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Case Study No. 0400: Rupert Giles (Electronic Arts)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Game Movie Part 5
2c) Boiler Room: Find the controls to bring the power back on and then head to
the library to meet Giles and the others.
Secrets: 2
also the first BOSS FIGHT!!!!
note: the characters of buffy the vampire slayer does not belong to me but i did play the game and this is actually me playing it.
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[scene opens with Buffy inside the basement of Sunnydale High School, looking for the fusebox to turn the power back on]
BUFFY: Huh, nothing to this electrician gig ... Flick the big shiny switch, and the power comes back on. Time for me to join the Union.
[she exits the basement and starts roaming the halls, when she hears the voice of the school librarian over the intercom]
GILES: [over intercom] Buffy ... This is Giles. Um, not to panic, but you might want to come along to the library straight away.
[cut to Cordelia and Willow in one of the classrooms, also listening to Giles]
GILES: [over intercom] There's an ... uninvited guest here, attempting to retrieve some books without a library card.
[the intercom whines loudly]
GILES: [over intercom] I might have just given myself away. He's spotted--
[loud crashing noises can be heard]
GILES: [over intercom] No, wait!
[cut back to Buffy, as she has her arms folded and is shaking her head]
BUFFY: Up, up, and away!
[Buffy makes her way through the school, unlocking a door on her way to the library]
BUFFY: Guess you wish you'd stayed home tonight.
["Used the keycard" appears on screen, then cut to Buffy running down another hallway]
GILES: [over intercom] If it's not too much trouble, I could use a little help over here!
[Buffy eventually finds the library, and enters to find Giles and his tormentor (although the camera focuses on her to prevent the player from seeing what's going on)]
GILES: [from off camera] If anyone has a free hand, I'm about to be eaten!
BUFFY: Hey! What do you think this is, a library?
[camera pans around to reveal Giles on the floor, while a large male vampire stands over him]
MALIK: Just the stray I was looking for ... Come out to play.
BUFFY: You don't think I'm gonna let you read without a fight?
[he roars, as the two battle]
MALIK: Wait'll I drag you back to my master!
[she defeats him, as he jumps up onto a nearby desk]
MALIK: We'll continue this later!
[he grabs a book, then jumps through the skylight and escapes, as Buffy checks on the fallen librarian]
BUFFY: How's your noggin?
GILES: Bruised, but otherwise alright ... I believe I'm building up a resistance to cranial trauma.
[she helps him up]
BUFFY: That must be a really good book.
GILES: Actually, no. It's a rather obscure text on spirit channeling. The author was long-winded and pedantic.
BUFFY: Want me to try to track him? Get the book back?
GILES: That won't be necessary. The text is seriously out of date. Its contents would be of little worth to anyone but an amateur medium.
[Xander, Cordelia and Willow enter the library, as "Tip: During meetings, approach each gang member and press X to talk to them" appears on screen]
GILES: Buffy, there are some advanced fighting techniques I'd like you to begin studying immediately.
BUFFY: Joy ... More and more complicated ways to monster mash.
GILES: Indeed ... Take this and study it.
[he hands her a book]
BUFFY: Wait, you didn't say there was reading involved.
GILES: Given the gravity of our situation, I recommend you incorporate these techniques into your repertoire immediately.
BUFFY: No need to get all heavy with the ... gravity. Consider it done.
[Buffy learns the "Super Cyclone Backfist" technique, then "Tip: It is possible to talk to each gang member several times. Press X to talk again" appears on screen, so Buffy talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: Guessing you're wondering about the outfit. See, I've been doing an independent study to see if vamps are more likely to prey on cheerleaders rather than slayers ... because, you know--
GILES: Buffy, I'm well aware of your return to cheerleading. As long as it doesn't interfere with your duties as Slayer, I have no objection.
BUFFY: I like this alternate universe Giles. Is the old one coming back?
GILES: Don't be ridiculous, Buffy. The alternate universe Giles has a beard.
BUFFY: Maybe you should get concussed more often.
GILES: Could we please focus for a moment on the business at hand?
BUFFY: I'm the picture of focus.
[she talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: So, what was that big thumbprint on ugly's forehead?
GILES: Precisely my next avenue of inquiry. While I'm glad our biggest problem of late is a handful of bungling vampires and a stolen library book, I am rather curious about that distinctive mark. Certainly it has some arcane significance.
[she talks to Cordelia]
CORDELIA: All this fuss over a stupid book ... Why don't you people get your priorities straight? Hello, cheerleading competition this week!
[she talks to Willow]
WILLOW: From what I hear, the police are already claiming the attack was by a gang on PCP.
BUFFY: Does anyone actually still make PCP?
WILLOW: Hello? Wrong girl to ask.
[she talks to Willow again]
WILLOW: So Buffy, you're really gonna go through with the whole cheerleader thing?
BUFFY: I don't know. At first, I was just doing it as a favor to Cordelia, but ... I think I might be getting the hang of it. I might just try out for a permanent spot on the squad. It's very empowering, and there's the rhyming.
[she talks to Willow again]
WILLOW: To celebrate your cheerleading change of heart, let's go to the Bronze.
[she talks to Xander]
XANDER: Hey Buff, I've been working on this bad boy for quite a while and this looks like the right time to break it in.
[he hands her a crossbow]
BUFFY: Xander, for me? You shouldn't have.
[she talks to Xander again]
XANDER: Love the outfit, Buff ... Zis Boom Bah!
BUFFY: Starting to think vamps do, too ... Cheerleading uniforms equal vampire magnets.
