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Case Study No. 0382: Shelly Witcher

The High Point Public Library's Drive-Thru
This is the other side of the High Point Public Library's drive-thru window. Patrons can pick up there holds and drop off materials without getting out of their cars.
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[scene opens inside the High Point Public Library (Greensboro NC), as a young female librarian is speaking directly to the camera]
SHELLY: Hi, I'm Shelly Witcher, and we're at the High Point Public Library, and we are one of the only libraries that have a drive-through window. Um, customers can reserve items online or they can call and reserve, and within seventy-two to forty-eight hours, we'll have it here ... Um, at the drive through.
[the camera pans over to show the drive through window]
SHELLY: If they call directly and speak with a librarian, it is within maybe two hours, and we'll have it here for them to pick up. And, uh, the public seems to really really like it, especially if it's raining or snowing or they have children in the car and don't wanna get out. They can use it, but they can only pick up items, we don't let them pay fines here or ... We renew items if we have to, in order to check out, but it's usually just to pick up. And people really like it.



Highlights of Highpoint (Public and University Library)
March 12, 2012 By Patrick "PC" Sweeney

The morning after Charlotte we drove over to Highpoint and visited both the University and Public Libraries. We took way too many videos than we could ever have time to edit and publish but these are some of our favorites.

High Point Public library
This library has a great teen space called the Teen Garage. The teens are able to write on the walls in dry erase markers, there is a space for gaming, and great light with comfortable seating. Its called the garage because of a real working garage door that separates it from the rest of the library.

One of the great features of the Public Library is the drive-thru window that lets patrons pick up holds and drop off materials in the bookdrop without ever getting out of their cars.



You can request library material by signing in to your account on our online catalog at www dot highpointpubliclibrary dot com. Processing takes 24-72 hours. You will receive an automated phone call when your materials are ready. Do you need anything really quickly? Try calling one of our service desks and someone will process your request as soon as possible. For fiction and non-print material call Readers' Services at 883-3638. For non-fiction call Research Services at 883-3641. For children's materials call Children's Services at 883-3666.

You can save even more time by using our drive-through window to pick up requested materials once you have received confirmation that they are available. The drive-through window closes five minutes before the library closes. However, the book drop is available 24-7.



On the Road to PLA
By LJ on March 12, 2012

While the rest of the library world gets ready to attend the Public Library Association (PLA) conference, LJ's own Josh Hadro and two fellow librarians are already headed there by the scenic route.

The Great Library Roadshow chronicles Josh and fellow travelers Lisa Carlucci Thomas and Patrick "PC" Sweeney as they take an OCLC-sponsored road trip from Charlotte, NC, to PLA in Philly, stopping at innovative libraries and the communities they serve all along the way.

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