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Case Study No. 0365: Super Hero City Public Librarian

The Super Hero Squad Show Season 1 Episode 4 - Part 1/3 - Hulk Talk Smack! [HQ]
7:01 13Rlw3
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The Super Hero Squad Show Season 1 Episode 4
During a chaotic battle with Klaw & Screaming Mimi, a fractals cosmic power turns the Hulk into the Gray Hulk. To redeem themselves, Klaw and Screaming Mimi rendezvous with Melter and Toad to find a fractal at the local reservoir.
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[scene opens with Klaw and Screaming Mimi (wearing disguises) entering the Super Hero City Public Library, as Wasp spies on them]
WASP: [whispering into her earpiece] It's Claw and Screaming Mimi! They just entered the main library!
[cut to the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier]
IRON MAN: They're probably looking for a fractal! Help is on the way ... from the Super Hero Squad!
[cut to the main reading room of the library, as the Hulk and Falcon are spying on Klaw and Screaming Mimi from behind a bookcase]
FALCON: [whispering] Look at us ... Undercover!
HULK: Hulk hate sneaking, Bird! Hulk want smash!
[he takes a book and slams it shut]
FALCON: [whispering] No, no smash! Not until we figure out what they're up to ...
HULK: [flipping through the book's pages] Ugh, words and words ...
FALCON: Yeah, it's a dictionary ...
HULK: Bah, Hulk wait for movie!
[Hulk forces the book back onto the shelf with such force that it causes a chain reaction, knocking down several of the bookcases in a domino effect, as the female librarian (ugly and buck-toothed) watches in horror]
HULK: Oopsie ...
[the librarian pops up from a pile of books and shushes them]
[she walks off, as the two super villains shed their costumes and attack]
HULK: Rawwr!
FALCON: Nice job on the stealth, Hulk! Those ninja lessons, really payed off!
[Hulk picks up two bookshelves and hurls them at the villains]
HULK: Rawwr!
[he moves in to attack, but Screaming Mimi uses her supersonic vocal cords to stop him with a piercing shriek ... until the librarian pops back into the scene and shushes her]
HULK: [watches the librarian walk away] Huh?
[Wasp flies into the scene]
WASP: [whispering] You heard the librarian, Mimi ...
[she starts shooting Mimi with her bio-electric blasts]
WASP: [whispering] No talking!
FALCON: Which you have to admit, is kind of ironic with these two ...



The Super Hero Squad Show is an American cartoon series by Marvel Animation. It is based on the Marvel Super Hero Squad action figure line from Hasbro, which portray the characters of the Marvel Universe in a cartoonish super-deformed-style. It is also a self-aware parody of the Marvel characters in that the heroes find themselves in comedic situations and have cartoonish bents to their usually serious personalities, such as The Incredible Hulk being jovial and good-natured but with "major anger issues". The series' animation was produced by Film Roman and Marvel Animation.


Hulk Talk Smack!
Season 1, Episode 4
October 3, 2009
Written by Eugene Son
Directed by Patty Shinagawa

During a chaotic battle with Klaw & Screaming Mimi, a fractal's cosmic power turns the Hulk into the Gray Hulk.

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