Thursday, January 29, 2015

Case Study No. 1807: Strawberry Librarian

Strawberry librarian
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From: Karen Miller
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[scene opens with a picture of a strawberry with googly eyes and the mouth of a human being super-imposed over it, as she starts talking in a high-pitched voice]
STRAWBERRY: Hi! I'm Strawberry, and I'm here to tell you how to search the library catalog. Now, I'm feeling a little bit concerned that you're not gonna take me seriously, because ... well, because I'm a strawberry, and you're probably not used to taking advice from a strawberry!
[she pauses]
STRAWBERRY: But, I'm really good at what I do! I-I really am, and I hope that you believe me ... Please, please believe me!
["Made with Funny Movie Maker For iPhone and iPad. Photo credit: Koshyk" appears on screen]

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