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Case Study No. 1760: Radha

Zindagi Pyar Ka Geet Hai - Padmini Kolhapure - Rajesh Khanna - Souten - Old Hindi Songs - Kishore
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Saawan Kumar's "Souten" (1983) is the story of an ambitious young man who goes to Mauritius to fulfill his dreams. During the days of struggle he meets Rukmini a vivacious young and a millionaire only daughter. They fall in love and get married. Unfortunately an unexpected complication comes up in their happy married relationship. This complication is created unknowingly by Radha who is a librarian by profession and is the accountant (Harijan) serving under Shyam. His wife Rukmini misunderstands the different fragrance of Radha's love and gratitude towards Shyam. This misunderstanding is further increased by evil duo of Rukmini's stepmother and uncle, who have an eye on Rukmini's wealth.And this crooked duo plans and plays havoc with Shyam and Rukmini's marital life. They some how manage to bring Rukmini under their spell and push her to the extent of divorce. What follows are the tale of great depth and emotions, which shows the greatness, as well as the selfishness of human nature. Radha the pure other woman, ultimately sacrifices her life to restore the love of Shyam and Rukmini.



Shyam is of Indian-origin based in Mauritius, where he is employed. He meets with attractive Rukmani, the only daughter of a wealthy Industrialist, and both fall in love. They get married, despite strong opposition from Rukmani's step-mother, Renu, and her brother, Sampatlal. Rukmani, although educated and of modern outlook, is prejudiced against untouchable Gopal and his librarian daughter, Radha, who are very friendly with Shyam. Shyam would love to be a father, but Rukmani undergoes an operation to stop any pregnancy, and neglects to take care of herself, and as a result there are complications, and she is unable to have any children. This widens the gape between Shyam and Rukmani. A embittered Rukmani finds out that Shyam is having an affair with Radha, and swears to avenge this humiliation, even if it means sending Shyam to prison.

Rajesh Khanna as Shyam Mohit
Tina Munim as Rukmani Mohit (Ruku)
Padmini Kolhapure as Radha

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