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Case Study No. 0392: Staff of Eyeglass Island Library

Oracle Chronicles Ages Ep. 35 - Strange place for a Library
Now the Fairy Queen is in trouble, and needs a special item to be revived! Luckily for me, the creepy Library will let me check out two things for free!

You'll see: Zora Seas part 3 and getting a ring
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[Link has traveled to the past to speak with King Zora in his undersea palace]
KING ZORA: Th-the pain! This is the end for me ... To think the prosperous royal family could fade in a generation ... The pain ...
["Give him the Magic Potion?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes"]
KING ZORA: Is this Magic Potion? Hmm ... It looks very suspect, but if I am to die, it can't hurt to drink it!
[Link gives him the bottle of Magic Potion]
KING ZORA: Glug, glug, ahh! Eww! It's awful! But it flows through me! The royal line is saved! Who are you?
[Link gives his name]
KING ZORA: Well, thank you, Link! The filthy water that flowed in from the east lately must have made me ill. I will never forget you! What do you wish for, Link? Huh? A big fish? Do you mean ... Jabu-Jabu? But Jabu-Jabu is the guardian of us Zoras! Calling him a fish is an insult! Watch your language!
[the player selects King Zora again]
KING ZORA: Filthy water has been flowing in from the east lately. Perhaps that is what made me ill. Anyhow, I'll never forget your deeds!
[Link returns to the present and speaks with King Zora again]
KING ZORA: Great healer! What do you ask? You wish to enter Jabu-Jabu? My permission is needed to enter Jabu-Jabu, but I can't permit just anyone to see our guardian. Anyhow, the filthy seawater has left Jabu-Jabu near death. If you say you must, then find a way to get rid of this filthy seawater and save Jabu-Jabu. Will you accept this quest?
[the player selects "Yes"]
KING ZORA: Very well! Then take this!
["You got the Library Key!" appears on screen]
KING ZORA: This is the key to Eyeglass Isle Library east of here. It is an ancient library, so I do not know if this key still works, but perhaps you can research why the seawater is so filthy. I trust you to save Jabu-Jabu.
[Link leaves the Zoras' undersea kingdom and travels back to the past, where he finds a cave next to Eyeglass Isle containing an Octorok]
QUEEN FAIRY: Please listen, young one! You may not believe this, but I am the Queen Fairy, guardian of this sea! The curse of an evil one named Veran has made me appear so! The magic of Fairy Powder can turn me back to normal. Veran has poisoned the sea. Soon all living things in it will perish! Please go find some Fairy Powder!
[Link leaves the cave and uses the key to enter the nearby library, where he speaks with the patrons browsing the bookshelves]
OLD MAN 1: Those who have seen a strange beast on the isle to the west say the beast is always there, never attacks, and just stares as if asking for help. Some even claim it speaks ... It's nonsense!
OLD MAN 2: The Fairy Queen used to live on the island west of here, but she vanished recently ... Surely the Fairy Queen could do something for these seas!
[Link walks up to the elderly male librarian (wearing a green cloak) behind the front desk]
LIBRARIAN 1: This is the Eyeglass Isle Library. Fairy Powder is said to be stored in back, but I've yet to see it.
[Link walks up to another elderly male librarian (wearing a blue cloak) standing in the back of the library]
LIBRARIAN 2: Fairy Powder is locked away in back, but without another Book of Seals, no one can reach the powder. By the way, what is Fairy Powder?
[Link enters the back room of the library, which contains two platforms (the near one with a podium and the far one with another elderly male librarian wearing a green cloak) separated by a vast chasm]
NARRATOR: It's a podium for holding a book.
[Link exits the library and returns to the present, then re-enters the library and speaks with the (different) patrons]
ZORA: I am studying the cause of the filthy seawater. It seems to have suddenly become polluted hundreds of years ago, but I have learned nothing more ...
YOUNG GIRL: There used to be something in back for sealing things away, but now there's just one crinkled old book.
YOUNG BOY: Heh heh! I can already read! "The Fairy Queen Who Keeps the Sea Clean" ... That's my favorite story.
CARPENTER: Have you heard of Fairy Powder? Fairy tales say it turned a cursed Queen back to her original shape. They say that Fairy Powder was kept in back long ago! I don't know if it's true or not, but it sure is romantic.
[Link walks up to the male librarian (wings haircut and mustache) behind the front desk]
PRESENT DAY LIBRARIAN: Welcome! This is the Eyeglass Isle Library. Long ago, Fairy Powder was kept in this very library. However, at some point in the past, someone took it away, and now none remains.
[Link enters the back room, which now has a completely intact floor, so he can walk up to the elderly librarian in the green cloak)]
LIBRARIAN 3: This is the Book of Seals. It was once part of a set, but now only this one remains. How they were used is an eternal puzzle. You say you can solve the riddle of this book? Hoh hoh! This should be interesting! I give to you the Book of Seals!
["You got the Book of Seals!" appears on screen, then Link leaves and speaks to the librarian at the front desk again]
PRESENT DAY LIBRARIAN: Please feel free to browse our collection, but please be quiet for the benefit of others.
[he exits the library and returns to the past, then re-enters the library and heads for the backroom]
NARRATOR: It's a podium for holding a book. Place the Book of Seals here?
[the player selects "Yes", and "(Right)4, (Up)2, (Right)2" appears on screen]
[Link walks right four spaces, up two spaces, and right two spaces (using invisible blocks to keep from falling into the chasm) and finds a hidden platform with another book on it]
[he opens the book, and "(Up)2, (Left)1, (Up)2, (Right)1, (Up)1" appears on screen, so Link again uses the directions to find the invisible blocks which leads him to another hidden platform with a book]
[he opens the book, and "(Left)2, (Up)1, (Left)3" appears on screen, so Link again uses the directions to find the invisible blocks which leads him to another hidden platform with a book]
[he opens the book, and "(Down)1, (Left)3, (Up)1, (Left)3" appears on screen, so Link again uses the directions to find the invisible blocks which leads him to another hidden platform with a book]
[he opens the book, and "(Down)1, (Right)1, (Down)2, (Left)2, (Down)3" appears on screen, so Link again uses the directions to find the invisible blocks which leads him to another hidden platform with a book]
[he opens the book, and "(Right)1, (Down)1, (Right)2, (Up)1, (Right)1, (Up)1, (Right)2" appears on screen, so Link again uses the directions to find the invisible blocks which leads him to the platform with the elderly librarian]
LIBRARIAN 3: You have done well to make it so far. I acknowledge your courage and offer you this.
["You got Fairy Powder! It removes curses." appears on screen]
LIBRARIAN 3: Continue on without fear. Do not forget your courage.
[Link teleports back to the library, then exits and enters the cave with the Queen Fairy]
QUEEN FAIRY: You brought me Fairy Powder! Now I can return to normal! Sprinkle the powder on me!
[she transforms back to her normal self]
QUEEN FAIRY: Thank you, young one! Now I can cleanse the seas of evil!


