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Case Study No. 1788: Brianna Hoffman

"I am Richland" ft. Brianna Hoffman
Richland CityView TV "I am Richland" campaign was created to highlight our ecclectic mix of residents!
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[scene opens in a public library, as a young woman (short black hair, purple shirt, blue jeans) is pushing a book cart around and reshelving books]
BRIANNA: [in voice over] My duties here at the Richland Public Library ... I am a page, which means that I put books away and I check items in that come in the book drop, and I also do a lot of miscellaneous projects that need to be done.
[cut to another shot of Brianna kneeling down and shelving more books]
BRIANNA: [in voice over] And just generally keeping things organized, and keeping things clean, and helping patrons find what they need when they have questions.
[cut to Brianna speaking directly to the camera]
BRIANNA: My favorite thing about working in the library is really just being a part of the community, and helping people find the information they need.
[cut Brianna to taking some books from the book drop]
BRIANNA: [in voice over] I am currently a student at Emporia State University, getting my master's degree in library and information science.
[cut back to Brianna speaking directly to the camera]
BRIANNA: And I wanna continue working here, hopefully become a librarian for the Richland Public Library.
[cut to Brianna scanning a DVD of the movie "Jumper" at the front desk]
BRIANNA: [in voice over] I love this library, I can't see myself leaving it any time soon.
[cut back to Brianna speaking directly to the camera]
BRIANNA: Hi, I'm Brianna Hoffman, and I'm a page at the Richland Public Library, and I am Richland.
[she takes a copy of H.M. Hoover's "Only Child" and places it on the shelf, as the scene fades to black]


From wla.org:

WLA CONNECT is delighted to present this WLA member profile, featuring Brianna Hoffman, who is currently working as 2012 WALE Conference Co-Chair.

Meet Brianna:

Q. How do you like your job as a Library Page at the Richland Public Library?
A. I love being a page at RPL. I've been so lucky to be a part of a team that has encouraged my professional growth and allowed me the opportunity to be involved with conferences and extra activities. My co-workers and administration have been incredibly supportive while I've been working on my MLIS, and their encouragement has really kept me going.

Q. How long have you been a member of WLA?
A. I became a member of WLA in 2010.

Q. How have you been personally involved in WLA?
A. I have been involved with WLA, and more specifically WALE, for the last few years. I presented conference sessions at the 2010 WALE/WLMA Conference in SeaTac and 2011 WALE Conference in Spokane. I was a member of the WALE Planning Committee in 2011 and served as the Volunteer Co-Coordinator and Co-Coordinator of the Spotlight on Success Program. I am serving as Co-Chair of the 2012 WALE Conference taking place in Lake Chelan October 29-31. I am also one of the WLA Scholarship Recipients for 2012.

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