happy. Since you like books, she will lend you the book she's been reading.

Yellow Heart Event

Requirements: You've seen all of the previous events, and Mary is at a yellow heart or higher.

You'll need to go to Mary's house on a Monday in between 10AM and 1PM. Mary's parents are wondering about their daughter, as she seems to be upset. They know you and Mary are friends so they ask you to talk to her and find out what's wrong. Mary guesses that her father sent you up to talk to her. She's really not upset and realizes there was a misunderstanding. The two of you then go downstairs to explain that Mary was just brainstorming to find a topic for her new novel. She's stumped though, and asks you for some ideas. You have three options, "I don't know," "how about a farm story," or "what about Basil's job?" If you choose "a farm story," Mary and her family will think it's a great idea, and Mary will want to interview you about farm life. If you chose "what about Basil's job," you will gain no points with Mary, but she won't lose any either. The only negative option is "I don't know."

Black Rival Heart Event

Go to the Blacksmith's on any day of the week (except for Monday) between 10AM and 1PM. While Gray and Saibara are working, Mary stops by to thank Saibara for a tool he had made for her father. Gray hurts himself while working and starts bleeding. Mary tends to his injuries.

Blue Rival Heart Event

Go to the Library on any day of the week (except for Monday) in between 1PM and 4PM. Mary and Gray have a conversation about the Library. Mary will then ask Gray if he'd like to read a novel that she's been writing. Gray says he'd love to.

Green Rival Heart Event

You must wait until Year 2 or later to see this event, after seeing all of the previous events. On a Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday go to Mother's Hill in between 7AM and 10AM. It must also be a sunny day. Gray has been reading Mary's book, and compliments her on how good it is. Gray is a little jealous that Mary is so good at writing, because he feels he's not a good enough blacksmith. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to get any better. Mary pushes Gray to keep going. If Gray loves being a blacksmith, he'll get better automatically!

Orange Rival Heart Event

You must wait until Year 4 or later to see the last rival event, after witnessing the previous events. Go to the Library between 1PM and 4PM on a Thursday or Saturday. Gray tells Mary that he's excited that Saibara is letting him do some real work around the store, even if it is just little jobs. He thanks Mary for all of her encouraging words, if it wasn't for her, he would have given up on being a blacksmith long ago! Gray lets Mary know that he's looking forward to a blacksmith exam he's going to be taking. If he passes, he has a question he'd like to ask Mary. He won't tell her what it is... yet.

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