XANDER: Also known to attract drooling middle-aged men like a backyard bug zapper.
[she talks to Xander again]
XANDER: I might be throwing myself in front of the speeding mockery here, but didn't this attack seem more organized than usual?
BUFFY: I know ... What could anyone want in a library?
XANDER: I'm thinking Cordelia and I oughta prowl the reference stacks just in case anything else was taken.
WILLOW: I could give you a hand. Not like you guys are all that familiar with the actual books.
CORDELIA: Who's talking about books?
WILLOW: Oh ... and oh! Knew that.
[she laughs nervously]
WILLOW: But stacks, prowling reference ... confused but I'm better now. And there's no reason for me to be in the stacks Xander ... With you guys! Enjoy the prowling.
[she talks to Xander again]
XANDER: Well, all this Scoobying has left me a tad parched ... The Bronze anyone?
[she talkes to Cordelia again]
CORDELIA: Am I the only one wondering why we're still here when there's loud music, dancing, and catty people watching to be had at the Bronze?
BUFFY: Audible sigh. Good, fine. The Bronze it is, since everyone seems so determined.
[she talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: Everyone seems determined to go to the Bronze ... Wanna come with?
GILES: Actually, boring as it may seem, I rather think I'll try to accomplish something instead.
BUFFY: All right, Mister Responsible. We'll gyrate in your stead.
GILES: Please don't.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 12:19 AM" appears on screen, as Buffy walks up to Giles]
GILES: I believe we need to augment your combat skills. Please study the techniques illustrated on this page.
[he hands her a piece of paper]
BUFFY: Got it. Let the augmentation begin ... as long as it doesn't require surgery.
[she learns the "Slayer Ground Smash" technique, then talks to Giles again]
GILES: I have no idea what's going on here.
BUFFY: Knew I could count on you, Giles ...
GILES: Unfortunately, Buffy, in spite of the faith you place in me, there's no magic in research. Though I am of course deeply troubled by Spike's sudden reappearance in Sunnydale, and even more alarmed by the implication that he might have gathered the remnants of the Master's order, all we can do is attempt to learn more.
BUFFY: So, you're thinking research then?
GILES: Of course. Meanwhile, however, your first priority must be the rescue of those innocents abducted from the Bronze.
BUFFY: I'm already gone. Gotta say, though, I'm stumped. I thought you'd be brandishing a sharp-edged hypothesis by now.
GILES: Sadly not. Only a growing feeling of profound unease. All of this sudden activity does seem to suggest a carefully coordinated push towards a particular goal, probably something ritualistic. The gathering of victims in such number, yet without killing them, might lay the groundwork for a ceremony to draw forth an ancient evil into this world.
BUFFY: And you said you had no hypothesis ... Ya big faker!
GILES: Whatever the plan may be, Buffy, you must return to the mausoleum and stop them before they can carry it out.
[she talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: Any luck figuring out what the markings were on those two Uber-vamps I told you about?
GILES: Nothing yet, but I will continue to investigate. Meanwhile, you should hurry. There's no telling how long Spike and his associates will keep those people alive.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 3:37 PM" appears on screen, as Buffy walks up to Giles]
BUFFY: I killed him, Giles! I killed him and then crushed his bones so that he couldn't ever come back ... This is so not happening!
GILES: I fear that it is. You see, your crushing the Master's skeleton precluded any further attempt to reanimate him as a being of flesh and bone. But it is possible that a skilled necromancer could resurrect him in a disembodied state, as a kind of phantom ... On the bright side, however, the Master would be in a relatively weakened state in this spectral form, and the collapse of the church may well have terminated his resurrection at a critical point.
BUFFY: You're completely guessing, aren't you?
GILES: Call it an hypothesis ... Frankly, what truly baffles me is Spike's involvement in all this. All of this - the regrouping of the Order, the summoning of Matereani, the possible resurrection of the Master - logic dictates that this isn't Spike's plan. But if not Spike's, then whose, and to what dark purpose?
BUFFY: Wait, wait ... The Master was in a dream I had the other night. That's not a huge surprise, he's made dream cameos before that didn't mean anything. But maybe there's more to it. Besides the Master, there were these three nasty demons, like the patron saints of S&M and self-mutilation or something. They had these weird symbols on their noggins that looked something like this.
[she shows him a drawing on a piece of paper]
GILES: It appears to be a sigil of some kind. I'll add this to the research I'm doing on the tattoos worn by those two distinctive vampires you fought.
WILLOW: Hey Giles, maybe I should work with this talisman? If I can master the spell that controls it, I might be able to reverse it.
GILES: That isn't quite how the Tedarka talisman works, Willow. The necromantic power was in the necromancer. The talisman is charged with magical energies that allow the wearer to focus and magnify his or her mystical abilities. It is a potent tool for witchcraft, but I'm afraid that it can also prove quite dangerous. Unless properly controlled, the talisman's power can corrupt the wearer. I'm not entirely convinced that you're ready to handle so powerful a tool. However, in light of recent events it may be prudent for you to begin training with it immediately. With my supervision, of course.
WILLOW: Of course. Gotta keep me from going to the dark side ... or just, y'know, turning everyone into pigs and making the school disappear.
BUFFY: Okay, you guys keep up with the research. I'm gonna go see Angel. If anyone can figure out why Spike's back in Sunnydale, it'll be him.
