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Case Study No. 0389: Hana Makihatayama and Keiko Yamamoto (student library workers)

06 - The Mystery Combo Of Class Librarians!.MP4
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[scene opens inside Misora Elementary School, as the class is deciding which student will serve as the school librarian for the semester]
DOREMI: There are a lot of books here that I don't have at home.
MOMOKO: Now we can make a great class library!
[one of the students (Hana Makihatayama) is looking over the books with wide-eyed enthusiasm, when the young female teacher addresses the class]
SEKI: Well then, let's choose who our class librarian will be.
[one of the students (Keiko Yamamoto) raises her hand]
KEIKO: I'll do it.
DOREMI: Keiko-chan is very neat, so that's nice!
[the rest of the students seem to agree]
MOMOKO: You're right, Keiko-chan is perfect!
[Hana suddenly raises her hand]
HANA: Hana-chan wants to be class librarian, too!
[everyone looks at her in shock]
DOREMI: H-Hana-chan?
[one of the male students sneers at her from his desk]
TETSUYA: Go for it, class lib-brarian!
[a piece of chalk (thrown by the teacher!) appears from off camera and hits him in the head, then cut to Seki addressing the class in a firm voice]
SEKI: Yamamoto and Makihatayama will be the class librarians ...
HANA: Okay! I'll do my best!
[Doremi Harukaze and Momoko Asuka give her doubting looks, then cut to after class as their friends discuss the situation amongst themselves]
AIKO: Eh? Hana-chan's the class librarian?
MOMOKO: She nominated herself.
[cut to inside the school library, as Hana is reading a picture book, while the other students look at her from the doorway]
HAZUKI: Hana-chan loves picture books, though.
ONPU: I'm sure she doesn't know what a class librarian does.
[Doremi bows her head]
DOREMI: Yeah ...
[cut to after class, as Keiko and Hana are placing date due slips in the back of the books (while Doremi helps)]
DOREMI: We have to put checkout cards in them, huh?
KEIKO: There's also a place to stamp the due date. That way, people won't forget about the due date.
HANA: Is it bad when you miss the due date?
KEIKO: That's part of the rules of a class library.
HANA: Class lib-brary rule?
KEIKO: [annoyed] Class library rule!
DOREMI: [to herself] Hana-chan ...
[Hana uses a glue stick in the back of one of the books, but then becomes distracted by a nearby picture book before she can place the date due slip]
[she picks up the picture book (with a picture of a bunny on the cover) and begins reading]
DOREMI: Hana-chan, you need to stick that on quickly ...
[Hana ignores her and starts laughing at what's inside the picture book]
KEIKO: Hana-chan!
[Doremi runs over to the unattended book]
DOREMI: Jeez, the glue is drying ...
KEIKO: Doremi-chan, you've got it flipped.
[Keiko comes over and removes the upside-down date due slip (leaving a messy glue splotch on the book's inside back cover)]
DOREMI: Sorry ...
KEIKO: Hana-chan, if you want to read that so badly, then you can go home first!
[Hana, apparently oblivious to Keiko's harsh tone, smiles and gets up]
HANA: Okay, I'll do that!
HANA: See you tomorrow!
[she runs out of the room]
DOREMI: H-Hana-chan!
[she turns to Keiko]
DOREMI: Sorry, Keiko-chan ...
[she runs off after Hana, leaving Keiko to stare off in disbelief]
DOREMI: Hana-chan!
KEIKO: Sigh ...