From zeldawiki.org:

The Eyeglass Island Library is a location in "Oracle of Ages" for the Gameboy Color. It is situated on its own small island, named Eyeglass Island (hence the name of the library), which is found in the northern Zora Seas. The library is essential to the game's plot; it allows Link to cleanse the Zora Seas and enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly in order to obtain the penultimate Essence of Time, the Rolling Sea.

The Eyeglass Island Library exists in both the past and the present. Originally, the library will be abandoned, inaccessible to outsiders. In the past, the library can be opened by unlocking it using the Library Key, given to Link by King Zora in the hopes that he can research the cause of the filthy seawater which has left Jabu-Jabu ill.

It is from this library that Link learns of the Fairy Queen, the guardian of the sea. Upon meeting the Fairy Queen in the past age in a cave just west of the library, Link finds her under a curse placed on her by none other than Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows. In this state, the Queen Fairy was unable to defend the seas against Veran's curse, which is the cause of the filthy seawater. To return the Queen Fairy to her former self, Link must obtain the Fairy Powder which is locked away in the back room of the library in the past. To do so, however, Link must obtain the Book of Seals guarded by an Old Man in the back room of the library in the present. This book completes a set of books in the past. The Books of Seals help Link follow an invisible path within the back room of the library, which is otherwise nothing more than an endless pit. Once Link reaches the center of the room, an Old Man will commend Link's efforts and offer him the Fairy Powder.

With the Fairy Powder, Link is able to lift the curse on the Queen Fairy, who will then cleanse the seas. This cures Jabu-Jabu's illness, allowing Link to enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

In a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons, a Ghini living in the lone house on the Western Coast will reveal to Link a secret known only by the librarians of Eyeglass Island, the secret which he says made him a Ghini (as he also worked in the library). If this mysterious secret is told to the Old Man who guarded the Fairy Powder in the back room of the library in the past, he will offer Link the Mirror Shield in exchange for his silence.


* The roof of the library is carved into an open book.
* In the past, the library is inhabited entirely by Old Men. In the present, visitors of the library consist of a Zora, a Carpenter, a boy, a woman and the librarian.


From gamefaqs.com:

Pay the King Zora a visit again. He'll recognize you, despite having a long time pass. Link asks to get inside Jabu-Jabu, but you can't just do that. First, you must clear the poison from the seas to save the guardian fish. You will get a Library Key ("the key to vast knowledge").

Getting to this ultra-cool library is no difficulty. First, leave the palace and take the skinny path to the east. Watch out for the poisonous blobs here. At the end, get back to the surface and climb onto the island. However, there is no keyhole in sight. Warp back to the past (Tune of Ages) to get it to appear. Ah, there's the keyhole! Use the Library Key to open the doors. Don't enter just yet though. Instead, head back west and use your Switch Hook to get to the opposite ledge.

Enter the cave to find an Octorok... that talks! It seems that Veran has changed the Queen Fairy into a monster. You need Fairy Powder to change her back. Now, return to the library, but warp to the present. Because you already unlocked it, the library will still be open. (Meaning anyone could have just entered it without a key. That's pretty stupid.) Anyway, there are some people hanging around here. Enter the back room, and talk to the cloaked man. You will receive the Book of Seals.

With that book in your inventory, leave the library and return to the past. There are some people here, but they say nothing of interest. Enter the back room to find a podium that'll hold the Book of Seals. It will list arrows and numbers. These arrows are the direction you are to walk and the numbers are how many squares to move. The path is obviously invisible. You will reach a book each time you complete a set. The idea is the repeat until you reach the end.

At the end, you will reach a cloaked man. After all that crap, you at least get your reward: the Fairy Powder. You can go ahead and see the Great Fairy again. Sprinkle the Fairy Powder on her and she'll transform back to her original form.

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