CORDELIA: Sure, that oughta be constructive. Time well spent ... provided you don't, y'know, succumb to temptation and turn him evil again.
GILES: Now, Cordelia, we're all a bit wary of Angel, and with reason. But you well know it's far more complicated than that.
CORDELIA: I just know I could never spend that much time with him ... or anyone else who might suddenly decide to kill me in my sleep.
BUFFY: And yet you're here with us ... Imagine that. Look, while everyone bones up on sigils and resurrection, I'll head over to the mansion and bone up on Angel.
[she looks around]
BUFFY: That so did not come out right ...
[she talks to Cordelia]
CORDELIA: That's right, trot off to the lair of your broody Jekyll and Hyde demon lover in the middle of a crisis ... Talk about priorities.
BUFFY: The last time demons attacked the library, you and Xander were canoodling on Giles' desk while the rest of us tried to avoid decapitation!
GILES: Good lord, could we please stay out of the librarian's office?! And what happened to my antique letter opener? I'd always assumed that one of the Fraxis demons took it, but ... perhaps I don't want to know.
BUFFY: Just try to make yourself useful, Cordelia.
[she talks to Giles]
GILES: Once again, I believe it's necessary to widen your knowledge of hand to hand combat.
[he hands her a piece of paper]
GILES: Please read this and begin practicing these new techniques immediately.
BUFFY: Ooo-kay ... but at this point, I think I have a right to know. Just how many of these pages you got?
[she learns the "Super Power Punch" technique, then talks to Giles again]
GILES: I cannot imagine what could motivate Spike to aid in the resurrection of the Master. Perhaps Angel will be able to shed some light on Spike's actions.
[she talks to Giles again]
GILES: I believe there's a tome by Kraus that could give me some insight into the sigils worn by the demons in your dream, Buffy, though it may take me some time to find it.
BUFFY: Could be someone checked it out.
GILES: Of here?
[she talks to Giles again]
GILES: Willow, you will need to take every possible precaution if you are to attempt to master the power of the talisman.
WILLOW: Gotcha. Precaution, now my middle name.
[she talks to Willow]
BUFFY: You heard Giles, be careful with that thing.
[she hands Willow the talisman]
BUFFY: Practice safe magic.
WILLOW: Not a single worry, I'm all about the caution.
BUFFY: Oz is gonna want his girl in one piece when he gets back.
WILLOW: And now I've got all kinds of exciting images in my head ... And, I'm blushing.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 7:04 PM" appears on screen, as Buffy walks up to Giles]
BUFFY: Not that I'm a complainer, but you notice Cosmo has never run an article about the complications of falling in love with a vampire. The evil always gets in the way.
CORDELIA: Hello, but ... duh!
BUFFY: Thank you for that eloquent and comforting sentiment.
GILES: Unfortunately Buffy, yours is not the only bad news. While you were gone, my research turned up the origins of the sigil from your rather prophetic nightmare. It's the mark of three demons known collectively as the Korta'Kass ... the Dreamers. Individually, these beings possess impressive psychic abilities. However, by joining forces, they can purportedly distort or mold reality within a certain proximity through mental projection. I suspect that the Master is attempting to locate and reunite the Dreamers so that he can exploit their powers for some greater evil purpose.
BUFFY: I've gotta find him, and make sure he doesn't get all these Dreamer guys together.
CORDELIA: If you're all done with the usual blathering now, you might wanna listen to what Xander has to say ... While Buffy was fighting with her dead boyfriend and his pasty grandfather, we paid a visit to a part of town my precious car should never have to go to again.
BUFFY: Xander, you got something from Willy?
XANDER: Got some pretty interesting stuff, actually ... 'Course, I had to promise not to rough him up.
GILES: Hmmn ... and give him twenty dollars or so.
XANDER: Does anyone wanna hear this? Anyway, apparently there's a ship loaded with black market supernatural knick-knacks arriving in at the Docks tonight. Willy overheard some of the Aurelius vamps say they're expecting a package and are supposed to be there to meet it.
BUFFY: And so will we.
[she talks to Giles]
GILES: I've located a new weapon for your Slayer arsenal ... a Reaper Blade.
[he hands her a weapon]
GILES: Forged in twelfth-century Germany from various holy relics claimed during the Crusades, it is blessed with an uncanny supernatural sharpness and durability. Once you've gained experience with the blade, you may also attach the Reaper Wing, which will allow you to throw the Blade with great force and accuracy.
BUFFY: A new toy, and it isn't even my birthday! You're always thinking of me, Giles ... If I get good with the Wing, when do I get the Reaper Shoes to complete the ensemble?
GILES: Sadly, there are no Reaper Shoes.
BUFFY: Well, still ... One can dream.
[she talks to Giles again]
GILES: Let me remind you Buffy, the Dreamers are extremely powerful and have the ability to warp reality.
BUFFY: I get it. If they're all together, they can use their mental powers. But for the mental powers? I'm assuming that means they all have to have heads. I'm seeing a solution here.
GILES: Do not take this lightly. You'll have to be at the top of your game when you face them.
BUFFY: Sticking to the metaphor, Giles? Don't worry, in this game I'm in a league of my own.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 9:39 PM" appears on screen, as Buffy walks up to Giles]
GILES: Take this, Buffy. These new techniques will better prepare you for the dangers that lie ahead.
[he hands her a piece of paper]
BUFFY: I'm all about technique. But couldn't we put the dangers behind us at some point?
[she learns the "Slayer Cyclone Kick" technique, then talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: So ... one down, two to go?