[Doremi confronts Hana]
DOREMI: Hana-chan, you know ... Why did you become the class librarian?
HANA: [smiling] I want to read all of the books there!
DOREMI: I knew it ... Hana-chan, being the class librarian doesn't only mean that you get to read all the books. You need to work hard so that your classmates can enjoy reading them, too.
[Hana's face falls]
HANA: Really?
[she suddenly gets happy again]
HANA: I get it! Hana-chan'll work hard!
DOREMI: [to herself] Does she really understand?
[cut to the school library, as several students are looking through the shelves]
TETSUYA: Wow! I really wanted to read this historical manga!
[a female student looks at him with derision]
REIKA: Manga? I prefer something a bit more advanced, on my level.
[he suddenly becomes embarrassed]
TETSUYA: Uhhh ...
[cut to Keiko at the front desk, handing a male student a book]
KEIKO: Please return it by Wednesday.
[he leaves, as Keiko looks down at her paper]
KEIKO: Hana-chan, could you sort the book cards by title?
[there is no response, so she looks up]
[cut to Hana in the back of the library, excitedly talking to another male student]
HANA: That book is very interesting! The mummy came out from the pyramid and went "Aaargghh!"
[he looks at the book blankly, as she starts swinging her arms around]
HANA: It went buck wild on the bad guys!
MASARU: Oh? That sounds interesting ... I'll borrow it.
[cut back to Keiko, with a depressed look on her face]
KEIKO: Sigh ...
[she takes the box of index cards herself, while the other girls look on from the doorway]
DOREMI: Hana-chan! Help out Keiko-chan!
MOMOKO: But she's working hard in her own way, isn't she?
AIKO: Yeah, take a good look ...
[cut back to Hana, as she continues discussing the books with nearby students in an animated fashion]
AIKO: [from off camera] Hana-chan's telling them how interesting the books are, and they're borrowing them.
[cut back to the girls in the doorway]
HAZUKI: That's part of being a good class librarian, right?
DOREMI: You're right ...


[Momoko approaches Keiko at the front desk]
MOMOKO: There's a book about the mysteries of the world, right? I want to check that out.
[she quickly looks over her box of index cards]
KEIKO: Uh, Tamaki-san should have returned it today ... Ah sorry, she hasn't returned it yet.
MOMOKO: I see.
[she smiles and walks away, but Keiko looks upset]
KEIKO: [to herself] There are other people who haven't returned their books either ...
[she flips through the cards again]
KEIKO: Hagiwara-kun too ... Yada-kun as well, have overdue books.
[Hana runs over and smiles]
HANA: The books were too interesting, so they forgot!
KEIKO: That's no good! There are other people who want to read them.
HANA: But there are other interesting books, too!
KEIKO: That's not the problem here ... You promise to return your book by the due date. That's the rule, right?
HANA: Mm-hmm?
[cut to Keiko confronting Reika Tamaki in the library]
REIKA: Ah, what have I done? I completely forgot about it.
KEIKO: That's irresponsible! Please remember next time.
REIKA: Okay, okay. I understand.
[cut to Keiko confronting Masaru Yada in the stairwell]
MASARU: Ah, that book? I lent it to Kotake.
KEIKO: You shouldn't do that, it's against the rules!
MASARU: Oh, really?
KEIKO: Yes, really!
[cut to Takuro Hagiwara returning his book (slightly damaged) to Keiko]
KEIKO: The front cover is ripped! The class library is for everyone, so please take care of the books!
TAKURO: Sorry ...
[cut to Masaru and Takuro (alongside Tetsuya) talking outside of school]
MASARU: Yamamoto got very mad when I told her I lent you the book. What a pain ...
TAKURO: She got mad at me for ripping the cover.
TETSUYA: Makihatayama is a lot better than her! She doesn't get mad at us and recommends interesting books ...
[Reika suddenly shows up behind them]
REIKA: Yes! I wonder if we can do anything about that stubborn ... class lib-brarian!
[she makes a face, as the male students look at her in confusion]
REIKA: Oh my, what have I done?
[she gives an evil laugh, then cut to Keiko (who's been spying on them from behind a nearby storefront)]
KEIKO: [to herself] Jeez, what's wrong with following the rules? How can someone who does no work be better than the one who does all of the work?!
[cut to Keiko and Hana in the library after school]
KEIKO: You need to fix the binding or else they'll get worse.
HANA: Okay.
[she picks up one of the books and inspects the spine]
HANA: This looks like it's ripping.
[she suddenly stops (when she notices the bunny on the cover) and begins reading]
KEIKO: Hana-chan!
HANA: Yes?
KEIKO: Move your hands, not your mouth!
HANA: [laughs] But this is really interesting! See? He heard the wings and the monkey is now a flying monkey! And then--
KEIKO: A flying monkey?
[she gets up and gives Hana a stern look]
KEIKO: Get serious, now.
[Hana begins to pout]
HANA: [under her breath] It's so interesting ...
[she suddenly smiles and skips out of the room, leaving Keiko by herself]
KEIKO: Sigh ...
[she sits down to begin repairing the books herself]
HANA: [from off camera] Pretty Witch Hana-Chan-Chi!
[she looks over at Hana (who is secretly heir to the Witch King's throne) who is transforming into a witch]
HANA: Pororin Pyuarin Hanahana Pii!
[a gust of wind suddenly picks Keiko up into the air]
[one of the books opens to a page with a drawing of a tornado, sucking both Keiko and Hana into the book]
KEIKO: Hana-chan!
HANA: Let's go together!
[she laughs, as they disappear into the eye of the storm, then cut to Hana (in her witch outfit) standing in an open meadow]
KEIKO: [from off camera] Hana-chan?
[cut to a closeup of a mechanical alarm clock]
KEIKO: [from off camera] What's this huge clock doing here?
[cut to Hana turning around]
HANA: Huh?
[she suddenly gets a very excited look on her face]
HANA: Wow, it's a rabbit!
KEIKO: [from off camera] Rabbit?
HANA: You turned into a rabbit!
KEIKO: [from off camera] Huh? Jeez, what are you saying?
[cut to Keiko looking at her reflection in the clock's face (which is actually a large medallion hanging around her neck), as she realizes that she's turned into a large white anthropomorphic rabbit]
KEIKO: Aahh!
HANA: You're so cute!
KEIKO: No way! What's going on? Is this a dream!?
[she starts pulling at her face, as if she's trying to remove a mask]
KEIKO: A dream!? Oww ... But it may still hurt inside a dream.


