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Case Study No. 1778: Mrs. Flores

Crash and bernstein: how do you like it
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[scene opens with Wyatt and Crash "interviewing" an older female librarian (short blonde hair, red sweater, white blouse) holding a stack of books]
WYATT: Our guest today is the school librarian, who has something very important she wants to tell us.
[he turns towards the librarian]
WYATT: Go ahead, Misses Flores.
[she smiles and starts to open her mouth to speak, but Crash puts a finger to his lips and violently shushes her]
CRASH: Shhh!!! How do you like it?!



Crash & Bernstein: Season 2, Episode 13
Double Header (3 Feb. 2014)
TV Episode - 30 min

The boys set out to pop Crash's giant pimple, only to have it grow as a second head named Tucker.



Tonight's episode begins with Wyatt and Crash getting a variety show on their school's television network. They have a very short interview with the librarian, see if Pesto can sing, have random explosions, and hit each other over the head with famous pieces of art. Unfortunately, their show does not get very good ratings. As a result, they decide to dedicate the next episode to popping a pimple Crash has on his abdomen.

Once the zit is popped, a head emerges from the spot. The head is named Tucker. Not only is he handsome, he is also charming. Everyone adores him and soon he takes over Crash's body.

Meanwhile, Amanda is working as a waitress at a local pizza parlor that hurls insults at the customers. Nice Amanda sucks at it. So she enlists Cleo to teach her how to insult people properly.

When Crash and Tucker start fighting over their body, Wyatt suggests that everyone starts insulting Tucker. Of course, since most people hate Crash, they insult Crash, which makes Tucker stronger. It isn't until Wyatt compliments Crash and insults Tucker that his brother beats the pimple and gets his body back.

For once, there were some good parts of the show. I found the variety show to be funny and entertaining. I should know better. They had to ruin the bit with pimple popping. I really wish writers would realize that kids are smart and witty. They don't need shows with low-brow humor to keep their attention. You were on your way with this episode but then EPIC FAIL. Sorry. Next time, stick with the funny and leave the sick behind.

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