GILES: Without the combined power of the three Dreamers, the Master should be unable to execute his plans.
BUFFY: Well, that's ... very cool. If it wasn't for the whole "Angel being possessed" thing, I'd say it even called for celebration with ice cream.
GILES: To be absolutely certain the Master's purpose has been averted, we must track down the remaining Dreamers and destroy them.
BUFFY: Aaaand find a way to exorcise the Master's ghost from Angel.
GILES: Yes ... of course.
BUFFY: And then the ice cream!
GILES: If you insist ... Now look, you'll have to track a member of the Order of Aurelius back to whatever location they've chosen as their new lair.
[she talks to Willow]
BUFFY: Hey Will, how ya doin'?
WILLOW: Great! Better than great! Magnificent ... Well enough that I'm tempted to add cuss words for emphasis.
BUFFY: You found something.
WILLOW: I damn well did indeed! I found a special spell of protection that should give the Master a big ol' eviction notice, get him out of Angel's body and keep him from going back in ... Yay me! Now all you have to do is find the Master's new hideout.
[Buffy turns to leave, when a decaying vampire jumps through the skylight and (after attacking Cordelia) kicks Buffy through the door, trapping her in the hallway (a green forcefield prevents re-entry into the library)]
BUFFY: Here, let me scratch that itch ...
[she stabs it with the Reaper Blade, killing it and causing the forcefield to disappear ... She re-enters the library to check on Cordelia]
BUFFY: Hey Cordy, you all right?
CORDELIA: Hey Buffy ... you blind? Do I look all right?
BUFFY: She's fine ... Trust me.
[she turns to Giles]
BUFFY: Sit tight, Giles. I'm going to head out and beat the brush a little, see what scurries out.
GILES: Have a care, Buffy. The Master may be attempting to lure you into a trap.
BUFFY: Again? That trick never works ... Don't worry, I'll be careful. Besides, there are other students in the building, and they'll need someone looking out for them.
GILES: Good luck.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 11:26 PM" appears on screen, as Spike enters and confronts the Scooby Gang]
SPIKE: Yeah, well ... lovely to see you lot again as well.
GILES: You're on borrowed time, Spike. Alive by our sufferance. Perhaps you ought to skip the pleasantries.
SPIKE: Right, if that's the way it is ... So much for manners, eh Giles? Something tells me you've been in America too long.
[he puts his head down]
SPIKE: Here's the deal. A big bad Old One by the name of Laibach is attempting to build a bridge between his tropical paradise of a demon dimension and our little plane of existence here. He plans to lead an army of demons into this world. Laibach needed the Master's expertise in opening dimensional portals, and the Dreamers to alter reality and physically create the bridge to bring Laibach's boys over to our side.
BUFFY: And you've been errand boy this whole time ...
SPIKE: Truth? I'm about as keen on Laibach's little plan as I was on Angelus' plan to let Acathla run amuck ... The main reason I'm doing this is because Laibach has Dru in some kind of trance, and if I don't help, he'll take her lovely fragile dove of a mind and put it through a blender.
[he pumps his fist in anger]
SPIKE: But I don't like being a lap dog! And since the Master's been back, things have gone from bad to badder as far as I'm concerned.
[he shakes his head]
SPIKE: The Master may be my Great-Great-Grandsire, but the guy's a complete tosser, and I don't trust him as far as you could throw him ... Of course, it doesn't help matters much now that he gels his hair, if you catch my meaning.
BUFFY: So now you wanna throw in with us, and I'm just supposed to trust you ... You're betraying your allies now. Explain to me again why that should inspire confidence.
SPIKE: Best reason in the world, Slayer ... 'Cause they're the bad guys. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, remember? Look, I'll lead you to the Master's lair and lend a hand with the fisticuffs, and in return, you help me rescue Dru. Then we'll be off again, out of your hair.
BUFFY: If I agree, you don't touch Angel either. We're going to exorcise the Master from him.
SPIKE: Fine with me. But in that case, the Watcher and little Willow here are gonna have to whip up a special elixir or something witchy for me an' Dru. In Casper mode, the Master has the power to possess any vampire of his bloodline, which includes the both of us, yeah?
GILES: Willow and I have just completed a spell of protection for Angel that should work equally well for the two of you.
SPIKE: See? Knew it'd be no problem ... Red's got that mojo workin' overtime these days. So, it's a deal then?
BUFFY: I haven't forgotten what happened last time I trusted you. Double-cross us, and I'll put both you and your psycho flower-child girlfriend in an urn.
SPIKE: Whatever happened to taking a man at his word?
[she talks to Giles]
GILES: I believe we need to augment your combat skills. Please study the techniques illustrated on this page.
[he hands her a piece of paper]
BUFFY: Joy. More and more complicated ways to monster mash.
[she learns the "Slayer Sweep Attack" technique, then talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: You know that old saying, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't" ... What happens when you know them all, and way too well?
GILES: Distasteful as it is to align ourselves with Spike, it does seem to be the sensible course of action. As long as we keep our priorities straight. The most vital element of our attack must be the disruption of Laibach's spell to augment the power of the remaining Dreamers. Everything else is secondary.
BUFFY: Everything else ...
GILES: Everything. The rescue of Drusilla, even Angel's safety. Reality as we know it hangs in the balance.
BUFFY: Doesn't it always?
[she talks to Giles again]
GILES: Xander and I will follow close behind Spike. When the moment arrives, we'll help to free Drusilla.


