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Case Study No. 1771: Staff of the Library of Tyr

LP Quest for Infamy - Locals and The Library of Tyr [16]
We talk with some of the locals and visit the magnificent library of Tyr where we find out quite a bit of information that may prove to be useful for us in the future.
Sorry about the abrupt end of video, I'm not too sure what happened...

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[the player enters the city of Tyr, and speaks to a man standing in a booth next to a camel]
LIONEL: Ho there, hey there, how are ya there?
[the player selects "Name"]
LIONEL: Well, thank you sir! Lionel is my name. Information? Well, that's my game! I've got all you could want to know!
[the player selects "Tyr"]
LIONEL: Well, you're inside it now! This is the greatest city on the southern continent! It was built ages ago under the command of the great king, Ferris the Great. Ferris made sure that the port of his kingdom would match the glory of his castle, Koninglist. He commissioned the building of the great wall that surrounds our city, but also acts as an aqueduct! He had the great library built to house all the tomes the kingdom had collected. The Hall of Laws was his edifice to law and order. The barracks of Tyr's Arrows were built toward the end of his reign, and he was very proud of the defensive force of Tyr. The fountain here was commissioned after his death! Anything else you want to know about Tyr? Just ask me!
[the player selects "Library"]
LIONEL: Oh my, the library is amazing. It was built originally as a fortress, but when Ferris watched the construction, he realized he could hide the true wealth of the nation inside ... Knowledge. Now, the library is so expansive, many live in there full time, cataloging volumes and writing tomes of their own. If you need to find out anything about anything, go to the library and talk to Jovan and his assistant Garyeth.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
LIONEL: Enjoy your time here in glorious Tyr, city of the Gods!
[the player heads for the giant library, and clicks on the flag hanging above the entranceway]
NARRATOR: It's a flag. It's a high flyin' flag. It's an orange flag ... Come on, buddy, what else do you want me to tell you? Oh! It has the logo of the library on it!
[the player clicks on the library]
NARRATOR: The mighty Library of Tyr! It used to be an old fortress, but then someone decided to stuff it with books ... Oh well.
[the player clicks on a statue on the roof of the library]
NARRATOR: Not that you're a scholar, but you do recognize Barnabus Beulow, the patron saint of libraries.
[the player enters the library, and clicks on one of the bookshelves]
NARRATOR: The shelves are stacked with rows and rows of books.
[the player clicks a lamp hanging from one of the walls]
NARRATOR: This light helps people read. Nice little touch to a library, you think?
[the player clicks on the male librarian (balding, glasses, green tunic) sitting at a table to his left]
NARRATOR: Well, you can tell who the real workhorse behind this operation is. You bet the boss here makes this guy do everything ... Like any self-respecting boss would!
[the player clicks on the elderly male librarian (white hair, glasses, green tunic) standing on a raised platform in the back of the room, writing on a parchment with his quill pen]
NARRATOR: He looks like a stuffy old librarian. You wonder how often he changes out the pole stuck up his arse.
[the player clicks on the elderly male patron standing to his right]
NARRATOR: This guy looks like he belongs in a place like this ...
[the player talks to the librarian to his left]
ROEHM: Hello, are you Garyeth?
ROEHM: Sorry ... Garyeth, are you?
[the player selects "Tyr"]
GARYETH: We have many, many books on our own city! You might want to take a glance at "A Brief History of the Port and City of Tyr" by Riggo Matchwick ... Great little book.
[the player selects "Garyeth"]
GARYETH: Well, I'm trying to develop a new script that's easier to read. I'm calling it Belvetica.
[the player selects "Library"]
GARYETH: This is my most favorite place on Earth. I don't leave ... There are dormitories in the back, and I've lived here since I was fifteen years old. I know this entire place inside and out.
[the player selects "Killingtons"]
GARYETH: Oh yes, we have five volumes. Do you know which one you need?
ROEHM: Er, uh, no.
GARYETH: Hmm ... Well, honestly, the family history is huge. You could try skimming, if you like. There is a family tree on page forty of Volume One, and the most recent history is contained in the last five hundred pages of Volume Five.
[cut to a closeup of page 1048 from the book]

The History of the Killington Family
by M. Jacob Shaw

Jarvis Killington and his family died in a horrific accident, the lurid details of which I will not detail here. They were found dead in their home, and the manor was burned for being cursed. The line of their family ends here - and the remnants of their vast fortune and treasures have been rendered unto the earth. Their family crypt stands in Volksville Cemetary, just north of their former home.

