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Case Study No. 0372: Librarian Works

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The trailer of the gundam seed vs astray..

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Gundam Seed Vs Astray
New Episode
Dengeki Hobby

The story is set in the era of "DESTINY." ZAFT and The Earth Alliance are at war, another war is going to start at the other side of the world. It would be the dangerous war, involving world if wrong strategy is taken.

Librarian Mobile Suit
1/100 scale
Gale Strike Gundam
Now on Sale

Librarian Mobile Suit
1/100 scale
Hail Buster Gundam
Now on Sale

1/100 series
New Items

The first MG
from Gundam Astray series
in MG series!

New Master Grade Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
Coming in October!!



Gundam MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise MG 1/100 Scale
by Gundam

1/100 Scale Master Grade very detailed assembly model kit
It comes with a snap-fit assembly, matching-colored pieces, accessories and fully illustrated construction manual.
You don't need paint or glue.
Imported product from Japan.
Instructions are written in Japanese.

This MG kit of Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise marks the first Astray variation to get the royal MG treatment! Based on its design for the "Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY" side story published in Dengeki Hobby magazine, the Mobile Suit comes sharply molded in color and will be incredibly flexible upon completion. It can hold various dynamic action poses, and detail is spot on with intricate mechanisms realized on its highly-articulated inner frame. Its signature Tactical Arms II weapon can switch between three main forms: Flight, Blade, and Gatling Forms. Furthermore, its blades are detachable for use as blade arms and the gatling gun as a separate handheld weapon. Foil stickers, tetron stickers, and dry transfer decals are included along with a blue Action Base.



Librarian Works is a mysterious Military Organization ruled by a mysterious person, appearing in the manga "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray."

On how the Organization was formed is unknown but it was speculated they appeared after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. On Cosmic Era 75, the group launches attacks against Lowe Guele of the Junk Guild, and Rondo Mina Sahaku of the Orb Union. As well as attacking multiple Earth Alliance bases all across the globe and the PLANTS. Their aims are unknown, but they only act according to their own unique set of values, but they're planning to start the Third Bloody Valentine War and overthrow ZAFT, Orb Union and the Earth Alliance using Carbon Human Clones due to belief that Cagalli Yula Athha of the Orb Union and Lacus Clyne of the ZAFT were inexperienced on ruling the Earth Sphere.

Their scale as an organization is unclear, but they have data on all Mobile Suits developed up to date, and detailed data on ace pilots (even to the genetic level). Using this data, they strengthen and redesign existing MS for their own use and create Carbon Humans of deceased pilots. Because they possess data even beyond military levels, they have several MS which have been improved beyond imagining, making them even far superior to the Coordinators themselves.

All of Librarian Work's mobile suits are named for meteorological events [i.e. gale, 'hail, 'nix (French for snow), mirage, nebula, vent (French for wind)]


ND HE (also known as NO DATA-HIGH ERROR) is a Librarian pilot in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED vs Astray. A carbon human created to facilitate the organization's activities. He wears a helmet-like mask in his head. Because his face is always hidden behind a mask, his true identity is not knowable from his outward appearance, but his combat ability and piloting sences are exceptional, and there is no doubt that he must have a connection with some ace pilot of repute. During a battle with Rondo Ghina Sahaku, it is revealed that ND HE is a carbon human clone of Serpent Tail pilot Gai Murakumo. Pilots LG-GAT-X105 Gale Strike Gundam.

Finis Socius
Finis Socius is a Librarian pilot in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED vs Astray. A coordinator produced by the Alliance, but this is a newly created Socius. Pilots LH-GAT-X103 Hail Buster Gundam.

Kaite Madigan
Coordinator; veteran ZAFT pilot turned mercenary; pilots multiple customized mobile suits manufactured by the EA and ZAFT depending on the missions; very confident in his abilities, and he always wears a business suit even in battle. Pilots LR-GAT-X102 Regen Duel Gundam.

Prayer Reverie
Coordinator;a person of high status within Librarian. he appears to be same Prayer Reverie who once acted along side with Lowe Guele and his team, but the truth of whether it is actually him or a carbon human is kept secret even within the Librarian orgazation. Pilots LN-ZGMF-X13A Nix Providence Gundam.

Rondo Ghina Sahaku
A carbon human version of Rondo Ghina Sahaku, the former co-head of the Sahaku royal family of the Orb Union; he desired to rule the Earth Sphere under Librarian's Power. Highly aggressive pilot of the MBF-05LM Gundam Astray Mirage Frame.

Goud Veia
A carbon human version of Goud Veia, originally a soldier of the ZAFT forces and later left the military because he hates the war, Gud develops a split personality problem, one personality is kind, helpful and the other is revengeful, wanting to kill anyone around him, including Elijah Kiel. His DNA was used to create the Socius. Pilots LV-ZGMF-X23S Vent Saviour Gundam.

Lily Thevalley
Lily Thevalley is a carbon human she not copied from a specific person, but she is skilled enough to make her more than an even match in combat against famous pilots. She is in the special brigade assigned to Supreme Librarian Prayer Reverie. She pilots the LN-GAT-X207 Nebula Blitz Gundam. Several clones of her were created from her data after she defected from the group.

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