["Sunnydale High School Library, Tuesday 3:04 AM" appears on screen, as Buffy walks up to Giles]
GILES: Buffy, let me have the Reaper Blade a moment.
[she hands the weapon to him]
GILES: With the Reaper Wing attached, the weapon is far more effective. Much more than a mere blade. Simply throw the blade and it will scythe through the air, guiding itself to any demons in its proximity, cut through them, and then return to your hand ... not unlike a boomerang.
BUFFY: What to get for the Slayer who has everything ... Color me impressed.
GILES: Well, there's more actually. When thrown, if the Blade strike anything other than demon flesh, it will temporarily ghost out of this reality. In other words, it will pass through any other form of solid matter without causing damage to it or the blade.
BUFFY: So, what you're saying is ... Don't fear the Reaper.
GILES: Yes, in a manner of speaking.
BUFFY: So simple ... even Cordelia could use it.
[she talks to Giles again]
BUFFY: How can the Master still be running things if he's just a ghost now? I thought when Willow magicked him out of Angel, that'd be the end of it.
GILES: Unfortunately, it seems the spell that was used to draw his essence to this plane was powerful enough that he does not require a host shell.
BUFFY: So how do we take him down?
GILES: I'm sorry to say that it appears in order to truly defeat the Master, we must first restore him to corporeal form.
BUFFY: Wait ... give him back a body?
GILES: Not find him another host, Buffy ... We'll need to actually transform his spirit into flesh. It's the only way.
BUFFY: I hate the sound of that.
GILES: Well, while you enter the church, the rest of us will perform a rather complicated spell that will temporarily restore the Master back to his physical form. The spell is quite tricky, and the Master will only remain physically manifested while the spell is being performed.
[she talks to Willow]
WILLOW: When you get inside the church, things might be kinda wacky ... With the Dreamers' powers to warp reality, who knows what kind of twisted landscape they'll create?
BUFFY: Can't be any worse than LA!
WILLOW: No matter what happens around you, you're gonna need to stay focused. To do that, I'm thinking maybe you should wear the necromancer's talisman.
[she hands Buffy the Tedarka Talisman]
WILLOW: I found a spell that I can cast on it that, amplified by the talisman's own power, should guide you through whatever reality the Dreamers create.
[she talks to Angel]
BUFFY: Hey ... You sure you're gonna be all right?
ANGEL: I'm sure ... whatever "all right" is. Thanks to you, that's what I'll be.
CORDELIA: Oh sure, now you're all right ... when it's convenient not to be evil! "Oh, good, evil, what should I be? So hard to decide!"
WILLOW: I'm pretty wary too, Cordelia, but ... it wasn't Angel this time. He was possessed by the Master. He wasn't evil, so much as a "hotel" for evil.
CORDELIA: Why is the evil never his fault? We're all just a big bunch of darkness enablers, aren't we?
ANGEL: Hold on ... Just because I don't like to talk about my past, doesn't mean I don't accept responsibility for it. I bear that burden every day. But this time around, the choice weren't mine, I was used--
CORDELIA: Oh, whine whine whine ... Join the club! You wanna know what it's like to be used? Date a quarterback!
ANGEL: Can we just go? If we don't track the Master down fast, it may be too late to stop him.
BUFFY: Oh no ... Between the Master possessing you and what we had to do to break you loose, you're in no shape for this fight. I need you here.
ANGEL: Here? What good am I gonna do anyone here?
GILES: Well, you've been around some magick in your time. Perhaps you can aid Willow and I in our research and preparation.
BUFFY: Angel, I'm sorry but ... I wouldn't be able to focus if I was worrying the whole time.
ANGEL: Don't worry, I'll make myself useful ... Even if I can't help with the actual sorcery, I can still help. The more people involved in this spell, the more powerful it is. I'll stick with Giles and the others and help turn the Master into a Buffy punching bag, but you should probably get going.