[cut to a page from the book marked "Killington Family Trees"]

Daves Killington I & Agnes Loupegait Killington - John Killington, Ellen Killington Foress, Jefferson Killington [died in battle]

John Killington & Ariana Fraete - Walker Killington, Donner Killington, Lydia Killington

Ellen Killington Foress & Charles Foress - Lyman Killington

Walker Killington & Gertrude Bethe - Baker J. Killington, Frankling Killington, Edmure Killington, Sally Killington, Rickon Killington [see page 1242]

Donner Killington & Sarah Hummel - Rollins Killington, Jarah Killington, Christian Killington, Donald Killington, Ken Killington [see page 1243]

Lydia Killington & Samuel Eighan - Othello Eighan, Vincent Eighan, Elanore Eighan, Veronica Eighan, Lisa Eighan [see page 1244]

Lyman Killington & Corrine Bullard - Newan Killington, Newar Killington, Gabriel Killington, Helena Killington [see page 1245]

[cut to another page from the book]

Donner Killington is notable in the family tree, as his real-estate holdings and trading positions increased the family fortune 10 fold. He and his wife, Sarah Hummel, had five children, who were all amazingly well-regarded and lived long lives. Donner acquired a vast amount of wealth without using force, war or any less than savory means. It was said his personality could have sold ice to residents of the Northern Frost Lands.

His wife Sarah used her skills as a healer and nurse to start many free clinics in Lonaria for the sick and indigent. Sarah came from a small family, all of whom died from disease when she was young. The loss of the entire Hummel family was seen as a great tragedy, and is thought to be the impetus for Sarah's charity work.

Their eldest son, Rollins, assumed control of the family fortune, and oversaw the construction of the Bank of Volksville, which he considered a gift of high architecture to the people of Volksville. He knew of their jealousy of the Port of Tyr, and he hoped the building would alleviate that.

[cut back to the library, as the player selects "Centai"]
GARYETH: Oh, this book should help you. It's about religions and monastic orders. Information of the Centai is on page ... hmm, three hundred and twenty one!

[cut to a closeup of page 321 from the book "Religions of Tahrsein" by Doctor Frank Meyer]

The Centai are a religious order from the land of Jhondar, which lies in the north of Tahrsein. The origins of the order are unknown, but they are believed to be not only benign, but benevolent. Promoters of peace, knowledge, and known to help people in need, their Main Temple is located in Jhondar.

The Temple is of particular note because of the way it glows with a peculiar light.

It is said that the lights of the Centai are powered by "The Eyes of God," several jewels of extreme value, and rare origins. The Eye of Oiorn, The Eye of Mantilla and The Eye of Jaager are the names of the jewels, and the Centai believe them to be given to them from a divine source to not only use for miraculous feats, but to protect as well.

One may recognize a priest of Centai, by their symbol - a Pyramid with Three Eyes on it.

[cut back to the library, as the player selects "Eye of Jaager"]
GARYETH: Oh yes, my!
[he laughs]
GARYETH: If I can recall from my own readings, that's one of the Centai's prized symbols of their order. One of the three "Eyes of God."
[the player selects "Eyes of God"]
GARYETH: Oh my, you could read more about them in this book by Isla Lloyd ... Try page twelve to start with, then it's probably worth skimming a bit.

[cut to a closeup of page 12 from the book "The Eyes of God and Other Holy Treasures" by Isla Lloyd]

This book seeks to provide an academic analysis of these treasures that the Centai Order refers to as "The Eyes of God." Because of their love for knowledge, they have graciously agreed to let me study the gems closely, and without restriction.

I have the utmost respect for these gems, and I believe in their rarity - but their divinity eludes me. The Priests themselves do not worship the stones directly, nor will they spend any more than a moment in a room with them. They are located in a well hidden and guarded Sanctuary under the Monastery

[cut to page 65 from the book]

It was told to me that the Eye of Jaager was discovered first - and, unlike the other two - whose origins are either unknown or untold, the story of the Centai's discovery of Jaager is crucial to the construction of not only this monastery, but the city as well. The man who became the legendary first Centai Priest, Johnda, is said to have discovered it while plowing a field in his remote homestead. It is said the Gem gave him the vision of how to construct not only the monastery, but the city to support it too. Soon, he was using an odd and magnificent machine (a hallmark of the city of Johndar now) to build the temple. Soon, others came - and were drawn by its power. So the legend goes.

