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Case Study No. 1790: Mrs. Turow

Sesame Street: Where Are the Computers?
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Elmo sings about computers.

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[scene opens with Elmo walking down the street, humming to himself, as he passes a female Muppet]
ELMO: Oh, hi Cheryl!
[he continues walking, then stops when he sees an older female Muppet (white hair, glasses on a chain, pink nose, orange skin, white sweater, blue polka dot blouse)]
ELMO: Oh, hi Misses Turow!
TUROW: Oh, hello Elmo!
[they both turn and speak directly to the camera]
ELMO: Oh, Misses Turow works in a library!
TUROW: Mm-hmm!
[she turns back to Elmo]
TUROW: Are you looking for something?
ELMO: Oh yes, Elmo wants to know ...
[he starts singing]
ELMO: Oh, where are the computers in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhood! Oh, where are the computers in your neighborhood? Computers we can use each day!
[he turns to the camera and nods]
TUROW: Oh well, I have a computer right over in the library! Come on, come with me!
ELMO: Okay!
TUROW: Okay, this'll be fun!
[she walks off screen, then Elmo turns and speaks directly to the camera]
ELMO: Come along!
[he laughs, then cut to the two of them entering the Sesame Street Library]
TUROW: Alrighty, Elmo, here we are!
ELMO: Okay!
TUROW: Oh, and look over here, huh? Here it is!
[they walk over to a desk with a single computer sitting on it]
ELMO: Wow!
TUROW: Mm-hmm ...
[she starts singing]
TUROW: A computer very well might be, found inside a library! It has a screen, a keyboard too! If you ask, I'll turn it on for you!
[she presses a button, and the CRT screen lights up with a variation of the "Happy Mac" startup icon]
ELMO: Oh ...
[as other patrons gather around, he starts singing (and they all bounce along to the tune)]
ELMO: So a computer's in the library in your neighborhood! In your neighborhood! In your neighborhood! A computer's in the library in your neighborhood! A computer you can use each day!
[he stops and turns to the computer]
ELMO: Wow ... Oh, Elmo thinks it must be fun to use a computer here!
TUROW: Oh yes, Elmo. It's very ...
[she presses the "Enter" key]
TUROW: "Enter"-taining!
[everyone in the library starts laughing ... except for Elmo, who turns to the camera]
ELMO: Elmo doesn't get it ...
[he shrugs his shoulders]
ELMO: Oh well!



Mrs. Turow is a librarian at the Sesame Street Library. She appeared in a Sesame Street sketch with Elmo, performing a variation of "The People in Your Neighborhood" called "The Computers in Your Neighborhood." The sketch was included on the "Computer Caper" video release.

Her name is a reference to writer Cathi Rosenberg-Turow.

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