[trapped inside a world that combines elements of Oz and Wonderland (including flying baskets rather than flying monkeys), Hana and Keiko find themselves surrounded by the King and Queen of Hearts (who were using a turtle as a soccer ball, in a play on Alice's flamingo croquet mallet)]
KEIKO: Hana-chan, we have to run ...
FLYING BASKET: In this world, following the rules is the most important thing! You two are now under arrest!
KEIKO: Arrest? But we felt bad for the turtle!
FLYING BASKET: Rules are rules!
[a giant basket appears and covers both Keiko and Hana]
KEIKO: What's going to happen to us?
HANA: I wonder about that ...
KEIKO: N-No way! Even if this is a dream, we have to do something!
[the turtle (who the girls had saved from being kicked around by the Queen's minions, thus incurring her wrath) perks up]
TURTLE: I'll do something as thanks for rescuing me!
HANA: You have a fabulous plan of getting us out?
TURTLE: Nope ... I'll play dead.
KEIKO: That's no good!
[she lowers her head]
KEIKO: This ...
HANA: Keiko-chan.
KEIKO: I've always tried my best to be a good girl. I always followed the rules ... I didn't realize how bad that had become.
[she gets a defiant look on her face]
KEIKO: But why must we be arrested for breaking a single rule!?
QUEEN: We're just doing what you do! Breaking a single rule is breaking the rules!
KEIKO: I'm not perfect! There are times when I forget!
QUEEN: Oh? What a pity ...
KING: But in this kingdom, those who are not perfect get punished.
HANA: Punished?
KING: Well, you know ...
QUEEN: You'll be locked up until your deaths!
[everyone laughs, but Keiko gets even angrier]
KEIKO: Imprisoned for life just for breaking a single rule!? You two don't have any friends, right? Since you follow such a stupid rule!
[everyone stops and looks at her in shock]
KEIKO: Rules, rules, rules all day ... Oh.
[cut to a flashback of Keiko yelling at Reika, Masaru and Takuro from before, then back to Keiko and Hana]
KEIKO: [to herself] That's like me ...
QUEEN: Take these two to the furnace!
[Doremi and her friends (who are also secretly witches and found the book that Hana and Keiko had disappeared in) suddenly appear]
DOREMI: Listen up, listen up!
HANA: Hey, Doremi!
KEIKO: Doremi-chan and the others are appearing in my dreams, too?
QUEEN: Who are you guys!?
DOREMI: You don't know who we are!?
DOREMI: Rock, paper ... scissors!
[Doremi and the girls display pictures of open hands ("paper") hidden on their backs, as both the Queen and King hold up closed fists ("rock")]
QUEEN AND KING: Oh ... W-We lost.
[they suddenly disappear (along with the giant basket) as Keiko and Hana are freed]
DOREMI: Keiko-chan, Hana-chan!
KEIKO: E-Everyone!
AIKO: Hana-chan, why didn't you escape using magic?
HANA: [smiling] Because it seemed interesting, that's why!
[everyone sighs in exasperation]
DOREMI: Let's go home, then ...
HANA: Yeah!
KEIKO: Let's go, let's go! I've had enough of this ...
[cut to Keiko (back in human form) waking up in the library]
KEIKO: What? That was quite the dream ...
HANA: [from off camera] It was interesting, right?
[camera pans around to show Hana (back in her normal clothes) sitting next to her and reading a book]
KEIKO: Y-Yes ...
[she gets a confused look on her face]
KEIKO: [to herself] The picture book, right?
[Tetsuya suddenly runs in and takes a piece of paper off a nearby table]
TETSUYA: I forgot my math printout!
[he stops and looks up, suddenly realizing that there are other people in the room]
TETSUYA: Eh? You're still here?
[Keiko gets up]
KEIKO: Oh yeah, Kotake-kun! You got a book from Yada-kun, right?
TETSUYA: Uh ... Gulp! Well--
[she suddenly smiles]
KEIKO: I'll let you go this time, but please return it tomorrow.
TETSUYA: Oh ... O-Okay.
KEIKO: To make up for it, though, you need to help out ... the class lib-brarian!
[Keiko and Hana laugh, then cut to Doremi and her friends looking on from the doorway]
DOREMI: Good job, Keiko-chan ...