The city planning of Johndar seems far too advanced to me, with its proper sewers and an amazing underground water-propelled train, to come from a mere myth. But it makes for great stories.

[cut to page 217 from the book]

I was told I must leave today. The Centai are not usually this upset, but they told me it had naught to do with me. They begged my forgiveness, but they asked if I could leave immediately. I will comply - and I hope to someday come back and finish my volume on these magnificent stones. I feel as if my understanding of the entire world has changed - there is something about those stones - a power that seems that it comes from someplace ... Smaller than I have ever known, yet can produce power like nothing we've ever known either. I am curious.

[cut back to the library, as the player selects "Morroi"]
GARYETH: Ah, the Morroi. They're an odd bunch. I've seen some around lately. They make my skin crawl. Check out around page three hundred or so in "The Religions of Tahrsein."

[cut to a closeup of page 299 from the book "Religions of Tahrsein"]

The Morroi are a more primitive and ancient clan of worshippers. Many rumors and stories surround them, but the truth is actually more murky and unclear.

What is known is that they worship a God named TAARGH. TAARGH is said to have both a metaphysical consciousness and a physical body. The Morroi await his return to the physical realm, hoping to curry his favor and become transformed in "The Great Becoming." Their spiritual practices include chanting, fasting and self-flagellation. They believe through pain they will achieve the required enlightenment to win TAARGH's favor.

Their most holy chant is "YOR SHELM M'CABB TAARGH" which means "In Taargh, you have become."

[cut to another page from the book]

The rumors of the cult are less savory - tales of human and animal sacrifice to TAARGH are common, as well as stories of lurid and sordid carnal indulgences.

Men and women alike are welcome to worship, but women are more scarce than men.

Morroi hail from the land of Deleai, but have spread to many continent in Tahrsein over the years.

Some suggest that the Morroi existed before the "Cataclysm" and the Morroi believe that TAARGH caused the last planetary shift.

The physical form of TAARGH is said to be indescribable, but most icons of him have been depictions of a great beast with long appendages.

Know a Morroi by his weapon, a flail called a "Bodnar."

