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Case Study No. 1774: Camellia Perigord Mackintosh

In Trysts (Unabridged) audiobook sample
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Camellia Perigord Mackintosh has a secret. The quiet librarian, with a masters degree in anthropology and an unfortunate predilection for historical research....
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Camellia Perigord Mackintosh tugged at the mangled pile of mail in the box. The mail was jammed in, stuck there because one big blue envelope had been bent and forced in at an angle. A final yank extracted it and scattered the rest of her mail into the tall grass.

"Dammit," she scowled at the bold blue missive in her hands. Even half-bent, is was ostentatious. Unignorable.

"If the ad people can't get you with jingles, they'll get you with sheer mass."

Peri turned it over and saw the insignia. The sender hadn't considered a simple glue seal sufficient. There was a blood-red wax seal too, stamped with the same crest which had been elaborately embossed in gold.


Flippant words couldn't still the flickers of panic. Peri left the other mail where it lay and carried the thick document wallet toward the house with shaking hands. All the way there, her eyes furtively watched the road, the houses on either side, even the helicopter above her head. Thanks to Peri, her client now possessed enough money and prestige to undertake a search for her benefactor.

And somehow, in some way, Peri had given away the game.



In Trysts
Melody Knight (Author)
Publication Date: July 15, 2011

Camellia Perigord Mackintosh has a secret. The quiet librarian, with a masters degree in anthropology and an unfortunate predilection for historical research, is a modern day version of Robin Hood who will stop at nothing. Jake Hastings is everything that Camellia despises. Incredibly handsome and exceedingly wealthy, the confident government agent has set his sights on catching the notorious felon whos been breaking all the rules and upsetting the balance of the worlds wealthiest of families, including Jakes. For years Camellia has avoided capture. Cleverly working behind the scenes and using whatever means necessary to shake up the establishment, shes been helping the descendants of disavowed women reclaim their birthrightand their inheritance. But when the provocative Camellia falls into the arms and bed of the uncompromising spy, she may very well have met her match. Melody Knights fast-paced suspense romance, In Trysts, is a must read romance. Filled with passion, it will keep you on the edge, make you breathless, and leave you wanting more.



Camellia Perigord Mackintosh, also known as Peri, is a librarian with a secret life. Peri believes in justice for the underprivileged. She lives the life of a modern day Robin Hood. One of her latest conquests is Sophie Donovan. After helping Sophie claim her inheritance, Peri and Sophie share an adventure that changes their lives forever.

Jake Hastings and his partner Marco Willis are investigators. Jake comes from a wealthy family, but he does not like to use that to his advantage unless necessary. Jake is determined to solve the case of the mysterious hacker who is terrorizing the wealthy. This case will cause turmoil for Jake and Marco, with life-changing events.

Peri's latest client, Grace, is a woman with a past. She was just released from prison and seeks Peri's help to recover her inheritance. Peri has learned to trust Sophie so she asks for her help in this case. Sophie and Marco become intimate and Peri is worried that Sophie will tell some of their secrets in a moment of passion. Peri has no idea she will also be sharing a passionate night with Marco's partner. Peri is in the Hasting mansion trying to find evidence when she meets Jake. After erupting in a state of fury, Jake soon has Peri reacting to his sexual advances. He cannot believe the intense feelings he has for this woman who may be guilty of many crimes. They share a night of bliss. Many dangers arise; will Jake be able to save Peri?

Ms. Knight has written a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This story is filled with passion, suspense, and mystery. The secondary characters of Marco and Sophie play a major part in this story. The adventure builds to a shocking climax.



Librarian, anthropologist, and amateur historian researcher Camellia Perigord Mackintosh is dedicated to helping women claim their rightful inheritances. Lady Donovan aka Sophie is Peri's current goodwill project. Peri is very careful, working undercover without being noticed...until Jake Hastings that is. The gorgeous, wealthy, government agent is drawn to her. He represents everything she dislikes and works to make right. They are on opposite sides of the law.

The case she's working on is going horribly awry. Sophie is becoming more than a commission. She's becoming a friend. This puts a different spin on Peri's ties to this case. Sophie wants to pair up and become a crime fighting duo. Peri's not so sure. There's too much risk for error when you involve another person. Sophie is a suspect that Marco, Jake's partner, is investigating. Marco bends the rules between suspect and investigator. This has Peri worried about being discovered before the mission is complete.

To make matters worse Jake notices Peri while she's working and her virgin body betrays her mind. One blissful night is never to be forgotten by either of the two.

Melody Knight gets your juices flowing as well as keeping you in suspense until the end with In Trysts. The story of Peri Mackintosh as a seemingly quiet heroine trying to do right for women by mostly illegal means is a fresh take on the Robinhood or Superman theme in In Trysts. The romantic interludes of Peri and Jake are most sensual, inspiring, and endearing. I also loved the secondary character storyline with Sophie and Marco. Melody Knight keeps the story intriguing, fast paced, and page turning. I really couldn't predict the ending of In Trysts, but I will tell you it was satisfying.

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