"Magical DoReMi", known as "Ojamajo Doremi" (lit: "Troublesome Witch Doremi") in Japan, is a magical girl anime television series created by Toei Animation in 1999. It focuses on elementary school students who become witch apprentices. Led by Doremi Harukaze, the girls must maintain their double lives in secret.

Eight-year-old Doremi Harukaze aspires to be a user of magic, as she believes it would solve all her problems and help her confess to a boy she liked. One afternoon, she comes upon a magic shop and correctly suspects that the shop owner is a witch. The shop owner becomes a witch frog, grenoulle, as this happens to witches when their true identities are discovered. In order to retain her original form, the shop owner, Majo Rika, takes Doremi as her apprentice to turn her into a witch. Doremi must take nine witch exams at night to become an official witch; however, she must never let her own identity as a witch be found out or the same fate that befell Majo Rika will happen to her.

On her way, Doremi is joined by her two best friends, Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Sen0, as well as her younger sister, Pop. While taking tests to become better witches, at the same time, Doremi and her friends help out their classmates and friends with their own problems via magic, as well as battle Majo Rika's rival, Majo Ruka.


Series 4, Episode 6: "The Mystery Combo Of Class Librarians!?" ("Gakkyuu Bunko no Mai Konbi!?")
Original Air Date: March 10, 2002

Hana meets a girl who is fond of books, so she uses magic to send them inside the story.



Hana Makihatayama is one of the seven witch apprentices of the series.

Hana is a baby born from the Witch Queen Rose, a large blue flower in the Witch Queen Garden that produces a new baby every 100 years as successor to the throne. Hana is given to Doremi to be cared for after she stumbles across her. In Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi, the Queen from two reigns ago puts a curse on Hana, causing her to hate vegetables,which are crucial to her health. In Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!, she transforms herself into an 11-year-old so she could attend school with her "mothers" and takes on the name of Hana Makihatayama. Of all her "mothers", Doremi's personality is more apparent in her. She often abuses her magic powers and made troubles for other ojamajos to fix them.

Hyper, excitable, and often annoying, Hana is childish and makes problems when using magic. Because she is the only one who can use magic without saying a spell, she can use it whenever she likes which can be very problematic.


Race: Witch
Birthday: March 25, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde tied in two pigtails with white hairclips shaped like feathers
Outfit: White sleeveless shirt with flower decorations, blue jean shorts, and peach and white shoes.

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