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Case Study No. 1795: Merlot

Eric Versus Andrew - Pajamorama - Xbox Indie Game
An Xbox Live Indie game about sexy pillow fights? Of course Eric and Andrew had to play it.
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["Pajamorama Character Select" appears on screen, as player one selects the female librarian character Merlot (long red hair tied back in a ponytail, glasses, red bustier, short black skirt, nylons, high heels, long red gloves, holding a riding crop) while player two selects the female character named Apple]
[cut to the battle stage (a gigantic bed with pink sheets), as the two players battle (Apple using a pillow while Merlot throws books as projectile weapons)]
MERLOT: Quiet!
APPLE: Here we go!
[player one eventually falls off the screen, losing the match]
[round two starts, as the two players continue fighting]
MERLOT: I'm gonna get you!
APPLE: Winning!
[player one eventually wins the match, then cut to the two players fighting in alternate costumes (the librarian now wearing a green bustier with green gloves and nylons) in space on top of a NASA space shuttle]
["Time Expired" appears on screen]



Pajamorama is a fighting game featuring up to 4 player multiplayer either local or over XBox Live, and gameplay so crunchy you could pour milk over it and eat it for breakfast.

Dominatrix librarian pillow fighting in outer space!

Bath time soap bubble fights with all your girlfriends!

A combo engine so minty fresh, you'll want to brush your teeth with it.

It's PAJAMORAMA, baby!



Pajamorama Has "Dominatrix Librarian Pillow-Fighting In Outer Space"

By Ishaan * August 21, 2011 * 12:00pm

"Dominatrix librarian pillow-fighting in outer space" is a quote that developer, Dannobot Games, use to describe Pajamorama, their Xbox Live indie game. The game's description also mentions "bath time soap bubble fights".

Pajamorama only costs 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade. It supports up to four players.

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