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Case Study No. 1797: Alma

VAULT OF DARKNESS is a horror anthology film comprised of four story segments. Each of the four segments represent a different sub-genre of horror and were created by four separate writer/directors.
ITS HOUR COME ROUND-A suspense story, very much in the vein of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Young librarian Alma (Christina Cupo) returns home from work one night and is attacked by a stranger (Greg Frucci) who seemingly knows all the details of her life. The stranger forces her to accept a proposition that may endanger her husband (Andre Gower, THE MONSTER SQUAD) and several others. After the stranger leaves, Alma spends the rest of the night and the following day descending into confusion and paranoia until she's forced to confront the source of her fear.
GALATEA-A modern, E.C. Comics take on the Greek myth of "Pygmalion and Galatea". Arrogant sculptor Malion (Paul Shaw, APRIL FOOL'S DAY) chooses to cut his last stone project into the shape of his ideal female. After becoming dissatisfied with the knowledge that she will never be real, a devious gentleman (Jay Jones) appears and offers to grant him this impossible wish. Malion eagerly accepts, ignoring what price the deal may carry. Malion's sculpture, Galatea (Jessica Ferguson), does indeed come to life and all of Malion's desires are fulfilled. Shortly thereafter, things go horribly awry when the gentleman comes back to collect his due.
DAY OF THE LIVING-In the near future, a virus creates a zombie apocalypse that wipes out most of humanity. A group of well-armed survivors fight off waves of zombie attacks from their castle headquarters. Their primary goal is to escape from the castle to the safety of a survivor colony near Atlanta. During an attack, one of the survivors (Darren Dalton, RED DAWN) becomes accidentally infected by the deadly virus, which leaves him with only 18 minutes before he himself turns into one of the undead. After revealing the infection to the others in the group, he decides to arm up and make one last stand against the zombies; allowing his companions the chance to escape. Also starring David H. Stevens (PUNCH DRUNK LOVE), Burgess Jenkins (REMEMBER THE TITANS), and Crystal Largen (CHILDREN OF THE HUNT).
INDOCTRINATION-A twisted, masked reverend (Matthew B. Moore) kidnaps a young man (Nick Staryeu) at gunpoint while preaching his own warped version of salvation. He forces the young man and another hostage (Teddy Jacobs) to endure his hallucinatory sermons in an isolated cabin.
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Its Hour Come Round
24 min - Short | Horror - 16 August 2009 (USA)

Christina Cupo ... Alma
Andre Gower ... Patrick
Greg Frucci ... The Man
Jess Barbour ... Lucy
Rusty Martin Sr. ... Doctor
Hope Farlow ... Angel



Here's a couple of shots from the short film I did called Its Hour Come Round, part of the Vault of Darkness anthology. Our story details a woman being trailed by a stalker who may or may not be real.



Though she has always been a fan of the genre, Illinois born and raised Christina Cupo is a more an actress who has appeared in horror rather than a horror actress per se. To date she has appeared in two noteworthy horror shorts - 'Sunshine Monday' by Laura Green as well as Adam Hulin's 'Its Hour Come Round'. The latter is also included in the longer theatrically released film 'Vault of Darkness'. Ms Cupo's other credits include 'The Last Goodbye' with Faye Dunaway and David Carradine, the science-fiction film short 'Corpulent Power' , 'Much Ado About Middle School' with Bill Cobbs and Lee Meriwether, 'Jeopardy' , 'Chicks 101' , and 'The Chocolate Fetish'. For updates and the latest info about the actress check out

Recently I had a chance to catch up with the upbeat actress in this exclusive interview.

* Christina, did you make any New Year's resolutions for 2010?

No. Is it too late? What I have instead is a visual image board with my goals displayed. Yes, I read The Secret (it was a gift!). One of those images is a check written for an excessive amount of money (that goal hasn't manifested itself yet).

* So tell me how you came to be cast as a librarian named Alma in the horror short with Adam Hulin called 'Its Hour Come Round'.

No magic, mystery or nepotism here. I was selected to audition by Adam, the director, and I did a cold read and interview with Adam and one of the producers. I think it was my dimples that sold them. "Its Hour Come Round" works alone as a short horror film (already making the festival rounds with aplomb). A version of "Hour" will also be included in the theatrical release feature "Vault of Darkness."

* Can you give me a teaser that will make it irresistible to the readers?

If you're a fan of the "Twilight Zone" and "Amazing Stories," and you dig the styles of Hitchcock and Chabrol, then "Its Hour Come Round" is mandatory viewing. For the rest of you, it has hot girls, blood and a twist that will make M. Night Shyamalan beat his head against the wall.

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