[Buffy defeats the Master, and escapes his Sunken Church before the entire structure collapses]
GILES: [in voice over] And once again, the Master is no more. She ground his bones to dust, and now she has had to destroy his spirit as well. Buffy's time as Slayer has taught her one thing above all else ... Evil lingers. It's always there, waiting. Fortunately, there is always a Slayer to combat it. One girl in all the world. The Chosen One. Buffy Summers.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a 2002 Xbox video game (developed by Eurocom and distributed by Electronic Arts) based upon the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. It is the second video game based on the franchise to be released, though the earliest in terms of setting and the first for a console. The novella and dialogue of the game were written by Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski, with additional dialogue provided by Richard Hare.

Set in the third season between "Revelations" and "Lovers Walk." The Master, being resurrected in a phantom form, is searching for a body to possess.

There are 13 levels in the game.

* Spanish Mission
* Sunnydale High
* The Bronze
* Sunnydale Cemetery
* The Mausoleum
* The Sunken Church
* Angel's Mansion
* Sunnydale Docks
* Return to Sunnydale High
* The Foundry
* Return to the Sunken Church
* The Dreamer's Realm
* The Apse

In addition, between missions Buffy and her friends meet in the Sunnydale High School library. During these meetings, Buffy can learn more of the story, get new weapons from Xander, learn new fighting moves from Giles and gain increased health and 'Slayer Power' from Willow.



Buffy has a prophetic dream about the Master and three powerful Demon spirits. Unbeknown to her at the time, the dream was brought on by the fact that Spike has reformed the Order of Aurelius, including, members Malik and Scylla plot to resurrect the Master once again. Since Buffy had smashed the Master's bones to dust after the last resurrection attempt, the vampires first go about summoning Matereani, The Necromancer. Although Buffy attempts to stop him, Malik steals a book on spirit channeling from Giles and successfully summons Matereani. Buffy does battle briefly with Matereani and his zombie hordes, and though she slays Matereani, he nonetheless manages to bring the Master back as a ghost, much to Buffy's horror. Shortly afterwards, the Scooby Gang agree to consult Angel, the only one who could possibly know what exactly Spike is up to. Unfortunately, several vampires abduct Angel out of his mansion despite Buffy's best efforts to stop them. After fighting Scylla in her demonic snake form and barely defeating her by exposing her to sunlight, Buffy encounters a strangely-behaved Angel, ultimately discovering that the Master's spirit has taken over Angel's body. Just as Spike and Malik arrive, Buffy escapes.

The Master then initiates a plan to gather the three Dreamers, Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi. With their combined reality altering powers, the Master can reform his own body and reshape the world as he likes. Fortunately, Buffy is able to intercept one of the dreamers at the docks and destroy it.

With only two Dreamers, the Master reformulates his plan. Using blood and iron, he can combine the remaining Dreamers' powers into a powerful weapon. While he is setting this plan in motion, he sends Malik to blow up Sunnydale High School as a distraction. Buffy defuses the bomb and fights Malik, who was already furious over the death of his girlfriend (and fellow shape shifter) Scylla. Buffy defeats Malik in his were-sabertooth form but as she is walking away, Malik unleashes one final, desperate attack. Caught off-guard, Buffy is saved in the nick of time by Spike, who stakes Malik from behind with a long shaft of wood.

Back in the library, Spike explains the situation: he has been forced to do everything by Laibach of the Abyss, an Old One who has taken control of Drusilla, who threatens to completely destroy Drusilla's mind and leave her a vegetable if Spike disobeys him. Laibach plans to bring an army of demons to Earth to take it over, and needs both the Master and the Dreamers to do so. Due to his dislike of being an errand boy, and his own distrust of the Master, Spike has betrayed the Order to strike up a deal with the Scooby Gang: he will help Buffy defeat the Master once more, she will help him save Drusilla, and then Spike and Drusilla will again depart Sunnydale and be out of Buffy's hair. Buffy agrees to the deal on the grounds that Spike does not harm Angel. Giles and Willow formulate a spell to exorcise the Master from Angel's body and also protect Angel, Drusilla, and Spike from possession. Armed with the spell and her trusty Reaper blade, Buffy and Spike set off to destroy the master for the final time.

Buffy and Willow are able to free Angel from the Master's control, while Xander and Giles successfully exorcise Laibach from Drusilla, although the Master himself is able to 'retreat' back to his old lair in spirit form. Buffy is able to destroy the Dreamers in a confrontation in their realm, and then, using a spell discovered by Giles, the other Scoobies are able to make the Master corporeal again, allowing Buffy to stake him once more. According to Giles' voice-over, this results in the destruction of the Master's spirit, killing him forever.

