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Case Study No. 0374: "Adam Carolla versus Tijuana librarians!"

Adam Carolla versus Tijuana librarians!
Adam discusses the merits of Tijuana's library system with comedian Paul Rodriguez.

From the May 12th (2011) edition of "The Adam Carolla Podcast." ACPBlog/2011/05/12/ paul-rodriguez/

Used without permission.
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[Adam and his crew are on stage speaking with Latino comedian Paul Rodriguez]
ADAM CAROLLA: Let's see, all I can say is "Me llamo es Paco," because I learned that at North Hollywood High.
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: That'll come in handy!
ADAM CAROLLA: And I can, I can say "Me llamo es Paco" ... although I think I should switch out "Paco" for my name, right?
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: I always thought ... Yeah, I always thought in school they teach you worthless Spanish, y'know? "Lapiz en la mesa." "Voy a la biblioteca." You're never gonna use that in real life!
ADAM CAROLLA: [laughs] Where's the library ...
ALISON ROSEN: "I like basketball" ...
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: They should use things like, y'know ... "Que bonita pistola," y'know?
[the audience laughs]
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Something that, uh ...
ADAM CAROLLA: Yeah, I've been to Tijuana--
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: "No me mates!"
ADAM CAROLLA: I've been to Tijuana nine times, I was never looking for the library!
[the audience laughs]
ADAM CAROLLA: Like, I was never ... "Where is the library? The biblioteca! The library, I wanna get some studying in over here!"
[the audience laughs]
ADAM CAROLLA: "Hey, I don't come to Tijuana to drink and chase after hookers, I come for your fine collection of books!"
[the audience laughs]
ADAM CAROLLA: Where is the library ... Why do they even have a word for that in Spanish? It's insane!
[the audience laughs]
ADAM CAROLLA: Oh, I'm sorry. That was racist. The point is this ... No tourist is going to Mexico looking for a fucking library!
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: To read, yeah right. Y'know ...
ADAM CAROLLA: Unless there's a strip club in the library that I'm not aware of!
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, y'know, you should learn things like ... "Donde esta la OxyContin?" Y'know, or something like that.
ALISON ROSEN: [pause] What does that mean?
ADAM CAROLLA: Where is the--
ADAM CAROLLA: The OxyContin, oh yeah.
ADAM CAROLLA: I, uh, I got the ... I learned "arroz con pollo."
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Arroz con pollo with OxyContin ...
BRYAN BISHOP: Adam, Adam ... Awesome Tijuana strip club, La Biblioteca! It's all themed like a library, it's like the girls are librarians, sexy librarians!
ADAM CAROLLA: Ooh, that's smart!
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: I like that, that's a good theme, yeah!
BRYAN BISHOP: It could work!
ADAM CAROLLA: Yeah, I ... "Hey, I'm your DJ, Dewey Decimal!"
[the audience laughs]
PAUL RODRIGUEZ: Come, check out our system!
ADAM CAROLLA: Yeah, that'd be a good theme ...
ALISON ROSEN: Filed under "point sixty nine"!
[the audience laughs]



Adam rants about his busy day, answers an audience member's question about the meaning of life and chats with comedian Paul Rodriguez about a rough experience in Tijuana.

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