[cut back to the library, as the player selects "Goodbye"]
GARYETH: Goodbye for now.
[the player talks to the head librarian]
JOVAN: Welcome to the Library of Tyr. We are home to the largest collection of tomes in all of Lonaria. How may I help you?
[the player selects "Books"]
JOVAN: As you can see, we have many books. So many that it requires a team of my associates to organize them all. If you require a subject, we'd be happy to show you.
[the player selects "Subject"]
JOVAN: We have books on many different subjects. Often, there will be a variety of books left out on one of the desks by a former guest ... You are welcome to read any you may find laying about. We will be putting them away at the end of the day.
[the player selects "Tyr"]
JOVAN: There is no finer city, besides the Castle of Koninglist, in all of Lonaria! The port was founded over five hundred years ago, by the great King Ferris the Brave.
[the player selects "Ferris the Brave"]
JOVAN: He was the greatest king of Lonaria. He unified the feuding villages, built the great bridge across the River Silmawhyn, and commissioned the construction of the Port of Tyr and the King's Road.
[the player selects "King's Road"]
JOVAN: The road runs from here, all the way to the castle in the north. It crosses the great river at the bridge. Recently though, the bridge was washed out, so supplies going north take a while. I'm told that they've been able to take smaller packages across the chasm by rope, but the bridge must be fixed soon.
[the player selects "Volksville"]
JOVAN: Have you been there? It's such a charming little place, though sadly lacking in any kind of library.
[the player selects "Rayford"]
JOVAN: Ah yes, the Sheriff of Volksville. Brusk man. I've only encountered him once or twice, and I didn't care for his tone. He doesn't get along with our Mayor.
[the player selects "Mayor"]
JOVAN: Manfred Von Darkles? Oh, he's a true patron of the arts. He not only keeps this city safe, but beautiful too. He oversees the soldiers of the city.
[the player selects "Soldiers"]
JOVAN: They're called Tyr's Arrows. They're a garrison made up of women, who are all specially picked and trained from the age of six. The current leader is Voleris.
[the player selects "Voleris"]
JOVAN: Voleris is a special lady. She's quite educated ... I know because I trained her myself.
[he gives a smug laugh]
JOVAN: But she is as deadly as she is smart ... Quite a lovely looking young woman as well.
[the player selects "Killingtons"]
JOVAN: Ah, the Killington family. Sad and tragic story, really. They actually paid for a whole wing of this library to be constructed. The Killington Wing ... We do have several volumes about the history of the family itself, right up until their bloodline died out. Talk to Garyeth over in Section F.
[the player selects "Centai"]
JOVAN: Hmmm. If I recall, they're some kind of monastic order from the northeast ... Section S. Ask Garyeth, as always, for help.
[the player selects "Kayanna"]
JOVAN: Hmm, I don't believe I know anyone like that.
[the player selects "Jarvis II"]
JOVAN: You know, I did hear a rumor that he was the only member of the Killington family to escape ... He left the home just before the great fire.
[the player selects "Goodbye"]
JOVAN: Thanks for visiting our library.
ROEHM: Thanks for letting me visit.
[the player clicks on one of the bookshelves]
NARRATOR: You browse these shelves, but nothing catches your eye.
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You pick a random book from the shelf and read a bit ... "The Art of Tobacco." You read a bit of this, and make a note to ask Armand about Kenmati Leaf and the famous Sir Daves of Romerio Blend. Apparently, Sir Daves is very rare and expensive. You also read a fun fact. Gnolls absolutely love to smoke. It's their favorite pastime, next to guarding their treasure. You put the book back on the shelf.
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You pick a random book from the shelf and read a bit ... "Famous Tattoos." It's fascinating! You read about a tribe of people to the west who mark their life rituals through body tattoos. Apparently, the women are required to get a tattoo above their tailbone if they bed more than fifty men. You put the book back on the shelf.
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You pick a random book from the shelf and read a bit ... "A Users Guide to Alcohol." As you read this book, you think the author Steve Patrick may have been you in a previous life. You put the book back on the shelf.
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "Hugs and Kisses."
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "Click to Proceed, A Book of Tellable Tales."
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "Romeo and Juliet, the Missing Chapters."
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "Prostitution, Getting Bang for your Buck."
ROEHM: Boring!
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "Is the King really dead?"
ROEHM: Boring!
[the player clicks on another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: You browse the book spines looking for something that grabs your interest. Here's one that catches your eye ... "How to spot a yellow breasted crow in Lonaria."
ROEHM: Boring!
[the player talks to the male patron to his right]
VICTOR: Oh, hello! I'm Victor!
ROEHM: Hey, Victor.
VICTOR: Just looking for a new book ... Too many to choose from!


From gog.com:

Genre: adventure / point-and-click / fantasy
Download size: 1.5 GB
Release date: July 10, 2014
Compatible with: Windows (Vista, 7, 8) and Mac OS X (10.7.0 or newer) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Mint 17)
Languages: English
Developer / Publisher: Infamous Quests / Infamous Quests
Game modes: single-player

Quest For Infamy is a role-playing adventure game where you assume the identity of Mr. Roehm - a scoundrel who is on the run from his latest scrape. When he is stuck in the Valley of Krasna for a bit, he decides to take on some work to pass the time. He finds himself in the middle of Kingdom in tubulence - as he becomes embroiled in a power struggle between several ambitious residents of the Valley.

Make yourself some money to move on with, and try and avoid controversy as you bide your time before you can leave the valley. Defend yourself from monsters and brutes who would do you harm! Build a reputation for yourself - and you just might find yourself not avoiding trouble, but on a quest for infamy!


From gamefaqs.com:

"Reading is fundamental" achievement: You read the books in the library of Tyr and discovered the legacy of the Killingtons.


From postudios.com:

The final act that Rayford wants you to do is to take down the leader of the cult. Your first step is to go to the Morroi ruins where you met Kayanna. After checking out the runes on the portal, head to the Library in Tyr.

Talk to the librarian to get a book on runes.

Head back to the portal and solve the puzzle using the book's clue. In case you're having trouble, the solution is in the picture.

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