In the Epilogue, Buffy and the gang are at the Bronze. Willow ask Buffy why she is feeling down and Buffy says it's because she didn't make the cheerleading squad. Upon seeing a vampire exiting with an unaware girl, Buffy gets out her stake and continues her duties, commenting "I'd like to see those pom-pom girls try making my squad."



When you start the next part of the level, head straight ahead to the next room. Start to head down the stairs and two vampires will drop from the ceiling. After killing the vampires, there are boxes in the room you can break. One of them has a stake. There is also another stake in the corner of the room. Head straight ahead from the stairs and turn left to take another quick turn to the left and a walk down a dark hallway. Turn right at the end of the hallway and take an immediate right after that. Head down the stairs and take a left to find the crank (in the form of a wheel) to cut the steam off. After that, you can go down the other flight of stairs and break the boxes to get a stake and a broom. Then, go to the area where the steam was just turned off in order to rotate another crank. After that, there will be a vampire to fight. After defeating it, head to the electrical box in which the vampire was standing in front of during the cut-scene. After activating that, head back to the room where the vampires fell from the ceiling. Head for the EXIT door and go through there using the key card.

Follow the hallway until you are attack by a vampire. Kill the vampire and continue down the hallway until you reach the final door. Open the door and climb up the ladder. Head for the door and kill the vampire. Go up to the top floor and visit the classroom where Willow was to talk to the two girls. After talking to them, head down a flight of stairs and for the door that requires a keycard.

Once through the door, a vampire who throws exploding objects is there. Dodge the fire and kill him. Head left at the top of the first flight of stairs where the vampire first stood, then head to the left door. There is a secret in this class room. One of the cabinets is partway open. Open it to get an elixir and break the chair to get a stake. After getting that, a bad guy will appear outside. Then head up the second flight of stairs and turn right. Go through the double door and the library is straight ahead. Once you go into the library, the first boss will appear.

Boss: Malik
He has a chest thrust attack, an attack where he shoots magic at you, and he has all the normal kick and fist attacks. Watch out for his combos (similar to Buffy's) where his last attack is his most deadly. You won't be able to kill him, instead he will flee the scene, so don't bother trying to stake him. The best technique in killing him is circling him and try to make him thrust. Once he does this, counter attack and use your combos.

After you beat him, the crew will come and visit you. Talk to them all to get a crossbow and to learn a new fighting technique to attack multiple enemies at once. Thus concludes the level.

Two vampires will attack you. Try the new fighting move (full clockwise spin of the left thumb stick followed by a punch). After defeating them, a big monster with tons of armor will pop through the wall. You can't defeat him with you hands, so run through the wall in which he came to see him fall when the stairs collapse. You can head upstairs to find a power crystal under a small table, but the big creature will follow you, so be careful.

Head into the kitchen to the left and find holy water in the refrigerator. After leaving the kitchen, head straight and to the right to fight a female vampire. Head into the small room she came out of to get an elixir. Exit the room and continue to the right. A vampire awaits you. Head up the stairs after you defeat the vampire. Turn around and you will see an item on an overhang. Jump over to it and hang on the ledge to climb up and get the heath crystal. Jump down and head back up the stairs and take a left. Then head to the right and open the door. After this, you will engage in a fight with Spike.

Boss: Spike
Spike will use many combo attacks and he attacks quickly. The best idea is to use special moves to beat him. If you don't want to waste magic power, then simply run around him and wait for him to dive for you. After that, try attacking him. That is the best way I found out to get by his constant blocking. However, like the last boss, he will not die right away.



The Sunnydale High School library is a fictional location on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, central to the show's first three seasons.

Michael Betancourt suggests in his essay "Educating Buffy: The Role of Education in Buffy the Vampire Slayer," that the Sunnydale High School library is a central metaphor for the characters' coming-of-age, both social and sexual, that informs the entire series.

Students and other visitors enter the library through swinging double doors equipped with small, round windows. The library's vestibule leads past the checkout counter, behind which is the doorway that leads into the librarian's private office.

The library occupied two levels.

Lower level

The lower level is devoted to a large study table surrounded by chairs and illuminated by lamps with yellow glass shades. Occasionally, a computer occupies a place at the table. Old-fashioned card catalogues stand to one side of the library. A book cage for the storage of rare volumes is located at the rear of the library's lower level.


A short flight of stairs leads from the lower to the upper level.

Upper level

The library's upper level is fronted by a low bookcase and a handrail. It is occupied with rows of bookshelves, or stacks. A doorway at the rear of the upper story allows egress from the library's upper level. Hemispherical windows are set high in one of the side walls.


A large skylight in the center of the ceiling admits sunlight into the library and allows access to the library from the school's rooftop. During a fight with The Master, a centuries-old vampire, Buffy flips him through the skylight, and he falls upon the broken edge or leg of an upturned table ("Prophecy Girl").

