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Case Study No. 1809: Brenda

COOLEY HIGH - P(3) Dorothy's party.....edited
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[Leroy goes into the bedroom to put away his coat, where he finds Brenda sitting on the bed reading a book]
BRENDA: Why don't you get outta here?
[she tries to continue reading, but he sits down on the bed and takes the book]
LEROY: Wow, Browning! Yeah, I like "Sonnets From The Portuguese!"
[he starts reading]
LEROY: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" ... Yeah! This is dynamite!
[she gives him an incredulous look]
BRENDA: You like poetry?
LEROY: Oh yeah, this is pretty ...
BRENDA: I didn't know that.
LEROY: Oh yeah, girl ... But if you really like love poetry, you oughta check out a dude called Walter Benton.
[he laughs]
LEROY: Now, he got this poem called, uh, "Were I Pygmalion or God."
[he takes off his glasses]
LEROY: "I would make you exactly as you are, in every dimension. From your warm hair to your intimate toes, would you be wholly in your own image. I would change nothing, add or take away."
[they both stare into each other's eyes, then he nods and looks back down at the book]
LEROY: [whispers] Yeah, that's dynamite.
[he laughs]
LEROY: And that poem fits you too, y'know?
[she raises an eyebrow]
LEROY: It really fits you. Yeah. I'm gonna give you that ...
[he puts his glasses back on]
LEROY: As soon as I steal a copy.
[he smiles, and she smiles back]



Cooley High is a 1975 American film based upon the real high school located on the near north side of Chicago, produced and released by American International Pictures and written by Eric Monte (co-creator of Good Times). The film, set in 1964 Chicago, Illinois, stars Glynn Turman and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and features a soundtrack made up primarily of 1960s Motown hits.

The film is considered a classic of black cinema, and its soundtrack featured a new Motown recording, G.C. Cameron's hit single "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday". That song was covered in 1991 by Motown act Boyz II Men on the group's first LP, named Cooleyhighharmony in honor of this film.

The story explores the adventures and relationships of Leroy "Preach" Jackson (Turman) and Richard "Cochise" Morris (Hilton-Jacobs), two black high school students at Edwin G. Cooley Vocational High School, in Chicago, during the 1960s whose carefree lives take a turn for the worse through several twists of fate, including violent carjacking friends, drugs, failing grades, and girls.

Preach and Cochise decide to cut class and go to the zoo, despite the fact that Preach has missed an entire week of school, much to the chagrin of his history teacher, Mr. Mason (Garrett Morris). Nevertheless, they gather their classmates, Pooter and Tyrone, and play hookey. On their way back, Pooter is hit with gorilla feces, Cochise teaches some young new "turkeys" how to shoot a basketball, and they meet their friend Dorothy at a diner called Martha's, where she invites them to a quarter party, while Preach slips inside to gamble with associates Stone and Robert. Cochise, knowing that Martha will throw him out for gambling, warns him, just as Brenda (Cynthia Davis) tries to get past them to get to the washroom. After she leaves to get Martha, Leroy makes a dollar bet with Richard that he will sleep with Brenda before they break up. Martha then comes with a large butcher knife, threatening Jackson and throwing him out of her shop.

At Dorothy's quarter party, Tyrone flirts with Dorothy to grant the guys access to the quarter party without paying her. At the party, Pooter tries to flirt with some other girls, but they all flock to Richard instead, leaving him alone. Leroy finds and tries to serenade Brenda with poetry. Outside, Cochise flirts with and kisses a girl during a slow dance in the dark. However, hotheaded Damon, a classmate, sees him kissing the girl, who turns out to be Loretta Brown, Damon's girlfriend.

Later, Preach, Pooter, Tyrone, and Morris are singing and drinking wine on a street corner.

Stone and Robert pull up in a Cadillac, and Preach and Cochise go along with them for a ride as they are eager to smoke with them. Preach claims to have excellent driving experience, and the others allow him to take the wheel. At an intersection, the group gets scared next to a police car, and they pull away, causing the squad car to give chase. The chase ends when they evade the police in a mostly empty warehouse, and then gently crash into the back of another vehicle. Everyone runs away from the car.

At school the next day, before their important history test, Preach and Cochise are taken out of Mr. Mason's class on a warrant for their arrest relating to grand theft auto.

Mr. Mason talks to the police, convincing them to go easier on his students, while Stone and Robert who have worse criminal records are not spared. When they eventually get out of jail, they seek vengeance on Preach and Cochise, perceiving them to be snitches.

When Stone and Robert get released, they go searching for Preach and Cochise and end up beating Cochise to death. Preach visits his grave after the ceremony once everyone has left and pours some wine on his grave and reads one of his poems out loud. After that Preach says good-bye and heads off to Hollywood and becomes a screenwriter.

At the end of the film, still images are shown of the characters with text describing how their lives wound up in adulthood:

* PREACH - Went to Hollywood and did become a successful screenwriter.

* STONE & ROBERT - Both killed in during a gas station hold up.

* BRENDA - A librarian, married, with three children, residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

* DAMON - A sergeant, U.S. Army stationed in Europe.

* POOTER - A factory worker in Muncie, Indiana.

* TYRONE - Killed during an outbreak of racial violence at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

* Glynn Turman as Leroy "Preach" Jackson
* Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Richard "Cochise" Morris
* Garrett Morris as Mr. Mason
* Cynthia Davis as Brenda
* Corin Rogers as Pooter
* Maurice Leon Havis as Willie
* Joseph Carter Wilson as Tyrone
* Sherman Smith as Stone
* Norman Gibson as Robert
* Maurice Marshall as Damon
* Yvonne Johnson as Lillian
* Steven Williams as Jimmy Lee
* Jackie Taylor as Johnny Mae
* Christine Jones as Sandra
* Lynn Caridine as Dorothy
* Mary Larkins as Preach's Mother

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