Esoteric collections

In addition to the traditional volumes and periodicals that an American high school library may be expected to contain, the Sunnydale High School library houses an extensive collection of esoteric and occult works. Many of these books take as their topics forces, entities, and phenomena that are of a supernatural or a paranormal character. In their companion volume to the television show, Dusted: The Unauthorized Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the authors keep track of the many strange books on magic and metaphysics that the Sunnydale High School library contains.

As Dusted's authors point out, the library's holdings are inclusive, so much so that librarian Rupert Giles tells one of his students to focus on texts concerning "reanimation theory" while he pokes around the stacks regarding "organ harvesting." The episode "Graduation Day" suggests that these books are available to students for checkout, and one student, Xander Harris, does check out two books on witchcraft because, he confesses, they have pictures of scantily clad women among their illustrations.

In the first episode of the series, Giles tries to interest the school's newcomer, Buffy Summers, in a book entitled VAMPYR. Another book, the title of which is not mentioned, predicts the Harvest, a supernatural event that occurs during the series' second episode.

These occult and esoteric volumes are mentioned in the series:

First season

* Vampyr (shown in "Welcome to the Hellmouth")
* Witches: Historic Roots to Modern Practice (mentioned in "Witch")
* The Pagan Rites (mentioned in "Witch")
* The Book of Aurelius (mentioned in "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date")
* Sherman Jeffries' work on cults (mentioned in "The Pack")
* Malleus Maleficarum (mentioned in "The Pack")
* The Watchers' diaries (mentioned in "Angel")
* The Pergamum Codex - this book was lost, but Angel brings Giles a copy (mentioned in "Out of Sight, Out of Mind")
* The Tiberius Manifesto - This book, like The Pergamum Codex, was lost (mentioned in "Out of Sight, Out of Mind")
* Legends of Vishnu (mentioned in "Out of Sight, Out of Mind")
* The Black Chronicles (mentioned in "Prophecy Girl")

Second season

* An unnamed Latin translation of a Sumerian revivification ritual (mentioned in "When She Was Bad")
* An encoded book of spells and rituals written in archaic Latin by theologian and mathematician Josephus de Lac (mentioned in "What's My Line, Part One")
* The Slayers Handbook (mentioned but not seen in "What's My Line, Part Two")
* Dramius' writings (in at least six volumes) (mentioned in "What's My Line, Part Two")
* An unnamed volume concerning the Order of Taraka (mentioned in "What's My Line, Part Two")
* Bristow's Demon Index (mentioned in "Bad Eggs")
* Hell's Offspring (mentioned in "Bad Eggs")
* An unnamed text concerning Angelus (mentioned in "Passion")
* A book containing drawings of demons, including a cover illustration of Der Kindestod (mentioned in "Killed by Death"

Third season

* Two books on the Ovu Mobani mask (mentioned in "Dead Man's Party")
* Exploring Demon Dimensions (mentioned in "Beauty and the Beasts")
* Mystery of Acathla (mentioned in "Beauty and the Beasts")
* Sir Robert Kane's Twilight Compendium (mentioned in "Revelations")
* A volume containing Father Theodore of Wolsham's engraving of the Glove of Myhnegon (mentioned in "Revelations")
* A book concerning the demon Anyanka (mentioned in "The Wish")
* Diary of Lucius Temple (mentioned in "Amends")
* A series of letters regarding The First (mentioned in "Amends")
* Blood Rites and Sacrifices (mentioned in "Gingerbread")
* Hebron's Almanac (mentioned in "The Zeppo")
* Merenshtadt Text (mentioned in "Enemies")
* A book on poison, including the poison that Faith Lehane uses in her attempt to kill the vampire Angel (mentioned in "Graduation Day, Part One")
* Kippler volumes (mentioned in "Graduation Day, Part Two")

Although Giles admits that his library contained neither Hume's Paranormal Encyclopedia nor The Labyrinth Maps of Malta; these books, he said, were on order.

Book relocation

In the last two episodes of the series' third season, Buffy and her friends remove Giles' books from the school library in anticipation of their detonation of explosives they've stockpiled in the library as a means of destroying Mayor Richard Wilkins after he has ascended to the level of a "pure demon." The books are relocated to The Magic Box, a store that Giles buys after resigning as Sunnydale High's librarian. The characters continue to use the books they have rescued from the library to identify demons and other supernatural and paranormal threats, adding to their ever-growing collection.

Sunnydale High School is rebuilt, in an entirely different, more modern architectural design. Although it contains a library, the new library does not house any of the special collections that the original library contained and, in the new school, the principal's office, not the library, is located directly over Sunnydale's Hellmouth.

Other features of the library

The high school library also contains a book cage in which Giles keeps expensive, rare volumes. It is used for the first time when Xander is possessed by a hyena spirit, and Buffy and Willow lock him in there as a precaution, though it is later destroyed by both Xander and the other hyena spirits. After Oz becomes a werewolf as a result of having been bitten by his cousin, Giles would lock him inside the book cage until he transforms back into a human being. Buffy, Faith Lehane, Willow Rosenberg, and Xander Harris would take turns guarding Oz to make sure he does not escape. In addition to the stacks and book cage, the library has space for Giles' private office, and there is a trapdoor hidden behind the stacks that leads outside the school building.

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